Cannabis Cures Cancer – The Stan Rutner Story


5 thoughts on “Cannabis Cures Cancer – The Stan Rutner Story

  1. This is not a story on how cannabis cures cancer just more of the same sloppy reporting this web site gives. The man had radiation so how are we to know what worked for him. And we know he took capsules with what in it? No info is provided on that or on the drops he used. This is not how you tell a fact based story!


    • Lonnie, You are right, so many people take my father’s story and make mistakes. I have tried to keep up on the corrections as reporters don’t contact me to review. My father did do conventional medicine first. When they were done with him, they gave him two weeks to live. He was on hospice care and full time oxygen at home. The capsule was made by heating coconut oil and raw Indica together, strained and cooled to room temp. At that point more raw Indica was added to the strained mixture. Once it soaked for a few hours, the mixture was strained again. This was put into capsules containing 8-10mg of total cannabinoids- THc CBD THCa and CBDa. We freeze them and cut them in to thirds. Dad took one third every day at 10:30 am.
      I hope this clarifies things.
      ~Corinne (Stan’s daughter)


  2. Stan is my father, Culture magazine actulally broke down exactly what my father took to recover in their magazine. My dad did do chemo and radiation. When they were done with him, he was sent home with 2 weeks to live. He was wasting and on full time oxygen. The capsule is coconut oil infused with raw canaabis (Indica). It also has THCa in it. I would be more than happy to walk you through his protocol. Please call my office at 415-524-8099 or email

    ~Corinne Malanca


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