How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves


5 thoughts on “How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves

  1. all these years the government has preaced to us not to smoke it the it is MM what made me laugh the other day was that Star Bucks was trying to get involved with this flourishing market place


  2. Although I didn’t listen to the 20 minute video It is very doubtful anyone can get high eating raw cannabis leaves because raw cannabis has very little THC often less that 1% and most of that would be in the buds not leaves. The cannabinoids in the plant are mostly in an acid form so it;s THCA until it gets heated by smoking, vaporizing or baking and then the THCA turns into THC.

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    • They aren’t sure why it happened, but two people tested it, one who had a very high tolerance for thc and one who had no tolerance. Both got very, very high from just the leaves. The juice had other components such as coconut, tangerine, etc. so they may have inadvertently decarbed whatever thc was present with the acids (???)

      It’s worth a listen – this may be the first account of such an experience. It will be interesting to see if anyone studies this.


  3. What is there to study? Certainly sounds like a made up story. Raw leaves do not get you high. There is a possibility that there could be some THC in the leaves. I have tested buds, very rare, that had as much as 6mg of THC per gram but that is very rare. Remember it is high heat that decarbs.


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