Add Marijuana Prohibition to the List of Proven Conspiracies?

From Estamio2 on Reddit

The point comes up that lot of bad medicine was practiced in the 19th Century. Mercury, cocaine and Heroin were prescribed. Cocaine and “Heroin” do have medicinal uses today, but their use is now a Strawman Argument to suggest marijuana-as-medicine is equally quacked.

Inquiry into various substances in the 1800s allowed the emergence of all medicine today, along with the disuse of less effective (or dangerous) drugs. Key is honest scientific inquiry.

I think the fact that marijuana was prescribed as medicine in the 1880s, whether-or-not it was sharing shelves with mercury, proves the Conspiracy of Cannabis Prohibition. It’s use should have been pursued, if it worked.

Because if it is being legitimately (scientifically) pursued, it proves its efficacy as medicine (alleviates symptoms).

The Conspiracy is further proven by the agenda-driven renaming “Cannabis”, “Marijuana” to racially stigmatize the substance. By unscientific demonization by Harry Anslinger along with sensationalized newspaper headlines associating MJ use with crimes.

The excessive, unreasonable and cruel incrimination during the 20th Century is a Conspiracy.

(Hearst-paper lobbyists>Government officials>Law enforcement>Propaganda-influenced public)


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