How trees helped my 70 year old grandfather! (via r/trees)

From r/trees

My grandfather has had multiple back surgeries and constant, sometimes severe, back pain due to spinal injuries. He is on a very high dosage of pain pills and often complains about how he can’t sleep with them and if he doesn’t take them, his back hurts him so much at times that he can hardly walk.

It started when he and I were sitting in their living room casually watching TV Tuesday morning and he mentioned not having been able to sleep for the past few days and that his back was still hurting quite a bit. I told him I thought trees  [cannabis] would help, and he asked if I knew anywhere to get some, how much it costs, etc. I quickly replied with, “don’t worry about that, I have some in my car,” and rushed out to get it. Then, I rolled him a joint, we smoked it together on their back porch, and went back in.

I went to get ready to go to work and ten minutes later he was out cold in a childlike slumber. I came back later that day and he was the happiest I’ve seen him in so long! Said he slept well throughout the day and that most of the pain went away. Now I’m about to go pick him up an eighth! I thought you all would appreciate another account of how good trees can be!


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