Study: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals

Eighty percent of respondents found CBD to be “very or extremely effective” in treating their conditions. …However, it should be noted that research has shown that CBD and THC are more effective when used in conjunction with one another.

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By Amanda Siebert for Straight dot com

New survey results about a well-known compound in cannabis are providing doctors with some exciting information.

Conducted by HelloMD, an online community of doctors and cannabis patients, and Brightfield Group, the survey asked 2,400 of HelloMD’s 150,000 members about their use of products containing cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a compound in cannabis that isn’t psychoactive, meaning it won’t provide users with the same ‘high’ or euphoria that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does.

Research has shown CBD to possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties, and it has been found to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions including Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and PTSD, among others.

Participants in the survey revealed that they used CBD primarily to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, and joint pain.

While most men preferred to use THC-dominant products, survey results showed that women made up 55 percent of CBD users.

What really caught the attention of survey administrators was this: Nearly half (42 percent) of CBD users reported that, not only did they stop using prescription drugs like Vicodin or Percocet after they began using CBD; they also avoided over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol and Advil.

When asked how effective patients found CBD to be in treating their condition, 80 percent responded with “very or extremely effective”, while just three percent found it to be ineffective or slightly effective.

A common complaint from patients was that CBD products derived from marijuana were far more expensive than products derived from hemp. Conversely, patients using hemp-derived products said it was less effective than marijuana-derived products.

As such, 90 percent of patients said they would only buy CBD products derived from marijuana.

The most popular method of consumption was vaporization, followed by smoking and then edibles. Patients also reported that they spent anywhere from $20 to $80 per monthon CBD products.

While HelloMD is based in the United States, this data could be useful to both Canadian physicians and patients who are interested in using cannabis as a way to treat certain conditions, but without the psychoactivity that comes with THC.

However, it should be noted that research has shown that CBD and THC are more effective when used in conjunction with one another.


7 thoughts on “Study: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals

  1. I first tried marijuana when I was 21 years old. Now, 48 years later, I still smoke pot.

    I am 69 years old and have not taken a prescription medication in over 30 years. Has regular cannabis use enabled this?
    I have no idea.

    I am active…hiking, canoeing, camping, bicycling.
    My last hike was 11.5 miles…to the Confluence Overlook in Canyonlands Natl Park. Has cannabis enabled this?
    I don’t know.

    I do know that I am living proof that prohibitionist propaganda is a fallacy…a blatant lie.

    The only bad experience I ever had with cannabis was spending 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.

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  2. Medical doctors push drugs that are anticholengenic (side affects include Alzheimer’s) instead of addictive paid meds …’s a shame they don’t prescribe cannabis – which works.


  3. I have friend who has never ever smoked or got close to Cannabis, he is 50ish in years. Has had back surgery, and was in CONSTANT pain…Dr’s stopped w/his opiods early this year. He is eating gummy bears/CBD…HE LOVES THEM AND JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW HIS PAIN COULD BE MANAGED WITH CBD GUMMY BEARS….I use CBD oil/flavored, help w/my shoulder pain and help w/sleeping…I’m hoping everyone who has pain finds an outlet that sells any form of CBD.


  4. This was excellent information. I have heard so much about Cannabis helping with pain and other issues. I actually have MS and deal with a lot of pain. I just started my blog about this and more about a month ago which has been great. I just started following your blog and am looking forward to more of your posts!!


    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear Cannabis is helping to relieve your pain. She has helped me so much it’s almost incalculable, but it’s safe to say she has saved my life, multiple times. I also use cannabinoids to relieve my pain, lots of it from being in a wheelchair due to spinal cord injury. 🙂


  5. That’s nice to hear. Pharmaceuticals can be damn underrated in their dangerousness. People suffer from them without even noticing. Weed is the perfect alternative! Thanks for the article!


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