Legalize it – Judge James Gray

Recently retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray is on a crusade.  You might think a conservative judge from a conservative county would advocate for the prohibition of marijuana, but – based on his experiences, he is adamantly pro legalization.

Witnessing first hand what he calls the utter failure of our current policies of drug prohibition – marijuana in particular – he cites unnecessary prison growth, increased taxes, increased crime and corruption, and loss of civil liberties as the unhealthy side effects of an anemic policy in need of drastic reform.

Regarding medical marijuana, he states:

“Does marijuana work [as medicine]?  Well, there’s no direct evidence by a government study showing that marijuana is an effective medicine.  And you know something?  They’re right.  However, it’s beyond hypocrisy for them because it’s the federal government that controls the marijuana.  Numbers of reputable groups, the Centers for Disease Control, The University of California and others have requested to conduct the studies and they’ve been deprived of that authorization…  The government affirmatively does not allow this research to take place and then they sanctimoniously say, ‘well there’s no research [showing marijuana is medicine]…’  it’s beyond hypocrisy, I view it as Chutzpah” (audacity).

A little more on the problems our government has created for medical marijuana research (source):

At present, the only way for medical marijuana to be properly evaluated by the FDA is for privately-funded sponsors to conduct FDA-approved clinical trials (like any other drug evaluation). [If any progress is to be made on the medical marijuana research front, we must first] remove the monopoly imposed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on licenses for the cultivation of medical-grade cannabis for research purposes. Currently, the DEA exclusively licenses the cultivation of medical-grade cannabis to the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), which primarily investigates only the negative effects of cannabis. This monopoly obstructs any investigation and research in the U.S. into the medical properties of cannabis and thwarts the normal drug approval process.

Listen to Judge Gray speak on medicinal marijuana:

Many police officers are asking the question: if prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, why are we in denial about it working for other things?


34 thoughts on “Legalize it – Judge James Gray

  1. Very good video. And as far as Marinol is concerned, I believe Judge Gray hit the nail on the head. Pharm companies cannot make money off a plant. The whole Marinol debate is rediculous in itself. The company which makes Marinol, has had VERY dismal sales. This synthetic THC is a super high strength. Medicinal Marijuana does not need the outragous THC percentage that Marinol offers.

    Not only was AIDS wasting syndrome and Chemo named, but Marijuana has been shown to do numerous other things. One in which I am very excited about is that it has been shown to slow the progression of Multiple Sclerosis, and also in a recent study done in Spain I believe, it has caused glioblastoma brain cancer to kill itself, autophagy.

    It KILLED CANCER. This is something that just blew me away. I am anxious to find out what THC can do to other forms of cancer. This study 2 patients were injected with THC directly in the cancer. Regardless of the administration of the medicine, if it works it works.

    How many US Citizens, if asked the question, “If there was a medicine that was currently available and it was shown to destroy cancer or at least slow the progression of it, would you take it or recommend it to a friend?”

    How many Say Yes!


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  4. marijuana is not a bad drug it actually helps people with there problems i have severe back pain,artharites threw out my entire body and i am only 19 marijuana helped me but when you need something to help you medically you need it but if you smoke they try 2 say that your an unfit parent all i want 2 do is be able 2 hold my kids 4 more than a few minutes i want 2 take them out 2 the park with out me being in pain i am not a bad parent i am a parent who loves her kids with all her heart and soul and child protective service took them away from me i have 2 live some where else until i stop smoking but i stopped for my kids i had 2 fucked up choices keep smoking and not be in pain & loose my kids or stop smoking and be with my kids but be in pain pain that hurts so bad that i have to cry my self to sleep please everyone anyone marijuana is not a bad drug it is a solution to all of are problems and i beg you fight this fight to legalize marijuana because we are not all bad people we all have problems and marijuana is are solution 2 all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. We need legalization of cannabis to protect our songs from the other drugs (in italy, where i live, peaple really belive that cannabis can hurt and kill a man like eroin or cocaine, and on TV there’s no freedom so we can’t understand the truth…) LEGALIZE NOW,THE PEAPLE HAVE TO KNOW AND RESPECT!! LEGALIZE, LIKE TABACCO N ALCOL, LIKE EVERY MEDICINE OR LEGAL DRUG WE KNOW….


  6. I live in a state where it will either be never or the last state in my book on legalizing Marijuana, Alabama.
    I have smoke at different times in my life, in the beginning it was for the “high”. I quit also at different times, being pregnant, my job. In 2007 I became sick, (not cancer) 12 surgeries later, half was only day, the other half was hospital stay. I Have been in so much pain where if I moved I would be in tears. I could not leave my house for a few months at a time because I could not sit, with that…walking was massive pain, I could not even use a wheelchair to get out for a while or to be more mobile. My biggest fear was not dying, it was becoming a pill addict. At that time I was praying to die because of the pain, I could not ever take my own life, so instead of praying to be well, my pain had me praying to die. I chose to start using marijuana again and see if that would help. Now 3 years later, still sick, will always be, but I am at a point where It is becoming under control, and I am now hoping to be able to go back to work hopefully by next spring. My point is, that I have been on Pain meds. for 3 years. With the Marijuana, I am still on low dose, my Dr. doesn’t understand why I still don’t need stronger since I have been on the pain meds. for so long. I can not tell him why. I quit praying to die, wanting to get better because I wanted to do more with my life, determined. I have also quit smoking cigs., I don’t really think I would of have the strength to do that without the marijuana, just because of my state of mind. I do know 100% it can be done without the marijuana, but my attitude would not let me, I had a “why bother” attitude. My pain meds. are nearly down to 1 pill a day, but not everyday. Thirty pills will last me well over a month to 2 months, where before the marijuana, I could not take enough pain meds to kill the pain. It has helped me in so many ways. To tell the truth, I still don’t know if it helped the pain, or if it helped me deal with it, but what ever it did for me, I am so thankful for it, without it, I am sure that I would be a pain pill addict, not by choice, but by illness.




  8. I say Legalize it in all the states! It’s a plant, naturally grows from a seed. Can never overdose to death unlike the common over the counter medicine like Aspirin. I believe this plant was put on Earth for Medical purposes and to cure cancer, aids and other serious illnesses. I think the government is hiding something from all of us, the truth behind Marijuana. It took us years to finally realize the potential Marijuana can do for us, and some of you people may disagree, but why keep Marijuana illegal if it can Cure serious illnesses?? Only the Government knows, since they labeled it dangerous and classified it close to “heroine”.


  9. Is it funny that the public school system is so uptight about cannabis that i cant even look at a quote, made by my own president, about the legalization of marijuana on our computers at school but i can leave a comment about the issue?


  10. I have smoked herb on and off for almost 10 years and I would have to say the only reason for me to stop would have to be a job… That is the only reason in the past and will be… No harm has come from it, no smokers cough, no shortening of breath, nothing.

    I personally don’t believe it will be legalized until the federal government realizes how to tax it! It’s so sad that most of the elected officals who pass these laws are biased towards Cannabis and the good that could come out of it.


    • So so true. However, the legalization of medical marijuana is, according to those working on the front lines, inevitable across the country. And, according to these sources, it’s a done deal from that point to legalize it completely. I don’t understand all the intricacies, but this information comes from my lawyer whom i do trust…


  11. I have worked many years as a Registered Nurse and seen many people with harmful effects from the use of pharmaceuticals and smoking cigarettes. years of alcohol abuse and accidents with drunk drivers. the whole war against pot is just ridiculous and based on lies and corruption for monetary value. pot would take people off morphine and narcotic addiction and decrease teen suicide. young people in prison and selling drugs on the corner will decrease. dont let anyone put pot in the same category as street drugs like crack and heroin and dont say its worse than alcohol cuz thats a lie. we need to go back to nature and herbal remedies. herbs we can all afford.


    • You said it in a nutshell. I sure wish Dr Oz had interviewed you today – his show on medical marijuana was good, but full of lies. At the lend of the day, if beer is legal, then marijuana should be as it is safer and less intoxicating. No one should have to be dying of cancer to use marijuana. But that was the gist of his show, that people better not use it to relax and enjoy, but only to relieve the most debilitating conditions. And even then, people were outraged.


  12. my husband has hodgkins lymphoma and is in stage 4 metastatic melanoma we live in missouri no medical cannabis but i can tell you as a caregiver if he takes the meds doctors give him he sleeps 18 hrs a day i give him cannabis oil and i can have my husband back we are also involved with cannabis patient network here in mo.check out the website you can see video’s of patients including my husband and myself just because big pharm companies can’t make a buck on cannabis doesn’t meanit doesn’t work. i can make sure my husband isn’t dead before he dies using cannabis thank you lord for putting cannabis on earth


    • Google Show-me cannabis and visit their website…. Someone’s trying to get MM here in Mo… would be a godsend to so many..!


  13. nice comments u guys,,, this is w/o a doubt a great site. we the people,, slowly will have our day,,, a bud a day keeps the negative away,, peace n love,, spread the truth


  14. Loving this. Opiates are harmful to the body but are accepted as medical products, so why would something harmless to the human body that helps our suffering fellow humans be banned? Legalize!


  15. Creators of this site,
    i am a highschool student. many people in my school seem to be very closed minded when i try talkin about marijuana. kids will say things like “oh your just a stupid pothead and dnt no wht your talkin about.” or “go smoke some weed u stupid refeer” or they call me a “junkie” which is weird cuz i only smoke marijuana. On top of that in my health and wellness class my teacher is always sayin how marijuana is 25,000x worse for you than tabacco, and anyone who says different is just stupid and needs to arrested. what im getting to is how can i talk to my classmates and my teachers about the hardcore facts about marijuana and have a serious conversation with them without getting teased or looked at like a dumbass and sent to the office for an inappropret conversation…i have shown my health teacher documents about the benifits on marijuana and he refuses to discuss them in class. Please give me any advise you have on talkin to my peers about this topic.

    – Nic Blackstone


  16. make it legal, it helps more people then it kills and is even used medically so it really isn’t bad at all. i’d rather have a joint then get drunk or smoke a ciggy, it relaxes you and has been proven to help people living with cancer! it’s not a drug its a herb!! only smoke whats natural.


  17. growing growing growing!! It all this plant want to do and it have a billion uses! I can not grow enough. Every herbgarden across the world should have a sativa for bulk and indica for intense medicinal use! like rosemary and thyme! I want the freedom to grow, legally!!!!!! this is a great website. thank you.


  18. Government will NEVER announce that marihuana treats variety of diseases because they are all about the money and do you people think that this corrupted organization will be willing to educate the society on natural methods of how to fight the diseases? Of course NOT. They would lose millions of dollars that they are making each year by producing and releasing new drugs with unknown and dangerous sides effects, drugs that are FDA approved, and at the same time drugs that thousands of people die from every year. They want huge pharmaceutical concerns to keep going. It s all about the $$$$. They want you sick, fat and stupid. They want to manipulate your mind and sell you FALSE information. Sorry but i do NOT believe 1 word uncle sammy says..


  19. I am sooo sick of this gov propaganda!!! They are only promoting unhealthy things, new and unknown, dangerous synthetic drugs, plus-the whole educational system in the USA is sooo LOW and that s what they want-to keep people on the lowest education level possible, thus people like that will have no critical thinking or logic skills, and at this point people will be like zombies and uncle sam can put in their heads whatever he wants!!!Thats what your WONDERFUL gov wants!This country keeps producing more stupid electronic devices, video games and other BS just to take young people away from the books and studying. They really want to keep people away from logical analyzations. They want to give you toys so instead of progressing you will fall into regression. Basically through all the years that I have been in the USA all Ive heared from the gov are LIES!!! Same with food!! The USA has tremendously high cancer rate. Where is this cancer rate coming from?? From unhealthy diet! At this rate you cannot talk about genetics!! It s purely bc of wrong diet, lack of nutritional value, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals in american food. How about this-in the next decade every 3rd child born in the US will have diabetes! Another example-1 out of 86 kids in the USA is born with autism!! I am from Europe and i never heard anything like this in my life!!! Something is DEFINITELY NOT right in this country. Water bottles and baby bottles are made out of plastic that leaches BPA (look it up what BPA can do for your health or read further as I will give you more details on it), then we are fed with genetically modified food, pesticides, and fast foods. Hormones and antibiotics are given to chicken and cows and that s what goes into our bodies, then we have coloring in food (for example: red40 occurs in most candies and it has cancer causing agents-and I guess a lot of parents don’t know but that s what is link to ADHD in kids!! Yes, coloring in food is link to ADHD and CANCER!!! So please Nestle, Pepsi and Coca Cola, please produce more colorful liquids and candies and cookies that are filled with these cancer causing agents and extremely dangerous high fructose corn syrup!!!And Uncle $ammy, please give them a green light for it as you have been doing $o..And please produce and sell more unhealthy “diet” products and toxic burgers and steaks filled with antibiotcs so more people can start dying from cancer!! Why can’t your caring government promote organic farms and natural products? The answer is simple: CORRUPTION and GREED. It s all about the $$$$$!!!! People have to be sick because doctors must make money along with pharmaceutical companies. Same with marihuana. Do you think they will legalize something that can treat variety of diseases and at the same time something that you can grow in your own backyard? There would be no profit for pharmaceutical companie$!
    People have to educate themselves, read and do research on their own. Do not get excited about new food products/liquids you see on commercials and do not buy product they advertise on TV. Most of it (if not all) is poison (looking long term). Mc Donald, Coca Cola, Nestle, Kraft= HUGE JUNK and ZERO nutritional value. Now, let me tell you how I try to stay healthy in this country:
    -Buy only organic products if you can and cook AT HOME
    – eat healthy,
    – learn about super foods and use them in your daily diet
    – consume products high in omega 3,6,9,
    -AVOID red meat at all cost if you are in America
    – eat a lot of fish from open waters- NOT farm raised as farm raised fish is contaminated with PCBs and that’s linked to cancer( look it up: “PCBs in farm raised salmon),
    – avoid fast foods and fried foods
    -forget forever about eating from Mc Donald, Burger King, Apple Bee’s, KFC, Wendy’s, and other unhealthy fast food chains
    -give up that disgusting american pizza
    – AVOID at all cost buying water bottles or any plastic bottles/containers with recycling number 3, 6 or 7, (this is a number you find on the bottom of the bottle in a “small triangle”). Numbers such as 3, 6 or 7 indicate that this type of plastic leaches the most toxic substances and it s extremely hazardous for your health. These type of plastics leach toxins that are responsible for: causing cancers, depression, loss of concentration, heart disease,diabetes,impaired immune function, and obesity. (Number 3: some plastic wraps, squeeze bottles, peanut- butter containers, also shower curtains, and vinyl flooring; number 6: styrofoam food containers and cups; number 7: hard plastic water and baby bottles, canned foods, and stain-resistant food storage containers. AVOID all of the above if you can and ALWAYS check the bottom of the bottle/containers for these specific recycling numbers!!!!
    – exercise at least 3 times a week, read and learn, be receptive and open minded,
    -read a book ” New American Diet” by Stephen Perrine and learn about things you have never heard before-I guarantee it will BLOW your mind away (like it did to me) and it will completely change your way of thinking and eating
    -and finally yes- LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!

    …”that’s the best thing you can do…”

    P.S. Is there any website that collects votes for legalizing marihuana?
    P.S.2 Do you know that government owns the patent for medical marihuana? The patent number is: 6,630,507 and the research tile is: “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”. Please see link below for the entire patent:

    LEGALIZE IT!!!!!


  20. And just forgot to mention, this country NEEDS people like Judge James Gray. The entire government should be replaced with such intelligent, fair, honest and non-corrupted individuals like Mr. Gray. Everything he is saying makes SOO much sense!!



  21. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly
    enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips for beginner blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate


  22. I Said It Needs to be Legal, I have had headcahes since 1986 Due to a Car Wreck. Their is No Cure for Serve Head Truma, I have them 24/7 everyday doctors have given me every drug you can think of and nothing works except for Cannabis, I only use it when I cant stand the headaches which means they are the bad ones . I only have to take a few tokes and it releives the pain. Im living proof that it works for a number of things, another thing I am a Electronic Techician. I am Good at what I DO! I have 3 degrees in Electronics
    And Just because I smoke Cannbis does Not mean that I am not able to work ,it seems like its then when I do My Best Work. I have been doing TV Repair for over 34yrs and happen to be one of the Best Electronic Techician around. It gives me the ability to be able to think about the problems in repair/circuits Im one of the best in Troubleshooting and Repairs.


    • That is so cool, Cary. I am so happy you’ve found something that works. It’s not surprising you work best when medicated. That is an extremely common response. Also it isn’t surprising that you are successful. Even the President smoked cannabis. It’s unfortunate we feel the need to defend ourselves and continually fight the effects of reefer madness propaganda. I hope one day soon the lies about cannabis users will cease.


  23. If people would stop the lies about marijana, Then more kids would be less likely to try BAD DRUGS. Because of the lies told once kids try it and fine out it didnt make them go crazy or DIE from the use of it, thats why they will then try stuff that will KILL them, They think that since it was ok, then Alcohol, cocaine, morphine, oxcodone and zanx must be ok TOO! But what they dont realize is that it will kill them …, ALCOHOL is One is The BIGGEST LEADING KILLERS we Have and it is LEGAL WHY Because Look at the MONEY it MAKES. Doctors,Lawyers, Judges,Jails,prisons, Fights & Killings, Funeral Homes, Retreat/Recovery Programs For Alcohol and All the LIFES it has Destroyed…. Grave Yard is Full of people that if they had another Chance they would also wished that they had Never Drinked ALCOHOL …..If anything Needs to be OUTLAWED it Needs to be ALCOHOL, Ive Never Seen anything GOOD Come From the Use of Alcohol…..


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