6 thoughts on “250+ Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cannabis

  1. My healthcare and my treatment should be between me and my doctor. Like pro choice. Government shouldn’t have right to dictate the medical options. What input in my body is none of their business.


  2. “A society that holds remedies a secret so that more medications can be sold with huge profits, but is not a real society. For this a large lunatic asylum.”
    Dr. Sebi

    “Eine Gesellschaft, die Heilmittel geheim haelt, damit weiter Medikamente mit gigantischen Gewinnen verkauft werden koennen, ist keine echte Gesellschaft. Dafuer aber eine riesige Irrenanstalt.”
    Dr. Sebi



  3. Neuroscientists discover previously unknown function of cannabinoid receptor

    Posted: 02 May 2016 08:12 AM PDT
    In the brain, there is a delicate interplay of signaling substances and cellular activity. Scientists have now identified another key player within this ensemble. In a laboratory study they found that the ‘cannabinoid type 2 receptor’ influences information processing inside the hippocampus. The research results might help advance our understanding of schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s, say the authors.
    from Marijuana News — ScienceDaily.


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