This Week in Cannabis 1.27.15

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(from r/trees)

1 – Cannabis use associated with lower BMI, lower fasting insulin resistance, and lower fat mas in the Inuit population, after adjusting for other factors.


2 – Bill Filed To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In New York


3 – Obama on marijuana legalization: ‘My suspicion is that you’re gonna see other states start looking at this’


4 – Jamaica considers marijuana legalization and production


5 – Ohio is trying to legalize recreational marijuana this year.


6 – Scotland ‘Medical marijuana’ trial for epilepsy


7 – Only dried pot counts, says court in overturning conviction


8 – Medical marijuana bill introduced in Nebraska Legislature


2 thoughts on “This Week in Cannabis 1.27.15

  1. No reply to articles,,but do have a question. Is there a difference between ‘cannabis oil’ and ‘cbd oil from hemp’, whats the difference? the cbd drops im looking into is ‘legal’ in all 50 states, im told,,containing 1% thc. Now cannabis oil, does it contain more thc? I just want ‘pain relieving’ med. instead of ‘pills’. Plz answer. thx


  2. In the common parlance, cannabis oil suggests high THC. Whatever cannabis product you purchase should come with lab analysis showing the relative percentage of each cannabinoid, and the potency of the contents. Always ask for this analysis.

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