Researcher: A Puff a Day Could Keep Alzheimer’s Away

‘My Research Shows If You Use Cannabis In Low Doses In Your 40s And 50s, You Probably Don’t Get Alzheimer’s’: Dr. Gary Wenk


It may be time to talk to your parents about marijuana. Smoking it every day could save their lives, according to Dr. Gary Wenk – a researcher at Ohio State University who has been studying the effects of cannabis on the human brain and made some astounding discoveries. One of his biggest findings is that when healthy middle-aged people use it daily and in low doses, it drastically reduces the likelihood that they will develop Alzheimer’s later in life.

In studies done on mice, Wenk found that prevention of the disease could be attained with a dose as low as the equivalent of one puff a day of cannabis. But before you get your wheels spinning with visions of mice passing around crumb-sized joints, we should clarify that smoke was not actually administered to them in this experiment. One reason for this, said Wenk, is that, well, mice would find that process less than chill.

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3 thoughts on “Researcher: A Puff a Day Could Keep Alzheimer’s Away

  1. For a few years now, my mom has been using mild cannabis vaporization to deal with at least Alzheimer’s (symptoms and the disease).

    More specifically, she vapes a small pinch of leafy material during the day (one puff in the morning, one around noon) and another pinch before bedtime (two puffs).

    I always recommend Cheese as a daytime strain, because I consider it to be the quintessential composure strain. Overall, since she does not want to be a recreational user, I choose strains with simple psychological textures.

    While the medicine works thankfully brilliantly, it has not been proven to be a panacea in her case.

    We are looking into the Recode protocol to address unhealthy amyloid buildup.

    What I can say reasonably confidently is cannabis is indeed an excellent tool to heal and protect the mind upon responsible use, and in her case, has greatly apparently diminished her decline — and, upon successful Recode practices, will likely greatly help her recover from dementia.

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