Ganja Yoga

editor’s note: i fully endorse this video. it is a bit advanced, but her instructions are spot on, so even beginners could try this session.

According to a study published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine, one of the top reasons people try yoga is to relieve stress. Coincidentally, the same is true about marijuana. Those in favor of the marijuana-and-yoga partnership claim that marijuana is a useful tool to help students reach a deep state of relaxation and connection to their environment.

Dee Dussault, cannabis-enhanced yoga instructor in San Francisco, said, “I believe in such classes because cannabis provides additional pain relief, anti-inflammation, relaxation of body and mind, and entry into alternate states of consciousness. These aspects enhance the many benefits of yoga and meditation practice.”

“Cannabis turns off areas of the brain related to cognitive functions that keep us in linear, mental orientation and turn on parts of the brain related to creativity and nervous system relaxation. When coupled with a conscientious yoga practice, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”… read more


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