Story of cannabis in a nursing home

Thank you, Steve, for sharing  your story:

“my grandmother had lung cancer, the tumor was the size of an orange and doctors gave her 3 months max to live. The only thing missing in her life was marijuana which she had smoked since she was in her teens. she was at the time of diagnosis living in a nursing home for a few years. I began bringing her marijuana again, and to the doctors amazement the tumor completely disappeared within 6 months she lived another 3-4 years and passed from unrelated illness at the age of 91 smoking marijuana the majority of her life.she was a native American.”

Terminal Cancer Patient Rushed To Hospital During Felony Trial For Medical Pot

Via Huffington Post

A 48-year-old terminal cancer patient was rushed to the hospital from an Iowa courthouse Monday during his trial over felony charges for growing marijuana he uses as a treatment for his rare condition.

Brian Wellner of Iowa’s Quad-City Times’ first reported that paramedics took Benton Mackenzie, who was expected to take the stand in his trial in Scott County District Court on Monday, from the courtroom to a local hospital after he complained of extreme pain and hallucinations related to his angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer of the blood vessels which has produced large lesions on Mackenzie’s skin.

Despite Mackenzie’s deteriorating condition, his trial is expected to be completed Friday, Linda Bowman, the judicial trial court supervisor at the Scott County Clerk’s Office, told The Huffington Post. If Mackenzie is found guilty, he faces at least three years in prison — a punishment that he’s said equates to a death sentence.

“If I’m found guilty at all, I’m a dead man,” Mackenzie told Quad-City in May.
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