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Growing up, my mom had the book “Subliminal Seduction”. I poured over that book far more hours than i would like to admit. The main gist was that behind the scenes but in plain view, advertisers use subtle messages projected through the TV and print ads, to manipulate our beliefs and habits.

Last night’s 60 Minutes piece on addiction was a glaring example of a subliminal (and inaccurate) message being put forth: Marijuana is addictive. Continue reading

Marijuana could be an “exit drug”

Via New Mexico Independent An often heard assertion about marijuana is that it’s a “gateway drug,” one that leads young people into using more dangerous drugs over time. But new research and programs are now examining its potential as an exit drug.

A recent study of a medical marijuana patients group found that a significant number of them were using the drug as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs

Forty percent have used cannabis as a substitute for alcohol, 26% as a substitute for illicit drugs and 66% as a substitute for prescription drugs. The most common reasons given for substituting were: less adverse side effects (65%), better symptom management (57%), and less withdrawal potential (34%) with cannabis.

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Using Cannabis to heal drug addiction

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East Bay residents are enrolling in twelve-step-like classes that use cannabis to quit heroin, pills, cigarettes, alcohol, and other addictive substances, defying decades of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous tradition.
Marijuana Joint is Illegal
Via East Bay Express 4.22.10
Even though NA and AA both mandate abstinence from all illegal drugs, that one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for all addicts, says Harm Reduction Clinical Consultant Jennifer Janichek. For the last six weeks, Janichek, along with two other clinicians, have been running pro-cannabis mental health and addiction services for a handful of people out of the Harborside Health Center in Oakland. The free mental health services paid for by the area’s largest cannabis dispensary explain the safest way to smoke pot — which is not physically addictive — and use it to combat depression, anxiety, and addiction. Continue reading

Research Shows Smoking Marijuana In Rehab Is Okay

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By Dennis RomeroLA Weekly

Dr. Drew would keel over at the notion, but a study published March 5 in the Harm Reduction Journal suggests that it’s okay smoke weed while trying to ween yourself off other drugs.

That’s right, forget the total, 12-step program. According to researcher Ronald Swartz “cannabis use did not seem to compromise substance abuse treatment” during his look at both medical marijuana users and non-pot smokers. The success rate of both groups in dealing with the abuse of other substances was the same, he writes.

” … Medical marijuana is consistent with participation in other forms of drug treatment and may not adversely affect positive treatment outcomes,” Swartz writes.

So go ahead — while you work on that drinking problem at the Betty Ford Center or deal with those cocaine pangs in Celebrity Rehab — spark up that bowl. Just don’t tell Dr. Drew.