Feds raid health food store over CBD oil!


4 thoughts on “Feds raid health food store over CBD oil!

      • My understanding is that CBD as a cannabinoid, has always been considered just as illegal as any other cannabinoid including THC if extracted from the flowers & leaves of the cannabis plant. What the scamming CBD sellers did was claim they extracted it from the stalks & seeds of the cannabis plant. If true it would be legal. Seeds do not produce cannabinoids, not CBD, THC or any other one. That was BS. So it was not made illegal this year, The DEA just made it clearer that CBD was a cannabinoid and as such is regulated under Controlled Substance Act.


  1. While the ‘health ranger’ in the video made some good points, it was painful to hear him go on about the ‘opiate crisis in the US’. He claims opiods are freely available and protected by the government, blissfully unaware of the war on opiods that began in 2015.
    This opioid ‘crisis’ is taking 16k lives per year, less than driving accidents, alcohol, and FAR less than tobacco.


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