Cannabis for migraines: a miracle story (as seen on Reddit)

From r/trees

I’ve had migraines since I was a little kid, so about twenty years of them so far. I’m talking serious migraines. The kind that would leave me in bed for days. I used to take prescription medications for them. My senior year of college, my doctor prescribed medication meant for seizures to control my migraines. It had such strong sedative effects that I fell asleep in class and struggled to finish school. Even with the heavy duty prescriptions, I still got migraines regularly, especially when I was stressed.

Right now I’m stressed out of my mind because of work, so naturally my scumbag body says to itself, “You know what would make this stressful situation better? A debilitating migraine!” This is the second one in two days, which means we’re heading into the territory of cluster migraines and possible trips to the ER.

An hour ago I started feeling it coming on.

Ten minutes ago I put a piece of marijuana infused candy in my mouth.

Ten minutes later I’m completely headache free. Nothing has ever worked like this. Not even the strongest prescription medication they could give me.

Before legalization, I never would have tried it. Even when medical marijuana was legal, I was afraid of all the hoops I had to jump through to get a card. I asked doctors about it, but I was told that marijuana wouldn’t do me any good and that I’d just become a drug addict.

Now I can walk into a store and walk out with a plant that will give me my life back. How fucking amazing is that?

in the comments section, s/he adds:

I feel so fucking betrayed now that I realize how much I’ve been lied to. I mean, I already knew I was being lied to about the risks of marijuana, but I had no idea I was being lied to about the benefits too.

I majored in psychology and minored in addiction studies, so basically I spent four years listening to professors lecture about marijuana ruining people’s lives.


choice responses:

I had/have these same feelings regarding chronic pain from cerebral palsy, I never thought I would escape chronic pain that had been persistent for approximately 14 years with little interruption. Now I am pain free 90% of the time. It is a wonderful plant indeed.

It’s worth crying over. The relief is immense… It has helped me out so very much. I hate the stigma against it. Absolutely hate it.



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