Irv Rosenfeld’s story

Irv gets animated and almost angry when he talks about the federal government’s complete and utter lack interest in him over the past 22 years that they’ve been supplying him with 10-12 joints a day.

He notes that they’ve had a perfect opportunity to do a full scale study on long-term controlled use of medical marijuana, and they aren’t interested. They don’t even want to know. All the talk about not having sufficient evidence, about not having controlled scientific studies. Total crap.

“Go ahead, study me!” he exclaimed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hear his testimony:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information on the Federal Medical Marijuana patients, go here.


7 thoughts on “Irv Rosenfeld’s story

  1. Go IRV!!!!
    I am living proof, too. Unfortunately I am unable to obtain it legally and it is a shame. For it does really have many benefits and the horrible stigma that surrounds it is a shame.


  2. I’m using hemp oil to treat breast cancer. Has any one out there had success with this? If so would you consider making a facebook page about it?


  3. I was growing marijuana for stomach pain. I had my gallbladder removed in 1997 and the marijuana helped with the pain. This is just a small part of what happened to me. The N. Palm Beach Police not only tampered with evidence i gave to them they falsified police reports. My attorney at the time Jan Peter Weiss & my judge at trial Judge William Berger knew about it. Judge Karen Miller & former State Attorney for Palm Beach County Barry Krischer were also aware of all of this. I have evidence of this.


  4. Yeah! I’m in that same situation! Is the IRV ROSENFELD book available in DVD? I have Approved Federal OWCP and switched from Traditional Pain Medication, after taking it well over 10 years. Now I can’t get Federal OWCP to pay for the new safer Medical Marijuana Medication. I have an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. I’m also currently back & forth, partly living at my Mothers home in Georgia.


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