The Marijuana Show – “Shark Tank” Meets “The Apprentice” for budding ganjapreneurs

Episode One entitled, “Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!
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From “Marijuana Show” on Vimeo

Welcome to our Season Premiere of The #Marijuana Show!! Wahoo! We started this idea only 3 months ago. Thanks for being part of our dream by watching and #sharing the buzz. Our goal is to entertain, educate, advocate, and with your help legalize #cannabis.

CNBC describes our show as “SHARK TANK MEETS THE APPRENTICE for Budding Ganjaprenuer’s” 200 auditioned and 22 were called back. 10 were chosen to attend a 3 day “Bud Camp.” Contestants were mentored in marketing, branding, regulations, laws and pitching.
The series is produced by Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins. Wendy Robbins also directed the series.

Since green is the new gold we wanted to find gangapreneurs who have brilliant ideas, inventions, businesses from seed to bank and introduce them to accredited investors so they get the mentoring and money they need to become the next marijuana millionaire.


5 thoughts on “The Marijuana Show – “Shark Tank” Meets “The Apprentice” for budding ganjapreneurs

    • It’s completely surreal and shocking that this is happening in my country! Surely this wave will sweep the world, as it was the US that was behind the demonization and criminalization of cannabis worldwide


  1. I have a challenge for everybody reading this…so pass it on as well. The next time you are watching the boob-tube (TV) Network TV, count how many commericials there are that are “pushing” pharmaceuticals at you. Also, note how many have warnings of the risk involved in taking these drugs. We all know that our government allows these dangerous drugs to be sold. Now after making a physical count of these ads, ask yourself why this is even possible when our laws were mandated to protect us.
    We all know why big pharma is allowed to sell “dangerous, harmful” and in many cases ineffective drugs.The American people and the ordinary, everyday citizens of this planet are not stupid. Millions upon millions of us know what is really going on. Lets get back to nature…lets save the planet and at the same time, save our health! MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG…IT IS A PLANT! Quite possibly the OLDEST medicianal plant on the planet!
    P.S. Have you ever asked yourself why Televison shows are called…”PROGRAMS?”


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