6 thoughts on “Michelle Aldrich: Cancer free thanks to Cannabis oil!

  1. I totally believe. But after reading I am at a quandary as to where I can purchase the oil in its purist form here in SF California. As a stage four lung cancer patient, my time is on the clock.


  2. Sharon – you can go to the Harborside Dispensary in Oakland. They will have everything from the purest honey oil, to whole plant hash oil. Purity is overrated, however. There are many healthful elements in the whole plant you don’t get just with THC. ~Dennis


      • Which is better for healing, whole plant medicine or a single element pharmaceutical? Why is it that patients given the choice prefer the whole plant? There are many reasons for this, but they generally boil down to one thing, all the various cannabinoids, enzymes, terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, vitamins, and other elements in cannabis work together synergistically to provide a robust healing effect. One researcher calls this the Entourage Effect. Here, entourage refers to the aggregate of all the synergistic elements in the cannabis plant.

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