Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY


4 thoughts on “Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana In NY

  1. It is absolutely heart-wrenching to see how badly people need Cannabis, knowing that they are still waiting for “legal” access.

    How can it be that Cannabis is “illegal” while it is “legal” to inflict suffering on people through the stubborn, intransigent ignorance that characterizes prohibition? I am ashamed at the low point of evolution that inhabits the souls of legislators who callously wield their power to perpetuating such cruelty.

    Give the boy some herb! for Christ’s sake. Anyone who would deny people a safe and effective herbal therapeutic, for any reason, is not human. Prohibition is over. Grow pot everywhere NOW or watch the shadows of “Reefer Madness” consume our parasitic and cannibalistic violent species, that continues to dominate global economics in an un-free market.


  2. An acquaintance was curing herself of lung and brain cancer with cannabis oil on my advice until they ran out of money, and now her cancer has grown back! I am so angry! If she was allowed to grow it and have access to cheap cannabis then she would still be getting better, if not cured! I hate my country’s government for putting her and many others in this situation, I hate them for telling us that chemo is the only way (when it usually doesn’t work, in this case it was just making her worse!). What is the point when we can’t be free, even have the freedom to live without cancer?


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