Part Two – The Past, The Present, And the Future of Cannabis Breeding

Part Two! This cannabis breeding panel has some incredibly heavy hitters on it and they are sharing rare historical knowledge and insight. Thanks to Segra International for sharing this private webcast recording with Shaping Fire to post!

Ryan Lee aka Chimera – Chemovar Corp. IG:@BreedingCannabis
Robert Clarke – Scientist, Author, BioAgronomics IG:@marijuanabotany
Mark Lewis – NAPRO Research,
Mojave Richmond – BioAgronomics IG:@mojubal
Moderated by: Michael Williamson – Catalyst BC,

Topics include modern cannabis breeding technology, recent breakthroughs in cannabis breeding like autoflowers and polyploidy, and competitiveness in cannabis breeding.

Ryan Lee can be also found on Shaping Fire episodes #64 about Female-Only Breeding and #74 about Tissue Culture and Micropropagation here:

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