Paleo Edibles: Cannabis Guacamole (via Wake & Bake Cookbook)

Paleo Edibles: Cannabis Guacamole

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This cannabis infused guac was one of the first recipes the farmer and I whipped up after coming down from our Wake & Bake inspired sugar high, and it made me instantly realize how incredible sugar free edibles are. It was what you might call a “coming to jesus moment.” After years of sugary vegan and gluten free baking, a light switch turned on, illuminating a new dimension of edibles.

Paleo Edibles: Cannabis Guacamole

Leaving the sugar behind definitely creates a less “peaky” (and more enjoyable) experience. In my experience, the sugar roller coaster that you go on when you chow down on some regular special brownies can seriously impact not only the potency and effectiveness of the edible, but also your overall mood and energy levels.

These days, I find it difficult to function on conventional baked-goods-style edibles and unless it’s a special occasion, I usually make raw edibles or sugar free recipes (like this one) or just add VG tincture to my morning fat coffee or afternoon smoothie.

The high fat content in the avocados for this ganja guacamole seemed to make the recipe more potent. I can’t be completely sure if it was the fat in this recipe or if it was just something random, but dosage for this recipe seemed to be a bit smaller than just cannabis infused coconut oil alone.

Cannabis Guacamole

Either way, you really can’t get me to shut up about fat these days. I recently started eating a high fat, mid-protein, low sugar diet that has been shown to be effective against medication resistant epilepsy, tumor development and hormone disfunction.

On the streets, it’s called Keto and if you’re interested in getting off of the sugar roller coaster and facilitating healing in conjunction with treating with edibles, I highly recommend checking out this delightful woman and her Fat Fueled/Keto Beginning program.

Paleo Edibles: Cannabis Guacamole

I’ll share more about my experience with high fat livin’ and all of the incredible ways that a keto diet can go hand in hand with treating the very same things that we use cannabis for as soon as I feel I’ve really gotten the hang of it, but for now… Let’s eat some guac!

Cannabis Infused Guacamole

(Paleo, Ketogenic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Raw… It’s all the things!!!)

1. In a medium bowl, smash together:

3 Ripe Avocados

4 tsp Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil (room temp) or infused mct oil

Juice from 1 Lime

1/2-1sp Salt

Pepper to Taste

2. Mix in:

1/2   Diced Onion

2 Cloves Minced Garlic or 1 Clove Elephant Garlic

2 Diced Heirloom Tomatoes (or Romas)

Pinch of Cayenne (optional)

1/8 Cup Super Finely Chopped Cilantro

3. Serve with:

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips or

Late July Quinoa Tortilla Chips or

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips (Paleo)

serves 4 (contains 4- 1 tsp doses of cannabis oil)


Gratitude for this post goes to Wake and Bake Cookbook


One thought on “Paleo Edibles: Cannabis Guacamole (via Wake & Bake Cookbook)

  1. A lot of the edibles that I see on the market do tend to be treat based. Your recipe sounds delicious, and who can pass on a good guac? Thanks for sharing!


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