Marijuana Legalization Fails Again in the United States

Published on Aug 14, 2016

Marijuana advocates who hoped the cascade of states moving to legalize medical marijuana would soften the federal stance on the drug faced disappointment Thursday as the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it will keep marijuana illegal for any purpose.

Marijuana will remain a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act. Substances in Schedule 1 are determined by the Food and Drug Administration to have no medical use. States that allow marijuana for medical use or legalize recreational use remain in defiance of federal law.

The announcement to be published Friday in the Federal Register relaxes the rules for marijuana research to make it easier for institutions to grow marijuana for scientific study. The DEA currently authorizes just one grow facility in Mississippi.

In reaching its conclusion, the DEA said a Health and Human Services evaluation shows marijuana has no ‘‘currently accepted medical use’’ because “the drug’s chemistry is not known and reproducible; there are no adequate safety studies; there are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts; and the scientific evidence is not widely available.”

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2 thoughts on “Marijuana Legalization Fails Again in the United States

  1. The DEA be damned.
    I’ve been ‘researching’ cannabis for 47 years. The only bad experience I’ve ever had was spending 5 years in Federal Prison for a pot offense.
    Other than that, all things hunky-dory…


  2. I’m shocked, I tells ya! Just shocked! I mean, it’s not like the DEA has a vested interest in keeping cannabis illegal because they’d lose power and face staff and funding cuts if cannabis was legalized. And the FDA, well, don’t they have a just sterling reputation for impartiality? There is certainly no way that FDA regulators would allow any of their past, present, or future relationships with big Ag or big Pharma to influence any decision.



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