Crohn’s Diease Cured With Use Of Marijuana Oil


6 thoughts on “Crohn’s Diease Cured With Use Of Marijuana Oil

  1. My ex had Crohn’s disease and he smoked pot and it did not cure him, he wears a colostomy bag now. What it did do was make him so high that he’d forget he was wearing a colostomy bag and have embarrasing accidents.


    • Try the oil and see what that does. The marijuana bud when smoked produces a different result that when the oil is ingested. Smoking marijuana does provide some relief for lots of medical issues but the oil is curing people or treating them very successfully with a natural/ non harmful plant.
      “In a world where the truth will not do, something is wrong””


    • Agree with Chad – the oil is an entirely different thing, smoking isn’t sufficient for some maladies. I would just add that it’s a good idea to take the biggest dose just before bed. Then he will miss the “high” and be able to function.


  2. Anyone reporting supposed cures for any serious illnesses is a big Red Light to be very skeptical. With Crohn’s and many other diseases reported to be cured bu Cannabis Oil, what is usually happen is they get help from the medecine, and hopefully achieve a Remission that could last days, weeks, in my case 5 years! I’ve been ingesting Oil and vaporizing for at least 15 years regularly, and Canabis is an integral part of my Medical regimen, however, according to this report, I should be cured by now! Instead, I had major surgery and have an Ileostomy. Cannabis works wonders for inflammation, appetite, cellular communication, stress, pain, anxiety, and can halt the development of these symptoms, hopefully leading to Remission. Cure is a very, very strong word, and I really find it disrespecting to patients when people jump to a “Cure” conclusion. Remission, however is respecting our disease and its process.


    • David, I certainly didn’t mean to offend. Pardon my vernacular; treat and cure, is what I should have said. And yes the word cure is completely appropriate. By cannabis oil, I was refering very specifically to RSO. RSO is treating and curing major illnesses.
      When you say you are consuming cannabis oil, is that RSO? Or is it more of a BHO? BHO or equivalent will have a similar effect as smoking flower cannabis and certainly would leave alot to be desired as a medical treatment although I can see it helping certain things but nothing like the RSO. Look into it.
      Sorry to hear of your medical condition, good luck.


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