What Google has done to this blog is astonishing

Granted, it is only because of Google that this blog reached millions of viewers. But Google, instead of bringing you search results based on what is most relevant to you, is now actively censoring content that doesn’t support the establishment viewpoint, and they are proud of it:

Eric Schmidt, Google head dude in 2017:

“We’re not arguing for censorship, we’re arguing just take it off the page, put it somewhere else…make it harder to find” CNBC

What’s interesting in our case, is that it’s too late… Cannabis is legalized as medicine and for recreation in so many states, including D.C., and its medicinal properties are now being actively researched and embraced, even by the establishment.

However I wanted to update you all on what’s going on behind the scenes of Big Brother’s algorithms. When I look up our posts that used to come up as the first result, or somewhere on the first page of Google search, they are GONE, or so far down, like page 15, that no one will ever see them. Our most popular post of all time, Cannabis vs cigarettes, used to be the very top result when searching any iteration of “cigs v pot”.  Now I can’t find it at all.

It was between 2016-2017 that we first got hit, an unnatural downturn in views began; we’d only experienced nonstop and rapid growth prior to this. It’s been happening incrementally and consistently since then…

In 2016 we had nearly 1,200,000 views… one million two hundred thousand…

In 2017 it dropped to 368 thousand…

Last year we got 158 thousand.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.18.25 PM.png

Looking at how views are consistently chipped away:

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.30.29 PM.png


Algorithmic Manufacture of Consent Threatens Informed Democracy

The Power of Gatekeepers

Since the Internet’s dawn, it has been considered a democratizing force for information exchange— the information superhighway — which, over time, has come to provide access to more information than is consumable by any human being. This can be, and should be, empowering. But precisely because of this information deluge, we need software to sort through it all and help us find what we need. For that, most people are largely at the mercy of algorithms designed by private corporations such as Google.

In theory, there are several options for search engines; in reality, most people currently use Google. This imparts to Google an enormous amount of power — power which the company whose motto is “Don’t be evil” has unfortunately used to bury independent news media. Google has succumbed to the same pressures and forces that lead to the systematic omission of crucial information from mainstream corporate news. It has, in fact, transformed itself into the ultimate propaganda weapon, by making it significantly harder to find such information, even for those who may be searching for it.

AlterNet posted a provocative image, showing its steep 64% crash in web traffic following the introduction of Google’s tweaked algorithm. Other sites, such as Democracy Now and the Intercept, have also seen huge declines in their visitors. These are reputable, careful independent news sites, not “fake news” — whatever that means — and Google is doing a grave disservice to democracy by de-ranking them.

Under pressure, Google has buried dissenting voices, which necessarily gives corporate media even more undue influence than they already have, despite the documented evidence — which grows by the day — of ways in which corporate media systematically ignore and distort the news…

…our information access is controlled by the decisions of a relatively small number of people —people not necessarily representative of those influenced by their products and probably unaware, like most citizens, of the ways in which propaganda works in a free society — under pressure from governments, determine what we do and do not see. Combined with recent legislation to destroy net neutrality, the Internet is being converted from a decentralized information nexus into a top-down propaganda apparatus.

If Google truly wants to avoid being evil and being a propaganda arm for the US government and the small number of wealthy companies and individuals currently engaging in an ever more brazen corporate coup d’état enabled partially by disinformation, they should resist the urge to silence independent voices online at all costs.



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