Cannabis for regaining memories after head trauma

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Perusing the comments section on a 2015 article, Cannabis and the brain, I came across this comment ~

I got a recorded 5.5 brain injury on 08-30-2008 when I wrecked my H/D with no helmet on. It killed me 3 times and I was in a coma 87 days. I returned home 14 months later with no memory of what I use to do. They tested me & said I had lost the last 10 years of memory. I had to relearn life again. I had a friend ask me to get a medical card & try “cannabis”. I was amazed, my memories started returning. Since then I have learned that it is THC that does this. Every “head rush” makes the heart pump harder while the THC constricts blood vessels, making the ends of the blood veins grow in thew brain. That is what it needs !

From the main article:

There is evidence that shows Cannabis may grow brain cells, may protect the brain, and that it shrinks cancerous tumors and heals damage caused by chronic stress.


3 thoughts on “Cannabis for regaining memories after head trauma

  1. As many times in the past, it has been with great satisfaction that I read this additional way in which Mother Mary Jane enriches our lives. It helps organize and fine tune various systems of the body and seems to even coordinate their interactions. And now, it’s helps my blood pressure and IQ!! I wish I’d started smoking it earlier! This article left me with but one conclusion– time to roll me a fat one!!

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