Kicking the opioid habit using Cannabis

From the comments on our post, Marijuana treats addiction:

Justin from Jersey

I want to give thanks to all doctors and researchers who have taken the time to investigate medical properties of marijuana.I first want to say I consider my self a street researcher of marijuana with no formal training or education of the matter.from the moment I took my first puff of marijuana the creative juices started to flow on how we could cure the world of alot of problems with this medicine.but drug dependence was first that came to I’ve been addicted to opiates and other drugs myself.I started with my own trial by fire by growing dozens of different strains over the years and finding there positive an negative properties.I started an alternative group for dependency not aa not Na but a group I called Green clean.which was a group that met every other day in the woods behind my house and smoked communally, and spoke of our problems of addiction.marijuana not only causes one to open up about things a bit easier but take in information a bit differently. I grew everything that was smoked donations wer excepted but absolutely expected cause that’s not what it was about.unfortunately I couldn’t keep up with amounts needed to get by and a couple creep cops breaking up a positive thing ruined it.but guess what a group of five then ten then twenty all the way upto fifty ppl at times managed to get off hard drugs together.success rate of 80% after all said and done.before this I entered a drug treatment facility and the counselor told me 2 out of the 30 ppl in the room would stay clean.I wasn’t impressed or empowered by this.I felt those who say traditional treatment works if u work it b.s..I dream of having the resources and the education to start a solid program and facility. I feel we would hugely benefit from this as a society. Numbers dont lie.But what the hell do i know I’m just a 30 yr old burnout from Jersey.thanks for reading if you read help this mission.peace love and happiness. ONE LOVE!!!


I’ve been using cannabis to curve my appetite for Opiates. I was an IV opiate user for 18years. After many treatments (inpatient varying from 1 to 6months), methadone, 12 step follow through attempts. My M. O. was kick feel better put pieces of life back together than as soon as I felt better I would lose it all again. This sounds overdramatic because it was, I became unbelievably discouraged with life. I have always loved marijuana but I was always told all or nothing. I would find smoking took away my cravings? The problem guilt for lying to those around me in recovery who would have not have been OK with me using more then asprin. Finally I excepted I was going to die with a needle in my arm or I’m going to get stoned when I want and fuck dishonesty and guilt! I’m OK with needing something, I was rapidly running out of time trying to adapt to spiritual principles that people have recovered with successfully. I haven’t had a spike in my vain or any opiod use for 4 years now. After spending 20 going back and forth from clean to using with never more then a total of 118 days consecutively without relapse. It was my ego not wanting to admit I couldn’t do what others could on there spiritual journey of recovery. Once I stop caring what you thought and respected my choice I was free. . Now it’s amazing to have so many folks with similar pasts experiencing the same results. Fellowship is important and as more people realize the lesser of two evils is OK the larger it gets!

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