Facebook group for healing cancer with Cannabis

See also: Healed by Cannabis

Sharing some interesting comments found on a prostate cancer support group website:

…it is a closed facebook group. You have just to request to join: CKC

There you can search for prostate cancer protocol or post a request to Donavon Vizina, who created the group (he healed himself from advanced cancer, after have been sent home to die since chemo didn’t work anymore after a recurrence, with cannabis oil. )

Take note that he will start with a 3:1, but if no improvement, he will move to a 1:1.


hormone positive or not.

If the cancer is not hormone positive then THC oil alone should be fine. If the cancer is hormone positive follow the instructions below as to both cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Ok, for this cancer we will use THC and CBD separate

(if posible) . By dosing CBD first by 2 or more hours prior to THC we will hope to do the following:

. Reducing inflamation

. Suppress the ID1 gene (mets)

This will hopefully allow THC to do a better job at A-apoptosis (programmed cell death) .

Ps. If the oils are a ALL IN ONE, are the cancer is non hormone positive, then simply follow the THC side of this schedule.

The oil(s) should be prepared by warming and mixing with a carrier oil as shown below :

Batch 1

THC (olive oil)

THC (coconut oil)

Batch 2

CBD (olive oil)

CBD (coconut oil)


.fill a pan with water

.bring to boil on stove

.place a cloth in pan of water

.place a (small) sterile glass jar in pan

.turn stove top down to ‘3’

.Mix in equal parts ( cannabis oil and appropriate carrier oil) and stir thoroughly until one … let cool a little, then you have a couple of options…

.Suck back into a syringe…they come in many different sizes so pick one (or more) beforehand depending on your dosing needs. You can dose directly from this, or put it into a dropper bottle to dose from, or put it into size 00 vegie capsules … it depends on your individual dosing needs.

OR …

.Suck back into small disposable syringes for suppository use.

Allow to cool before serving.

*PLEASE NOTE!!! The reason that we use EQUAL PARTS is ….

When it comes to dosing it is easier to figure out how much more one needs to take once it’s mixed into one oil… Everyone has their own ratios.. here we preach 1:1 with a carrier.

And please VERY IMPORTANT when you WARM AND MIX with a carrier at equal parts with your cannabis oil you will now need to double the dose of the oil(s) … So, if you were taking 3 rice grains straight oil (no carrier ) .. once WARMED AND MIXED you will now need to take 6 rice grains to equal the dose of the oil straight.

Now that we have our oils WARMED AND MIXED we will now move to dosing … for this cancer we will cover a few methods as to hit it from a few angles.

Dosing :

6:00am CBD (sublingual) olive oil

8:00am THC (sublingual) olive oil

10:00am CBD (orally) coconut oil enteric caps

12:00am THC (orally) coconut oil enteric caps

2:00pm CBD (sublingual) olive oil

4:00pm THC (sublingual) olive oil

6:00pm CBD (orally) coconut oil enteric caps

8:00pm THC (orally) coconut oil enteric caps

How dosing should go for hormone positive

Start the above dosing as a 3:1 (high CBD) . As the treatment progresses build up to the following as a 3:1 (THC 60-80mgs) (CBD 180-240mgs) daily. When you reach this amount of each and have been there from 1-2 months with no good results, then start working the THC side up to make this a 1:1 (thc/cbd) .

Suppositories can and should be worked into this protocol as well.. they can be used at any time because they hold no high . We often advised to try and get at least two suppositories in a day for cancers like this.

TOPICAL : a topical solution is also a good idea for this cancer directly above the prostate. Once the topical is completed with all the mixtures in it you want to add 10% of that total weight and DMSO.

The topical should contain THC, CBD if possible, the base of the topical should either be coconut oil or emu oil.

Hint: warming the topical and the surface area of the skin above the prostate where the topical will be will help the body to absorb the topical deeper and more effectively. To warm the area simply use a hot moist rag once the area is hot and the pores or open should take about 1 to 2 minutes wipe the area dry and immediately applied to topical.

CannaTea : a cannabis yea should be consumed as well, made from cannabis flower. Teas in general for this cancer can be a great idea .


A related comment found at this article debunking cannabis cancer treatment:

Well actually in my personal experience as I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which apparently travelled to my brain then to my nodes on top of new growths in my lungs. I did have my brain tumor removed by my neuro surgeon and left the hospital the very next day. I had been on marijuana oil for 2 weeks before my surgery. I have religiously taken this oil for 7 months now and my new growths disappeared along with the cancer in my nodes. On top of that my old cancer in the lung is still shrinking. I have never suffered at all like most people do with cancer and have not had to endure the effects of chemo or radiation of which my sister who was a non believer suffered. Because of my latest diagnosis she now believes because I’m proof. I have my oncologists reports to fully back my claim that marijuana definitely is the cure and I am just one human who chose to step outside the square and take responsibility for my own well being. We need drs, but we don’t need pills. My father also diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in 2001 is still with us 17 years later recently turned 81 because we convinced him to give the oil a go. He has had no other treatment for his cancer

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