Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

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Also be sure to check out Wake and Bake Cookbook, source for the following:

The Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Tutorial

This tutorial is the easiest on the planet. Sure, we can debate over decarboxylation and temperatures that destroy CBDs. We can talk about plunging the warm oil in a cold water bath to pull out impurities and improve taste, but that all comes later, in the Advanced Oil Tutorial.

If you’re already familiar with this process and have techniques that you’d like to add, please join the discussion in the comments section.

A couple of tips for beginners:

  1. Try to use organic shake or trim whenever possible.
  2. I made a huugge batch when I was making Wake & Bake: a cookbook. You can make smaller batches using a 1:1 ratio, making sure to use enough coconut oil to cover the weed completely.
  3. If your oil ever begins to smoke, remove from heat immediately and let it cool a bit before beginning the process again with your crockpot on the lowest setting.
  4. If you don’t have a crockpot, you can make the oil in a pot on the stove. Just follow the same instructions and make sure that your heat source is on low.
  5. You don’t have to finely grind up the cannabis ( I think it makes it harder to strain, and doesn’t improve flavor or potency), but break it up a bit before you add it to the coconut oil.
  6. Have fun! Don’t fret over your canna-oil when it’s in the pot. People on the internet make this much more complicated then it has to be. This is a simple process and it should be enjoyable, not stressful.

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From the comments section:

Hi, when I made my 1st batch of oil I used water, coconut oil and instead of wasting bud I used stems and leaves =]and put it in a pressure cooker to capture the condensed water/cannabis as well.Cooked on the stove on low. I strained it and then I put the whole mixture in the freezer in a flexible plastic contanier [like a big margerine tub]. Then i just peeled the butter [coconut oil infused with cannabis] right off the top.It looked like avacado butter. I didn’t want to waste a thing so I poured the water into ice cube trays. After they froze, I put em in a ziplock in the freezer. I take out a cube, put it in a mug, run hot tap water on it and have a wonderful rich and nutty tea anytime.The oil I take 1/4 tsp 3 x’s a day. Found I didn’t need loritab anymore, lost 100lbs in less than 6 months, droped my sugar from 600′s to 100′s and my cholesteral level dropped drastically as well. Quality of life, AMAZING. From bedridden existance to an actual life. AWESOME! I’m thinking of trying a small batch the way you do it in a crock pot only instead using a popouri warmer…because my crocpot broke. lol


2 thoughts on “Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

  1. A bit of a variation to your method
    2 mason Jars
    LouAna coconut oil 100% pure (its a 30oz plastic jar.)
    Herb (I also tend to use more of the plant then just the flower; I use seed, stems and dried herb.)
    1gm cannabis to 1oz of coconut oil; for the smallest amount
    Grind herb(plant material) to the finest you can(allows for more matter in the jar)
    I recommend decarbing the herb first; it increase potency.
    Place in a jar that has a lid(mason jar)
    Add Cocnut Oil fill ½ way to herb level, stir/mash; add more oil repeat
    Use enough oil to cover ¾ the herb
    Add water to fill above the herb(water will keep mixture from burning and help to remove the woodsy taste and smell)
    Stir around and mix the matters up.
    Using a crockpot; place jar mixture in and then fill with water above the herb mixture.
    Using stove top; add jar to pot of water bring to a boil and then
    Simmer on low for minimum 3 hours (I do a lot longer) watch the color change
    always let simmer
    Rotate/ agitate jar often.
    Strain with cheese cloth into another jar.
    Let come to room temp
    Place in fridge let oil solidify
    (Coconut oil will solidify retaining the useful contents of marijuana/cannabis; water will not) pour water off the oil.
    Now you have usable potent oil… enjoy

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