How to make “Rick Simpson Oil”

Watch the process in Rick’s documentary ~

How to make a small batch:

Single burner suggested above

Directions straight from Rick Simpson

Watch a tutorial on Facebook

Extensive Q&A on making the oil

Reddit community dedicated to RSO

High Times article about Rick Simpson Oil

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Sources and Citations

From the comments section at original location: “What Rick doesn’t mention is that this oil needs to be sufficiently cooked for full decarboxylation as the raw oil will be mostly THCA which needs to be converted to THC. The rice cooker process does not decarb the oil properly, the coffee warmer can complete this but takes many hours. Instead of using a coffee warmer you can put oil in the oven for hour at 110c. Make sure you decarb properly as raw or partially cooked oil will not be as effective”

27 thoughts on “How to make “Rick Simpson Oil”

  1. It’s not difficult, there are easier methods, just need to research. Join some groups on facebook you’ll find many different methods.


  2. I use the rice cooker way to rid of most of the alcohol out of it then let the oil sit in the open, inside the cooker, for at least another week or two to rid it of any remaining alcohol at room temperature. When I place the oil into open 1/2 capsules I wait another week or two before placing the other 1/2 capsules to finish the closing of the tablets to be sure of not any alcohol left at all.


  3. I used a mini crockpot called The Little Dipper to evaporate the alcohol off. But, I can’t seem to really smoke it. I loaded it in two different vape pens and it doesn’t work. Tried in a bong,not good.
    Is the only way to use RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) to ingest it? I even tried making Rosin with it, and that didn’t work either. Any ideas?


  4. This is what I’ve heard. If the weed is heated over 190° it kills off the CBD, or rather reduces it and makeS The medicine less effective.

    I’ve been experimenting with recipes I found on the Internet it basically wash the cannabis in alcohol, pour the mixture into a shallow pan, and with no heat whatsoever, the alcohol just evaporates and you’re left with oil that will roll up into a ball that looks a little bit like very green hat.

    So I tried smoking a little bit of this concoction and it got me stoned and that’s because, of course, I had heated the material up. But I don’t like getting stone, so I started taking small doses under my tongue. The results are not yet in. But there seems to be a major, major conflict in information about whether you need to decarb cannabis by putting it in the oven, so on and so forth.

    The fact that we don’t quite know exactly which way to go with this new discovery does not bother me, and here’s why. Ask any psychopharmacologist how Prozac works, and every single one of them will say, “we have no idea”.


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              • I noticed your site is unable to embed the Rick Simpson video on Vimeo.
                Very nice of them to provide a link to the video, however, there may be a way to stream this video in this article.
                If you go to the vimeo video, and click ‘share’ then ’embed’ u will see a notice that the owner of the video does not allow blanket embedding to everyone, but, that you can contact him and request that your site be allowed to embed his video.
                I’d suggest you do that, would be great to see it here.
                Otherwise, thanks for this great post.
                Feel free to contact me any time.

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                  • Cool, let me know what happens, I’m curious if I can host it on my site also, although, your site is a much more likely candidate.
                    I tried to upload this video to D-tube and it was rejected.
                    I guess their AI scanned the title and saw ‘cannabis’…. refused !
                    Thanks for all that you do.


                    • AI censorship – unbelievable. It is 1984. I have already asked for permission and will let you know ASAP the result. One wonders though, how often a person would check their (perhaps long-forgotten) Vimeo account for messages…


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