97 percent of elderly patients say cannabis helps them feel better

Via SalonScreen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.21.10 PM.pngEvidence demonstrating the medicinal value of cannabis among the elderly continues to pour in. The latest scientific study, this one from Israel, reveals that patients over the age of 65 benefit greatly from the herbal treatment.

 According to the research paper published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine,

“The therapeutic use of cannabis is safe and efficacious in the elderly population.” Even more promising is the report’s conclusion that “cannabis use may decrease the use of other prescription medicines, including opioids.”

The research authors, all from Israel — the nation that leads the world in cannabis research — included renowned scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, considered to be the father of cannabis research.

According to the study:

During the study period, 2736 patients above 65 years of age began cannabis treatment and answered the initial questionnaire. The mean age was 74.5 ± 7.5 years. The most common indications for cannabis treatment were pain (66.6 percent) and cancer (60.8 percent). After six months of treatment, 93.7 percent of the respondents reported improvement in their condition and the reported pain level was reduced from a median of 8 on a scale of 0-10 to a median of 4. Most common adverse events were: dizziness (9.7 percent) and dry mouth (7.1 percent). After six months, 18.1% stopped using opioid analgesics or reduced their dose.

Just to hammer the main point: Nearly every patient (93.7 percent) reported improvement in their condition and reported less pain. There are not too many medications — prescription or over-the-counter — that have this kind of success rate.

According to the research authors, the results suggest that elderly patients, who are commonly taking a handful of medications a day, would be able to cut back by simply incorporating cannabis into their wellness regimen.

Just two weeks ago, the daytime talk show The Doctors examined the skyrocketing use of senior citizens turning to cannabis for medicinal purposes. Producer Leslie Marcus traveled to one of the biggest retirement communities in the nation, where she met a group of seniors who say they are now choosing marijuana instead of prescription meds.

Cannabis appears to be an effective medication for many diseases and ailments that often strike in older age, such as arthritis, muscle pain, sleep disorders, mild depression, Alzheimer’s and a host of others.


6 thoughts on “97 percent of elderly patients say cannabis helps them feel better

  1. I believe it would behoove this site to not quote from Salon.com, no matter how awesome the article is, based on their allowing Todd Nickerson to have a platform. Do look that up.

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    • Good God in Heaven, you’re right. And i actually already knew about that, i have been following the (very real) pizzagate scandal since the beginning. This country is literally run by pedophiles, literally. And yes, the media is littered with them too, as is Hollywood.

      The article was actually copied by Salon, the original was posted at another site (the Fresh Toast https://thefreshtoast.com/) but I couldn’t find the link to that so took the easy route and linked Salon. Never again, promise.


        • The problem is, the media has done its best to cover it up, including misrepresenting it from the very beginning. The NYT described it first as “child sex ring run by Hillary from a pizza place” and then all media followed the lead, laughed at it and debunked it. However, that was never the correct definition. No one ever claimed Hillary was running it, nor that it came from the basement of Comet. So the debunking you rely on is based on bullshit. Stop taking news from mainstream corporate owned media if you care about truth. And look up “Jimmy Saville”. The truth about him was covered up until after he died. The BBC covered for him and employed him, the same head of BBC during the coverup is now in charge of the NYT. Do the math. Do research.


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