Dr Sanjay Gupta’s “WEED 2” Documentary

Good comment from video on YouTube:

Yes the CBD does have its particular healing aspects. and they are very important. but the studies have consistently shown that CBD on its own, is a major boost to the Immune System, but it is the TCH that Fixes the Issues with Cognitive Thoughts and Brain Damage, or other Malformations. And while both are essential to healing the entire body. like the ying and the yang, without both, you only have 1/2 the benefits, and too often, only a minimal part of the overall potential, regardless of what the ailment is.

Mostly, what I am referring to are the Studies that show it is the TCH that deals with the Mental Acuity, Healing, and Conscious Well Being…. and yes not to mention THCs ability to turn down the pain volume, to where it is much more tolerable, as well as its ability to regrow brain cells in the Hippocampus.
which are the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, which appear to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system. ie Consciousness.


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