Rick Simpson – Hemp Oil Cures Cancer (full speech Vancouver 2013)


14 thoughts on “Rick Simpson – Hemp Oil Cures Cancer (full speech Vancouver 2013)

  1. I don’y know why this is titled hemp oil. Simpson used marijuana with no lab testing so what was the product he was making? He didn’t know, Was it THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA or what? Was he decarboxylating it fully or not? I wish this site was more focused on science & facts


    • I agree, Lonnie. There is a “hard science” bibliography offered by Mr Hill. The unsubstantiated claims or party pictures posted here by some enthusiasts are irritating. I’ve never found out how Mr Simpson’s biologist friend (Bjornsen?) and original supporter died. This is not to denigrate Mr Simpson’s courageous leadership but there are some unanswered questions, and some overlooked followups, concerning the back story.


      • I don’t know about the “Hard Science” of Mr. Hill or his claims to have been a cancer researcher at MD Anderson. Mr. Hill has a Bachelors degree in biochemistry, I’m not sure if that makes him a biochemist. Usually you would think higher degree would be needed to make that claim. He did not have a job title at the hospital and that makes me think he may have been a volunteer. And he stated he know nothing about cannabis & cancer which I would think a cancer researcher would have come accross. His explanation on how cannabinoids kill cancer viruses is an incomplete explanation. His decarboxylation method is based on a hexane extraction not on plant material. I have tried to verify his employment at MD Anderson but they will not give out that info, He is also wrong that the acidic cannabinoids do not kill cancer virus.
        http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22963825 I may be wrong on him but this site is not big on science.


  2. The reason it’s called “Hemp oil” is because Rick is from Canada, where they refer to “marijuana” as hemp. I copied the video title as is rather than translating it for US viewers.

    Simpson discusses for the first time (as far as I have seen) the issue of decarboxylating in this newer interview: https://patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/rick-simpson-the-cannabis-conspiracy-hemp-oil-healing-rockefeller-medicine/

    Sorry to have irritated readers, that certainly isn’t the intent. Hard science about an illegal, suppressed medicine isn’t easy to come by.

    Please feel free to add links to any that you find, any time, and it will be posted.

    “Party pictures” or other posts that celebrate cannabis are used to help further its acceptance, and are added as a way to reverse or push against the demonization of it. This demonization has ensured that people are not getting the dose of cannabinoids they need, and has led to an incalculable number of people suffering, and to needless deaths.

    Purely scientific MJ sites are few – I have linked to some under “Visit”.

    If you know of any purely science-based MJ sites that I’ve missed, please leave me a link.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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