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Update ~ Dreher’s research has hit mainstream media. See Fox news report. An excerpt 3.20.2012:

Melanie Dreher, who is the dean of nursing at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, did a study in Jamaica. It was actually published in the American Journal of Pediatricsin 1994, but now it’s re-circulating because of all the interest in the neuroprotective properties.

Basically, she studied women during their entire pregnancy, and then studied the babies about a year after birth. And what she studied was a group of women who did smoke cannabis during pregnancy and those who didn’t. She expected to see a difference in the babies as far as birth weight and neuro tests, but there was no difference whatsoever. The differences that the researchers did notice, that are unexplained and kind of curious are that the babies of the women who had smoked cannabis — and we’re talking about daily use during their pregnancy — socialized more quickly, made eye contact more quickly and were easier to engage.

We don’t know why this is so, but all the old saws of smoking during pregnancy will result in low birth weight did not show up — at least in the Jamaican study. In U.S. studies where we’ve seen a similar investigation, women have concurrently been abusing alcohol and other drugs as well.

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The 30-day test showed that children of ganja-using mothers were superior to children of non-ganja mothers in two ways: the children had better organization and modulation of sleeping and waking, and they were less prone to stress-related anxiety.  (Melanie Dreher’s studies were funded by Patients Out of Time.)

The editors of Patients for Medical Cannabis were in attendance at the final hearing of the Iowa Pharmacy Board’s review of medical marijuana, where Dr. Melanie Dreher presented the results of her studies with “ganja babies” over the phone. (You can read her testimony on the second page here.) She has been studying the medical uses of ganja, as it’s called in Jamaica, for 30 years.

A quotation from Dreher’s testimony – “You know, people ask me all the time whether I think marijuana should be legalized, and I have been of the opinion for a long time that this is much ado about nothing. It is, compared to tobacco and alcohol, this is such a benign substance.

“It does not seem to make a difference in either the productivity of the people in Jamaica… it seems to make no difference in terms of exposure during pregnancy …We looked at these children again at age five, both groups of children, and could find absolutely nothing that linked their development with their exposure during pregnancy.

“I …would strongly support the decriminalization of cannabis, and now that we understand about the endocannabinoid system that this is documented, it’s researched… now that we have knowledge of why cannabis is good medicine, something that Jamaicans have known for years, I think it’s time to seriously revisit this product, to understand and be able to dispense it as medicine legally and to decriminalize the other uses of marijuana.”

No signs of birth defects

A landmark study conducted in the 1990s by medical anthropologist Dr. Dreher, (co-author of the book Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science, and Sociology), gave the medical world a different insight into the use of marijuana by pregnant women in Jamaica. Dreher found that marijuana was being used in a cultural and medical context, as a way to relieve morning sickness or nausea, prevent depression and fatigue, and improve appetites. Her team observed both the mothers who used marijuana and their infants; they reported that there were no signs of birth defects or of behavioral problems in the marijuana-exposed children either during the month after birth or even several years after.

This is not to say that women should have no compunctions about using marijuana regularly and in large amounts during pregnancy. Rather, as scientists like Dreher argue, the medical community should improve its research methodologies, be more thorough, conduct more cross-cultural studies, and refrain from being so quick to conclude without solid evidence that any amount of marijuana use–no matter how slight–during pregnancy will do lasting harm to both mother and child. – Source

Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD, FAAN explains her cannabis and pregnancy research study in Jamaica. Pregnant women and their children were studied for over ten plus years, both marijuana smokers and non-smokers were included in the study – one of the first scientific studies of the effects that cannabis may have on pregnancy and the child’s development thereafter.

Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica:  An Ethnographic Study

“Although no positive or negative neurobehavioral effects of prenatal exposure were found at 3 days of life using the Brazelton examination, there were significant differences between the exposed and non-exposed neonates at the end of the first month.

Comparing the two groups, the neonates of mothers who used marijuana showed better physiological stability at 1 month and required less examiner facilitation to reach an organized state and become available for social stimulation.

The results of the comparison of neonates of the heavy-marijuana-using mothers and those of the non-using mothers were even more striking…

  • The heavily exposed neonates were more socially responsive and were more autonomically stable at 30 days than their matched counterparts.
  • quality of their alertness was higher;
  • their motor and autonomic systems were more robust;
  • they were less irritable;
  • they were less likely to demonstrate any imbalance of tone;
  • they needed less examiner facilitation to become organized;
  • they had better self-regulation;
  • judged to be more rewarding for caregivers than the neonates of non-using mothers at 1 month of age

Listen to Melanie Dreher in a 4 part radio interview:

The following comes from Dr. Melanie Dreher, reefer researcher

When Dreher released solidly researched reports showing that children of ganja-using mothers were better adjusted than children born to non-using mothers, she encountered political and professional turbulence.

Dr. Melanie Dreher is one of a handful of scientists who have researched marijuana objectively and intelligently in the last three decades.

Dr Dreher is Dean of the University of Iowa’s College of Nursing, and also holds the post of Associate Director for the University’s Department of Nursing and Patient Services. She’s a perpetual overachiever who earned honors degrees in nursing, anthropology and philosophy before being awarded a PhD in anthropology from prestigious Columbia University in 1977.

Although Dreher is a multi-faceted researcher and teacher whose expertise ranges from culture to child development to public health, she began early on to specialize in medical anthropology. After distinguishing herself as a field researcher in graduate school, Dreher was hand-picked by her professors to conduct a major study of marijuana use in Jamaica. Her doctoral dissertation was published as a book titled “Working Men and Ganja,” which stands as one of the premier cross-cultural studies of chronic marijuana use.

Along with being a widely-published researcher, writer, and college administrator, Dreher is a professor or lecturer at several institutions, including the University of the West Indies. She recently served as president of the 120,000 member Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honour Society, has been an expert witness in a religious freedom case involving ganja use by the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, and is one of the most well-respected academicians in the world.

This may explain why you hadn’t heard this news before:

from “Dreher’s Jamaican Pregnancy Study – More Suppression of Marijuana Research”

an excerpt:

Dreher decried “the politics of trying to get published.” She now sees it as “a miracle” that Pediatrics published her work on neonatal outcomes, however belatedly, in 1994. (Her paper on five-year outcomes came out in the West Indian Medical Journal before Pediatrics ran the neonatal outcomes.) She suspects that a review of “all the fugitive literature that’s out there that didn’t get published” would convey “a very different picture of prenatal cannabis exposure.”

Honest research is also impeded, Dreher said, by “the politics of building a research career. Most research is done by academics and academia is a very conservative environment where tenure often is more important than truth.” (Dreher is now Dean of the College of Nursing at the University of Iowa.)

The end result of biased science, Dreher observed, is a misinformed public. Recently, she “googled to see what was out there for the general public regarding pregnancy and marijuana.” Typical of the disinformation was an article entitled “Exposure to marijuana in womb may harm brain’ that began “Over the past decade several studies have linked behavior problems and lower IQ scores in children to prenatal use of marijuana…” A reference to Dreher said she had “written extensively on the benefits of smoking marijuana while smoking pregnant!”

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Ganja mothers, ganja babies

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Editor’s note ~ If the public was given the truth regarding Cannabis, this recent suicide may have been prevented.

Reefer Madness is still ruining lives.

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276 thoughts on “Marijuana / Cannabis Use In Pregnancy – Dr. Melanie Dreher

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  2. I just recently found out that i am going to be a mother, and i am a marijuana user, i would like to hear more about you point of view on this subject. thanks.

    • It might be worth your while to view the videos here of Dr. Dreher, and to read the testimony she gave to the Iowa pharmacy board reviewing her 30 years of research on marijuana with “marijuana mommies” and their babies. (2cd page)

      My opinion is based on her research, so after reviewing the evidence we will probably end up with the same stance, Cannabis is a safe, healing Herbal medicine – nothing more and nothing less. It is even safe enough to use while pregnant and has been shown to help the baby.

    • I’m a life long smoker and so were my parents. I also have 5 very healthy children who are extraordinarily bright. The thing is that we’re doing well in life. I could go on for hours about what makes my family great but that’s only of secondary importance to what I should be telling you about my current pregnancy. At 27 years old I became pregnant with twins naturally in my first month attempting conception with my husband.
      Currently I am very, very pregnant with two huge baby boys both in excellent health measuring two weeks over their birth weight expectancy as singles. I myself would not be able to carry such big babies if it weren’t for my smoking daily. I suffer from a lot of nausea, pain, soreness, loss of appetite and I cannot fall asleep without a toke.
      I could be taking tylenol and gravol compulsively to get the same results as I do from my ganga but really that’s more expensive than a heavy smoking habit and honestly I do not want to be doped up on pills my whole pregnancy.
      My kids have all been born at healthy weights and they’re all super bright and very special.
      How can I even say it, they’re just not like other kids. I have a three year old dangerously attracted to sciences and a six year old who’s able to budget her allowance, and read at an adult level.
      The sad thing is that they are kind of major outcasts because they are goodie goodies, modest and kind of gullible because of their honest dispositions. They’re just too polite and loving, sensitive and innocent but they know so much!
      I know it’s because of the way my ganga effects my outlook on life. It’s my parenting style and because I am always so happy I always love to just sit and teach my kids about a whole bunch of things like science and math, reading and playing card games. Ever been destroyed at crazy 8’s by a three year old? Or have a six year old give you a go on a chess board? Ever meet a four year old who wanted to start her own charity to cheer up the elderly because she simply observed her own personal power as a child to make others smile?
      These are my personal results from being a pot smoking parent.
      I love just being with my kids and showing them the world, watching them grow and excite at new things.
      And I love being able to keep up with them because of the pain relief and relaxing properties of ganga.
      I’m going to be going into labor soon, it’s the only pain control I will be using, for the fourth time.

      • Wow, thats a beautiful and inspiring post. I am only an occasional pot smoker – prefer to eat cookies, but again just occasionally. I am 27 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, and have continued occasional cookie-consumption. I smoked pot intermittently during both my previous pregnancies and my two kids are also exceptionally bright – at least 1-2 years above their age group for literacy and numeracy. They are also sensitive, loving and generally happy and easygoing.
        Thanks for sharing the story of your family. I hope the birth of your twins went well. I would love to hear the outcome. Were you able to birth them naturally? With such big boys that would be an incredible feat!
        Anyway good luck to you.

      • that was an awesome and very inspiring story. i would like to hear more. i smoked the entire time i was pregnant with my first and second kids and they are very bright and had a perfect bill of health when they came out. my first boy was 7lbs 14oz and my second was 8lbs even. both were 21in long. they were really calm as babies and are now really bright. my oldest now almost 5 was able to program a vcr to record his favorite shows on cable tv before the age of 2. now he is putting together 1000 piece adult jigsaw puzzles by himself in just a few days.

      • I love your story….it makes me feel so much better! With my first pregnancy I was a heavy smoker and my whole pregnancy was wonderful. When I gave birth everything went smooth and my son was perfect and healthy. Now at 3 he is so smart and sensative. Hes such a good boy too. But now im pregnant again only 6 weeks and I want to continue smoking….I dont know why but im much more nervous to this time around. Your story helped reassure me that there are others out there who feel the same way thank you so much and good luck with your wonderful family!

      • I find this post to be so much like my life, I forget my child is 3 because she is so far developed as a person, She has an extensive vocabulary which matches my own and exceeds those of even a 10year old, She always wants to learn and can draw and paint likenesses of anything she sees. She is well behaved and like her mother is rarely sick, I attribute this to smoking ganja. I smoked during my pregnancy with her and I still smoke for relaxation purposes,because I can become anxious easily and it soothes my nerves. I am always happy cool calm and collective. It has never affected my life or my child’s life in a negative way. I have only benefited from its use.

        • I am also interested to know about ganja and delivering. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and only occasionally smoke now (usage was quite a bit more pre-pregnancy). I’ve been very interested in giving birth as naturally as possible, though it will more than likely be in a hospital; this includes doing so without epidural. Aside from the massaging, positioning, and other like techniques does ganja truly help aid in pain relief during labor? Is it more psychological, like a placebo?

      • It’s shocking too me that before all this research on ways Marijuana may or may not effect you baby, you all so called “Great” parents still took the chance too possibly harm your baby. Also, you can’t credit smoking Marijuana during pregnancy to be the reason for how intelligent or bright you kid is. There are many kids out there that are so called “Crack” babies that are very smart and grow up to be successful. I find it pathetic that Marijuana is being legalized in some states on “Medical” terms. I have yet to meet one pot smoker that actually needs to smoke for medical reasons. And every parent that tests positive for any type of illegal narcotics while pregnant or after giving birth should have their child taken from them. Your a parent now, you have way more important things to do than worry about where you will get your next bowl from. Plus, you are risking the chance of you not being there for your child while locked up on drug charges. I hope they keep Marijuana illegal.

        • You are just trying to get attention by disagreeing with everyone or you aren’t very smart. You obviously don’t smoke if you think somebody would “worry about where you would get your next bowl from”. Marijuana is not adictive so there is no need to worry about where your next bowl will come from. It’s also impossible to overdose on and nobody has ever had cancer caused by Marijuana. So I am kind of curious as to why you hope the keep it illegal? I think you need to look at things more objectively and stop believing everything you heard in 2nd grade. Forget your bias and do some research.

          • Actually Marijuana is somewhat addictive. You really, really, really cannot argue that. There seriously is no way around that. Personal experience. Anyway, otherwise, the assumption that worrying about where your next bowl of weed is coming from however is really not an issue. If I were still smoking weed it would cost me less to do that then it does some of my friends who drink alcohol. Otherwise? Marijuana is an incredibly useful drug. I used to to cope with my migraines, stress, and social problems I have (terminally shy) and I can truthfully say that it helps. Do I like being high? Well yea, why wouldn’t I? I’m a dark depressing person who doesn’t like people generally and with all the stupidity I see and hear of being commited having something that makes my day not suck that isn’t going to cause cirrhosis of the liver is all right with me.

            • i can and will argue that it is NOT additive, you might enjoy it and do it alot, but that is like habit not addiction, there is NOTHIN in cannabis that is ADDICTIVE. PERIOD. do your research before talking out of your butt!!! thanks!!! peace….and go smoke, and chill out!!!!

              • Hahahaha you don’t know what you’re talking about bro. Pillows can be emotionally addictive but as a substance, cannabis is not addictive– that is, the body won’t crave it. Ignorance.

        • I feel sad for you son, because all you know is stoners you think a PLANT should be illegal even with all the positive effects, and millions of people it saves. its called research buddeh do some before you open your ignorant mouth. kthxsbye

        • Finally it seems that someone else on the internet has sense, there is a proven link between marijuana and mental illness (in particular those predisposed to Schizophrenia). Any mother who is aware of this and continues to indulge during pregnancy is not a fit parent in my opinion.

          • “there is a proven link between marijuana and mental illness (in particular those predisposed to Schizophrenia).” I’m curious as to where you got the results to this study and who published it? You didn’t get it from the “Reefer Madness films from the ’20’s did you?

              • Debunking the Myth of a Link Between Marijuana and Mental Illness

                Retired associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, has studied both cannabis and schizophrenia for over 40 years, authoring the books Schizophrenia: Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy and Marihuana The Forbidden Medicine. His expert opinion largely echoes the views of Drs. Holland and Earleywine.

                “Schizophrenia is largely a genetically determined disorder. However, not all people who have this genetic makeup develop the disorder. So, we have been searching for other variables that must be involved but so far with little success,” he explains. “Recently we have seen the publication of a number of papers that point the finger toward cannabis. Because my work in schizophrenia was first undertaken in the 1960s when marijuana was first observed to be increasingly widely used by young people, I was always careful to include the possibility that the patient had previously smoked marijuana in my history taking. I can’t tell you how many patients this involved, but it was certainly measured in the hundreds and not once did I find that it could be considered causal. Its use, on a few occasions, seemed like an attempt to alter an insufferable internal environment, much as people with schizophrenia often do with alcohol and tobacco.”

            • omg is there a history of schizophrenia in her family? besides, the worlds greatest artists and geniuses all have mental illnesses… is it such a bad thing when mommy does nothing but vomit for 9 months? give the woman a break, none of these women are experiencing this… where is the voice of the woman who is experiencing this speaking out to voice her opinion??? surely if many women were making such a terrible mistake someone would speak up, like we have with FAS… none of these women are drinking, which is common knowledge to SEVERELY delay development all throughout their lifetime. give it up! we hippies will NOT be bullied! we’ve been right all along, and you all hate it!

          • You are talking about the writings in the July 28, 2007 edition of the scientific journal, The Lancet, that proclaimed that smoking cannabis could boost one’s risk of a psychotic episode by 40 percent or more. Well, just more alarmist rhetoric.
            You actually think that you are speaking to people who live in gov’t housing or some trailer park. Give me a break!!

            One flaw to the argument:
            Empirical data did not support the investigators’ hypothesis that smoking marijuana was associated with increased rates of schizophrenia or other mental illnesses among the general public — a fact that even the authors begrudgingly admitted when they declared, “Projected trends for schizophrenia incidence have not paralleled trends in cannabis use over time.”

            Two years after The Lancet‘s dire predictions, a team of researchers at the Keele University Medical School have once and for all put the ‘pot-and-mental illness’ claims to the test. Writing in a forthcoming edition of the scientific journal Schizophrenia Research, they compare long-term trends in marijuana use and incidences of schizophrenia and/or psychoses in the United Kingdom. And what do they find?

            “[T]he expected rise in diagnoses of schizophrenia and psychoses did not occur over a 10 year period. This study does not therefore support the specific causal link between cannabis use and incidence of psychotic disorders. … This concurs with other reports indicating that increases in population cannabis use have not been followed by increases in psychotic incidence.”

            I also love how some of the men have commented on this board. Until you are pregnant and give birth, you have no clue.

            • That is a valid point I would agree however in my opinion 10 years is not a long enough time period to comprehensively disregard the link between marijuana and mental illness when those who are most affected don’t exhibit symptoms till decades after their exposure to the drug.

              Secondly as marijuana is illegal and totally unregulated people have no idea what they are taking into their bodies and therefore their child’s body. This seems to me completely irresponsible coupled with the fact that the vast majority of people smoke marijuana. So not only would you be exposing your unborn child to the “harmless” marijuana but to the thousands of other harmful chemicals contained in tobacco.

              I also saw one mother commenting that she did not what to take mainstream medication for her various ailments (nausea, morning sickness ect.) as she did not want to be “doped up”. How could you get any more doped up than being high? At least with conventional medication the exact side effects are known and with the help of ones physician your child’s progress can be monitored and god forbid there be a problem the exact specifics of medical dosages and the interactions of ingested pharmaceutical can be taken into account.This is not the case with this substance.

              Finally, speaking from personal experience as a former daily habitual smoker, marijuana can have long term effects ones memory and cognitive ability. I spent a year smoking almost daily and now feel that my memory is seriously impaired and I do not have the same ability to retain and process large amounts of information as I did before I became a habitual user. Pregnant women experience symptoms on a daily basis so logically they would get high on a daily basis to combat these symptoms, THC can easily pass through the placenta into the fetal circulatory while it can also be ingested through breast milk. If this is how marijuana affected me at the age of 20 I scares me what it could do to the developing brain. But then again maybe I’m the exception and marijuana is totally harmless and has nothing but benefits.

              I just have one question for these mothers, if their prepubescent child came to them complaining of a head ache would you let them hit your bong?

              • Jason,
                I appreciate your contribution to this discussion. I believe that marijuana effects each of us differently due to our own special chemical makeups. So, it effects you in a different way that it effects me.
                Back to the “doped up” comment in regards to mainstream pharmaceuticals……I, too do not take “regular” meds. That includes Advil, Tylenol, etc. When I was pregnant. I was prescribed pills to help control my sickness. I asked if there are side effects or if it could harm my baby. The Doctors and Nurses response…”Of course there could be side effects. There is a chance that this could harm your baby.” I did not fill the prescription. Didn’t they just recall a bunch of infant Tylenol here recently? I wouldn’t trust the FDA as far as I could throw them. It’s up to you, trust known liars or trust your instincts. We are not people you would see on “Girls gone Wild”.
                Now where do you get the whole tobacco thing?? If you read some of the posts, there are recommendations on vaporizing with nice organic buds.You are correct about the many additives that are in tobacco. I don’t think anyone suggest smoking pot with tobacco. That’s very Euro anyways. You will be hard pressed to find people smoking pot with tobacco in the states, unless they are smoking pot in “blunts”. You have come across a posting board for pregnant who understand their bodies. I guess we can just agree to disagree on this one. .

              • Oooooo Jason, you spent a WHOLE YEAR smoking marijuana daily?!
                You rebel you.
                You have no idea. You know nothing about what living a cannabis lifestyle is like. You smoked pot for a year and now you can’t recall things?
                Maybe you’re just an idiot.
                Maybe you couldn’t recall things before.
                Maybe you’re lying through your teeth.
                And unless you’re a woman named Jason, do not presume to tell any of us WOMEN-whom carry and birth the children, what to do.
                Are you a doctor?
                I’m just curious because Dr. Dreher IS.
                As is my personal ob/gyn.
                (If you tell me you have a Doctorate in English or something completely irrelevant to this discussion I will know without a doubt that you are a complete moron.)
                My very own personal doctor even said that as a doctor, she could not condone marijuana use but that there is no solid medical data anywhere to prove that marijuana use was harmful while pregnant. BECAUSE THERE ISN’T.
                If you’re a doctor you’ll know what it is and if you’re not, you can Wiki it or something because that’s what people like you do.
                There are people out there who suffer from all sorts of things that are managed BEST-not that it’s the only thing that can be used to manage their maladies, but the BEST, by marijuana.
                The answer is NO. Mothers are not letting their kids “hit the bong”.
                And you know that already but you just wanted to be a condescending asshole.

              • So everything you put into your body, you know what it is and how it was made, because of the label on the package? Dont be so naive.

              • Jason in my opinion you have a few more years to learn a thing or two about the facts of life. Medicine provided by doctors doesnt always benefit the patient. For example my mother in law who just died of stomach cancer was prescibed hydrocodone for pain. this drug tore up her stomach and caused her to throw up all the time. Do to the effects of this drug she had no appitite and grew weaker and weaker. When i told the doctor her condition he prescibed her oxycodone which was way more addictive and had the same effects. she died of starvation and in pain. Doesnt sound like they always know whats best the patient.

            • *standing ovation* i am 3 weeks preggo with my very first child, this is a very scary time of my life, a month and a half after my mother dies, i conceive a child… and already, i do not “feel well” or “feel right” there are remarkable changes happening in my body, besides the cold i came down with the night before i found out i was pregnant… giving up pot was easy, nothing to it, but i have been struggling daily to give up cigs which nobody needs to be reminded are extremely harmful as well… anyways i was just thinking to myself… “is it really necessary to quit smoking pot? or will pot smoking help me kick cigs? and i also have oil covering a vicious cold sore because if it can cure skin cancer why cant it battle herpes simplex? if this cold sore is cone in less than a week i deem there nothing but good things to be had from THC

          • and there is a proven link between women who don’t smoke having a mental ill child. so where are you going with this??? just because they smoke has nothing to do with how fit or unfit their parenting skills are. i know women who smoke and wake up every day, go to work and take care of kid(s). make sure they have food in their stomach and clothes on their back. take them to school. meanwhile a family of non-smokers are in the hospital everyday cause their child has cancer. or a mother who took a so called FDA approved drug, now their recalling it cause it cause birth defects or miscarriages. you have no proven fact on anything. it doesn’t matter if you are a weed smoker or not, if you just so happen to have complications in birth or a mental ill child, your job as a parent is to love that child and make sure he/she gets the care they deserve. point blank.

          • Show me some research that is not funded by a drug company, and I will believe you Jason. I think marijuana actually makes me a MORE fit parent. As a person that suffers from anxiety, depression and has always been an introvert, marijuana allows me to open up and exprience more. Not to mention that my daughter might not be her WITHOUT marijuana. I could not eat or drink anything without throwing it back up for the first six month or pregnancy. Marijuana was the ONLY thing that helped. I wasn’t about to take anti-nausea drugs that could cause birthdefects. People really need to start thinking for themselves and stop repeating the bullshit the public school system and government has shoved down your throats for years! I will also be one of the parents who has a super smart child! I will not attribute it to pot as I am an attachment parent and breastfed. I’m sure you have something smart to say about that as well.

        • Get your facts straight. Marijuana is not a narcotic. After watching newborns withdrawal from methadone, benzodiazapines, oxycontin, vicodin, fentanyl, and suboxone, I can say that the ‘pain’ killers prescribed legally are much worse for an adult and newborn than marijuana ever will be. Most of those listed by the way are narcotics.

        • To clarify, many “Crack” babies, indeed, have grown up to be functional adults. Also, a considerable amount were born with ADHD and other disabilities, according to online articles and researches. Babies of Cannabis-using mothers compared to “Crack” babies, have a relatively minuscule amount disabilities.
          I’m 16 and have been a moderate Cannabis-user for nearly three years now. I haven’t suffered from addiction. In fact, I’ve taken up to 4-month long breaks, with no problem, when I’ve had to (perform at my best in high school soccer and track & field, for example). Most people, whom are susceptible to addiction, are, because of a psychological dependency and genetics I believe, but that’s a whole other topic :)
          I agree with Tom, you don’t smoke and probably never have. It’s people like you, with your false prejudgment, that make Cannabis the misunderstood medicine it is.

        • This is to Matthew… obviously ur not a mother or a smoker, there was NEVER any evidece to show that there were harmful effects to the baby before all this research, it was all just speculation and all the research that was previously done on pregnant mothers was showing the effects of using ciggarettes, alcohol, AND marijuana. So finally there is an unbiased Dr. that is willing to just do research on the effects of marijuana and you have the audacity to say that any mother whom tests positive during or after pregancy should get their children taken is rediculous!!! So think about this for a minute… many children are taken from their fully capable parents because of reasons like just smoking pot and given to a new “family”, the family promises to take care of the child but the child ends up in a basement bound with 40 ft. of duct tape, abused for many days and eventually dies… so do you think the child was better off with the loving “stoner” parents or did that baby deserve to be ripped from its family only to be put in an abusive non-smoking household which eventually caused the death of the child??? I know alot of smokers and Ive never heard anyone freak out about where they were going to get the next bowl and none of them (male or female) would ever let their kids go without ANYTHING to get that next hit… its not CRACK!

        • The fact that it has been used in childbirth since around 3000bc, and there is archaelogical evidence to back this up, is how I knew it was safe. Educate yourself and quit listening to “the Man”.

        • mathew, with ANY medication, you take the risk of harming your baby, some more than others–especially anti-depressants. I would have rather smoked weed everyday than taken a pill because there a lot of birth defects that can come from those pills. as for the medical reason- you obviously never met a cancer patient who couldn’t eat while on chemo, or someone with MS who is always in a lot of pain. depending on the person, pot isn’t addictive.

        • i am on my second pregnancy and i have been much sicker than the first time. dr prescribed me dicletin for the sickness, and the pills made me feel doped up, and tired more so than marijuana. also the prescription costs $98.00 for a months worth. a months worth of marijuana is $50 for me and my husband….cannot afford to get it, i have a baby on the way and an 18 month old who i smoked with also. she is bright, curious, and has never been really sick, other then a 2 day sniffle sick. can i contribute this to marijuana? i probably shouldn’t, and won’t…but why would i do anything different this time around? i don’t need to smoke all day to feel the positive effects from it, if i didn’t have it for the first 3 months, i wouldn’t have been able to eat, and what is worse? if my doc thought i was doing harm she would have told me to stop, i am honest and open about my marijuana use.

        • You simply have no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re too closed-minded to do any research about this all-natural, beneficial PLANT, then your irrelevant opinions should not be seen. I stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant and only continued after much research and finding absolutely nothing wrong with anyone, EVER, who has ever smoked marijuana. Please go back under your rock and stay there…quietly.

        • Let Me Tell YOU Something MATHEW SITKO! I have both Graves Disease And Graves Eye Disease that causes Constant Extreme Double Vision, High Anxiety, Depression, An Inability to Sleep, I Have Anger Management Issues and a Legal Inability to Drive or to Work Ever Again. I was recently awarded SSDI because NO ONE Can Fix Me.. They can only pump me full of NARCOTIC PILLS to ease all of my symptoms. Pills that make my so called life seem like a complete waste of time.. But Nothing they have prescribed to me helps with the Nausea & Vomiting that I experience every single day (when I don’t smoke pot) So, let me introduce myself to you Mathew, My Name Is Kelly. I Am Someone That Medically NEEDS Marijuana Just To hold my food down.. Please Try to Refrain From Giving your self righteous opinions regarding a subject you Clearly have no experience with.. You’re A Closed Minded !@#$%^& Fool that should move to Florida with every other closed minded ignoramus.. There, you’ll be in good company with other people that can’t spell..

        • Hey Matt, What’s your take on alcohol? You sound shockingly mis-informed and astoundingly frightened and self-righteous. The get benefits from recreational use from cannabis ingestion, such as relaxation and freedom from stress, is a health benefit. Peace, David

      • Oh, thank you for sharing! I am pregnant with my third. My first two I did not use cannabis at all. They are 11 and 13. I am now 43 and this pregnancy was a bit of a surprise. I’ve decided that if I have a few little tokes at night, that will be okay. I would LOVE to know some other mommies!

        • I feel safer smoking organic greens than taking prescribed pills from the doctor. Plus I think marijuana is beneficial period even if you aren’t a smoker your should start, it’s healthy for mom and baby a REAL STUDY even proved it just Google Dr. Melanie Dreher :) I am on baby #6 and I smoke greens and take prenatal vitamins daily. My kids are all extremely healthy and some advanced, the ones that aren’t advanced are on track with no problems behavior wise or other. I am healthy. I get pregnant with ease and have healthy pregnancies, I have never even miscarried and I am a pot smoker. My kids vary in size with the largest being 9lb 5oz my smallest 8 pounds, and that’s because they won’t let me go over due. I have big healthy babies with 9’s in the apgars when born. Why in the world do people want to keep fighting the good?? I will never understand this.

      • Hi ladies! I would love to no how you can smoke while being pregnant? Im 24 also highrisk i just found out im 6 weeks! And im a smoker! But i have to quit soon! We’ll when i was 18 after graduating i got pregnant did find out till Feb5 and had her feb 25 crazy huh! N she came early n i had a period didnt gain weight n they took her from me! It.killed me when this happened

      • Hey! My fiance has also smoked her entire pregnancy. Mostly inspired by yours and a few other responses. I was going to ask about breastfeeding. Did you smoke while breastfeeding. Did you breastfeed in general? How often do you smoke? It’s an amazing plant.

        • Yes I smoke while breastfeeding and have noticed no problems with my daughter. She is actually very bright, well behaved, responsive and curious. The amounts of THC that go through breastmilk are very,very, miniscule. It is an amazing plant! Good luck to you and your fiance!

        • i smoked while nursing my 2nd child for 10 months. smoking during the pregnancy too. the pot was my anti-depressant, which was safer than taking anti-depressants. The only issue I had was milk supply, but mother’s milk tea works wonders! good luck to your fiance my son is a very smart child with no issues so far.

      • Your story was the best I’ve heard thanks for sharing. It’s reassured me in some ways that my baby will be ok she’s one in a few wks and she’s my very first. She’s very smart active and full of energy everyday. Good luck to you and your family

      • Love your post ! I smoked through my pregnancy as well ( a few times a day, every day) and when my daughter was born the doctors & nurses couldn’t believe that she was 100% healthy ! All the women in my family’s history deliver a month to two months early, and sure enough my daughter came 4 weeks early on the dot ! She was born naturally & had no problems or assistance needed whatsoever ! The hospital staff was in awe at how alert she was and how focused and overall calm and happy ! She surprised everyone = ) and I strongly feel that her being so healthy , strong and like any other 40 wk born baby was due to my smoking.
        I havnt smoked since delivery , and have done some research, but like before, when I was pregnant, there isn’t much positive baby- maryjane info ! My question to the mommies who’ve done this all before, Did you continue to smoke while breast feeding ? I’m super interested as I’d like to continue, but would rather have the info first ! Thanks !

    • Yes, Dr. Dreher’s research includes mothers who smoke while breastfeeding – it follows the mommies and babies for ten years – and no damage was found.

      A reader left this comment (from here), it seems appropriate to reprint here:

      “I quit smoking cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding. I also quit coffee, hairdye and tobacco. It wasn’t that I believed, necessarily that cannabis would cause problems with my child, it was a distinct lack of conclusive evidence available.
      From what little I could find, the government sponsored findings said it was a crap shoot. They could neither prove it harmful or harmless. In the end it came down to my own feeling that it would be better to not take ANY chances.
      If someone pregnant decides to consume cannabis (and there is more than enough legitimate medical reasons alone), they should be at the very least aware that smoking anything robs your body of oxygen. Lack of oxygen in your blood can have an effect on your fetus, and so a different method of delivery would be best recommended. Something like vaporizing and/or eating cannabis.
      It’s like anything else, It’s incredibly surprising that so many spend so much time focusing on this type of substance use during pregnancy when there are extremely harmful pharmaceuticals being marketed to people (pregnant women included) daily. Things that have been proven to be harmful, but that are written off as being “less harmful than the alternative”.
      Women suffering sever motion sickness are made to either suffer or take drugs that are potentially dangerous.”

      We could not find any further research other than what is mentioned in this article. The US will only fund research that finds negative outcomes from marijuana.

      One recent study was reported as finding that cannabis can cause lower birth weight, however, if you read the report to the very end, the babies were at normal weight within a few months.

      So it’s tricky, we really aren’t told the truth.

      But, this website is not giving out medical advice. We are patients, not professionals. What we are trying to do is share information which is being censored or ignored elsewhere.

      Good luck and let us know if you find out anything we’ve missed ~

  3. Ive been trying to tell people this for awhile. except the only thing ive found wrong is when i smoke during morning sickness it just triggers the sickness cuz of coughing. but the only thing i worry about is the placenta testing they do! i would not want my baby taken away from me because i smoked alittle pot here and there

        • What that editors are saying is that the marijuana plant is an amazing herb that can be used for healing and medicinal purposes.

          Prohibition is absolutely ridiculous. The gov’t makes more money with pot being on the black market. The medical establishment too would loose money if marijuana is legal, not to mention the legal/ criminal justice community, oil companies, etc. Many corporate entities in this country stand to loose with it being legal. Considering that corporations have more rights than humans, it’s not a shock. However, the majority of American citizens feel that they are the one’s loosing out due to the lack of choice. We as adults should be able to choose what we can or can not put into our OWN bodies.
          There are many healing aspects to marijuana and the THC chemicals found within the plant.

          Is that simple enough for you to understand or should I rewrite this in a more layman’s terms?

    • Take little puffs, maybe don’t hold it in as long. Have water on stand-by lol. Also, don’t smoke about a month or two before you give birth if you’re worried about the placenta screening. From what I’ve heard, at least in Cali, if your placenta tests positive for marijuana your baby won’t be taken away, but CPS will come and talk to you. I didn’t want to risk it, however, and stopped smoking about a month before I delivered.

      I smoked MJ fairly regularly during my pregnancy, and gave birth to an 8lb 3.6oz baby girl. Perfectly healthy except for a slight fever from an infection she caught from me..I was positive for streptococcus beta (?) and days before my due date, my placenta had torn a teensy bit..I was leaking for a little while and didn’t realize it(my uterus was putting lots of pressure on my bladder, I thought I might just be peeing myself, and was too embarassed to call the dr. and ask..never again)! Anyhows, she was born the day before the due date, and since she left the NICU she hasn’t been ill at all!

      We are breastfeeding, and I was smoking during the beginning as well, but not as frequently as before and during my pregnancy. I’ve noticed differences in my baby between the times I smoke and don’t smoke, but I wonder if they are coincidental. The main difference was a rash that appeared over her face, scalp and chest..but this did continue for a while after I’d stop, and I found out later it was cradle cap and baby acne. And even though I haven’t smoked at all for about a month, she still gets little red bumps every now and then. So it’s not the ganja.

      Weed or no weed, your baby will benefit from your abstaining from alcohol and tobacco. Also get lots of rest, some exercise, drink lots of water, take your vitamins, and eat your veggies!

      Sorry that was long and kinda rambly, I do not often post things online…perhaps this is why lololol.

      I will also add that my baby was able to hold her head up almost since she was born..a couple days at least. She had virtually no nipple confusion when switching from breast to bottle, and vice versa. She has loved to stand on her legs since she was at least about a week old, and she’s ony just 4 months and is babbling a little already, just learned to roll from belly to back, and is really starting to work on sitting on her own…she is doing very well and I’m very proud of my baby!

    • dont smoke it like you are trying to get high, small hits, no coughing, just medicinal benefits :) goodluck, happy cannabis use!!!!

    • depending on where you live, they won’t test your baby or your placenta, unless you tell them that you smoke or have smoked. I lied to my doctors, I didn’t want them testing my babies

  4. I just recently found out that I am pregnant. Everyone in my family has warned me to stop smoking pot because (1) my baby would be born with down syndrome (2) I’m pretty much aborting my baby (3) I’m a worthless mother if I dont and so on and so forth. The thing is, I suffer morning sickness dramaticly. I cant keep my prenatal vitamins down let alone food. I’ve tried childrens vitamins, like Flintstones, but even those make me sick. So I tried smoking and to be honest, it helps. I can eat and not get sick. I can even take my prenatal vitiman again and keep it down. I am really glad to see a website that publishes the truth. (I mean 30 years of research, thats a long time to just lie about your findings.) I really do applaud Dr. Dreher for actually doing this research. I agree 100% with her, it is a helpful herb. That is all it is. Marijuana has been around for centuries and many people have smoked it for many of reasons. I believe the only reason it is not legal in the United States is because our government cannot find a way to tax it and make their profit off of it. But once again, thank you Dr. Dreher, for doing this research and thank you to the website for publishing it. =)

    • Down’s syndrome is a genetic disease, obviously the people advising you do not know much about prenatal health or very much at all in reagrds to pregnancy. Do your own research, Dr. Dreher is a great place to start, come to own conclusions.

    • and because it makes anyone who’s smokes it into a pacifist. if you think about it, what use does the government have for someone who is not willing to kill innocent 3rd world country civilians? effin rubbish if you ask me!

  5. I just wanna say that I smoked the whole pregnancy because I was so sick of morning sickness I just couldn’t hold anything down until I smoked I felt thousends time better and I could eat. Smoking helped me relax so my baby could feel that I was calm and relaxed and in a good/better mud. I say that your baby is so connected to you that it feels your every emotion and if you are sick and throwing up and everything is hopeless it feels your fustration, smoking for me totally saved me the day before my labor I smoked and little did I know I had the most remarkable birth experience ever he was born in the caul (inside the amniotic sac) and came totally intact and I was so focused and calm in the labor the midwifes thought I had at least 2 babies before. My baby is so healthy and is always smiling even in he´s sleep.:) He is an angel and so many people ask me why is your baby so wonderful and I think to myself if they only knew. Its such a shame that I have to hide the best thing ever for mornig sickness, people are so ignorant and to fast to judge.. Melanie Dreher you have all my support..

    Thanks for you researh you have helped more that you know.

    Brynja from Iceland

    • I love your post. This is very close to my story as well, but I have 2 boys, both caused me to have ridiculous morning sickness. Pregnancy dehydrated me too quickly for my body to keep up with & MJ is the only med I’ve found (there ISN’T a pharamaceutical) that helps you retain water. It made my sons & I healthy & continues to do so through breastfeeding.
      Anyone interested in breastfeeding outcomes should remember that Dr. Dreher did her study on lower-class women in a 3rd world country. These women are likely breastfeeding exclusively for the first 3-4 years, as formula & other milk replacements are expensive & not always available. She followed these children to age 5.
      Everything I’ve read on MJ/Breastfeeding studies say that even when MJ is found in the baby’s system, side effects have not been found.

  6. I have done a lot of personal research on this topic and have found Dr. Dreher’s research to be the only findings that really put the scientific method to work. There is so much politically motivated propaganda circulated as truth.
    I have been a major supporter and medicinal user since i was 19. When I found out i was pregnant several months ago (at age 22) i had already done the research in the past and had been using it to manage my severe stomach problems and migraines for years. I was afflicted with an eating disorder from the age of 12 and a major sleep disorder from the age of 17, but didn’t think to use marijuana to manage it until i was at my wits end,19 years old, and no longer had medical insurance. It virtually cured my eating disorder, and i was finally able to sleep well. However, eating disorders lead to a MULTITUDE of complications if left untreated for too many years and low and behold, i was faced with even more severe stomach issues. I am unable to eat without it, i have no appetite and everything that goes into my system when Its not assisted with THC causes massive stomach spasms and cramping, My Digestive tract was damaged from virtual non-use for 3+ years and was unable to process food properly and fluidly. Amazingly pot (with an adjusted diet) almost completely cured these excruciating episodes (which sometimes would last more than a day). There are so many other things that it has helped me with (sleep, migraines, nerve disorders, general chronic pain, FMS), but this was the real life changing adjustment.
    So now I’m pregnant and subsequently have a different perspective than most pot smoking mothers. I notice that the majority of them smoke to prevent nausea, and while it did an incredible job with that, my main issue would be that I already smoked medicinally and if i stopped and gave into social pressures, i wouldn’t be able to eat at all… I already couldn’t eat before. I probably wouldn’t be nauseous, but I would be totally unable to get anything into my stomach in the first place, and if i did manage to eat i would be in severe pain for hours. none of these things are conducive to a healthy pregnancy.
    But fortunately I did have something natural and safe that works better than any medications they could give me. So far I’m at 20 weeks and she’s a little bigger than expected and so active that I’ve been feeling somersaults in my stomach since 13 weeks. incredibly healthy. she doesn’t seem to stop really much.. short naps really, then back to the flailing… ^_^’ lol. we are so excited to meet her tho <3
    i do wish i knew more pregnant legal patients, it would be nice to have someone to really talk to more.. i have one friend who is a patient who just had a child and hes really healthy and super smart and social. <3 she managed to carry him to term with 1/4 of a cervix and confirmed (but mostly controlled) cervical cancer in the rest, and still delivered naturally, and smoked thru the entire pregnancy.
    I guess the one thing that stands out is that Dr. Dreher's research helped a lot in giving me peace of mind to not let others force me into suffering. thank you so much for that.
    Just had to share a slightly different perspective <3

  7. Thank you to all the commentors and to Dr.Dreher for her research. I am now 25 weeks and I have used herb the entire time of this pregnancy and my other 2. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and eating disorder. My Dr.s have prescribed zoloft and xanax for me but I am scared to take them. This is also the Dr whom I spend more time in the waiting room than her actual treatment of/for me.. My other children are very bright and healthy my last son I suffered from post pardum depression and the only thing that helped me to not starve and go crazy was the herb. I have to say that here in CA they were not happy about my herb use upon delivery of my son I was drug tested and had CPS called on me. I was not able to leave the hospital for 4 days and they came to my house. The CPS worker was nice considering the hospital that reported me to CPS also were raving about me because I was the only mother to give birth and breastfed 100% no formula not even a pacifier. I made the front page of the city newspaper to help promote breastfeeding and healthier babies. I am happy to say that I breastfed my son for 15 months using herb the entire time and he is so sharp and healthy he never even had a cold and he’s going to be 2 in two weeks. I am thinking about stopping because I don’t want to go through the extended stay and the nurses trying to berate me calling my baby a “drug baby” but we’ll see. My anxiety and depression are so bad I think it’s better to be high and happy than to be stressed and depressed! Cheers to you Dr. for the research thank you for the support. God bless all the mothers be healthy and happy!

  8. Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences ~ it is priceless information to many who read this page.

    Regarding morning sickness ~ I’ve read some testimonials from mommies who couldn’t keep anything down and were becoming very unhealthy during their pregnancy until they smoked some cannabis.

    Like this one, from here:
    “Within two weeks of my daughter’s conception, I became desperately nauseated and vomited throughout the day and night. … I vomited bile of every shade, and soon began retching up blood. … I felt so helpless and distraught that I went to the abortion clinic twice, but both times I left without going through the with procedure. … Finally I decide to try medical cannabis. … Just one to two little puffs at night, and if I needed in the morning, resulted in an entire day of wellness. I went from not eating, not drinking, not functioning, and continually vomiting and bleeding from two orifices to being completely cured. … Not only did the cannabis save my [life] during the duration of my hyperemesis, it saved the life of the child within my womb.”

  9. I am so glad I stubbled on this site! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I was a heavy smoker a few years ago but slowly faded out of it.`I didn’t smoke through this pregnancy until I started having contractions around 28 weeks. I started smoking little amounts but began getting paranoid about the effects especially after reading how my baby’s brain is forming. I thought for sure I was hurting my baby. So this morning I sat down and googled it. Of course all I found was negative government propoganda. Then I found a girl on another website quoting Dr. Dreher and so I googled her. A thirty year study is nothing to just pass off. I feel much more at ease now smoking the little amount that I have used to stop my contractions. Of course there are risks with anything introduced during pregnancy but I trust nature more than I trust multi-billion dollar drug corporations. Thank you so much for sharing this information. And the other mother’s comments are very awesome to read and know that you’re not some horrible mother!!!

  10. I am expecting and have experienced horrible nausea and vomiting everyday for the last 5 months. The promises that it would all be over after the first trimester have since been dismissed as just out of my range of luck. I had been given medicine to take to help with the nausea, but unfortunately all it did was give me horrible manic depressive outbreaks. There is no way that screaming and crying for hours is good for your child if we are told constantly during pregnancy to keep down on simple stress. I have found that the only way to not spend all day in the restroom is to smoke. It also helps with my appetite and i have finally started to gain weight. I feel that if there is something that will help women with the same problem I had, that they have a right to know. I assure you that no matter how much woman are told that it is part of the miracle of life, vomiting and nausea on a 12 hour a day if not more basis is not safe or fun. And I would much rather put my trust in a natural and long-used product with no history of harm than a prescribed drug that has been on the market for hardly any time at all. Look at the children of the Woodstock generation. They are healthy, strong people. They are our parents. Just a thought

  11. I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and a marijuana user. I’m 22 and have used since I was 13. I have never faced any problems with smoking (besides a little short-term memory loss). My mom, along with a few friends, have been constantly criticizing me about smoking during my pregnancy. I quit smoking cigarettes, I take my pre-natal vitamins, and I eat healthy. I have had a few friends who smoked during their pregnancies (including my niece’s mom) and their kids seem just fine, even smarter than the average kid, but I still wanted to see if there was any harm at all to my unborn baby. I looked at a few websites, and they all said the same damaging words against pot. However, when you read the comments, you see another story. Mothers who smoked during their pregnancy claim they have seen no side effects on any of their children.
    It’s just nice to see information from actual doctors who do real research on the matter and find out that there is no evidence that marijuana is at all harmful. Dr. Dreher even proves that it’s in fact HELPFUL to smoke during pregnancy. Not that I stay high all day, but I do smoke everyday to rest my nausea or to help me sleep. So thank you very much for your years of dedication! Many greatly appreciate all of you (editors).

  12. Hi, my name is Heather and I’ve been a marijuana smoker for six years now.

    I feel very educated on the subject matter at hand and I am very passionate about the herb, legalization of it, its medicinal and personal uses and pretty much everything about it. I have bipolar ii disorder with rapid cycling and the only thing that helps me is marijuana. After much research on Dr. Dreher, her studies and other resources, I’ve decided to continue smoking ganja throughout my pregnancy, (I’m not pregnant now, but plan to be within the next 10 years) while breastfeeding and into my adulthood. The main question I have on this subject (something I haven’t found much information on) is whether you are tested for it at hospitals and doctors visits while pregnant, and can the government take your baby away if they find thc in your system? This is something that worries me and any help would be appreciated.

    • I don’t think you are always tested, but I do know that sometimes they do drug test and if your positive then they can try and take your baby away. I knew someone that it happened to. Luckly they didn’t take her baby, but she did end up having to take a parenting class and drug classes. So I don’t know if that helps or not. I hope it helps at least a little bit.

    • wow that just scared the crap put of me reading that. I have been smoking but i’m only 9 weeks in…the dad told me the truth and left me…he also had two other kids he didnt tell me about…i knew he had one, but lied about the others…we where engaged…anyway i feel so betrayed and i’m bo=ipolar on no meds cause i don’t want to hurt the baby…but i’ve been terribly depressed…i gotta smoke or i will want to die.

      • Sorry to hear of your situation. Hang in there your baby will need you… Not all hospitols drug test. For instance mine only tests if there is a history of drug abuse or some reason for suspision. I called my hospitol annonomously to find out their protcol. Good Luck.

      • Drug tests cost money. Testing every prenatal patient for something as trite as pot would be an outrageous misuse of both time and funding.

    • I know for a fact at Kaiser they do random drug tests that you actually sign an acknowledgment form for.
      There was also a previous post on here that said the mother was tested when she gave birth and had CPS called on her.
      That is my worry as well. I don’t plan to smoke throughout my entire pregnancy but I figure once in a while should be alright…except for the whole drug testing factor.

    • some states require drug testing of the baby, others don’t….and unless you tell your doctor you smoke, they won’t test. my sister told her doctor she had before she got pregnant and they tested my niece when she was born. I lied with 2 of my kids and said I had never done it and they didn’t test either of them. but it depends on where you live

  13. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and have quit smoking early in my pregnancy, which I know now I shouldn’t have. I suffered from the worst morning sickness, so much that I couldn’t eat and I actually lost weight in the beginning, but its since faded a little to where I am now gaining a healthy amount of weight. I wish I had known all of this sooner and I wouldn’t have had weight problems. I was simply looking to help me decide whether or not to smoke when I’m breastfeeding and the effects or trasfer to my baby. This has most definately helped me make my decision. I also know now that if my morning sickness comes back or I start having an even harder time getting to sleep I am ok to smoke at least a little bit just to help me eat or sleep. Thank you so much for all the information and all the personal experiences. :)

  14. I am a medical cannabis grower and am 8 weeks pregnant. I quit smoking a month ago (the day I found out I was pregnant) but have continued to vaporize my weakest Indica strain (no White Widow for me!) only when the morning sickness and nausea become overwhelming. I have eliminated all drugs with the exception of vaping ganja and drinking an occasional cup of coffee (1-2x/wk) which strangely seems to also help with the morning sickness, but I feel far guiltier over the coffee than the cannabis. Caffeine, antihistamines, alcohol, and smoke of any kind (due to oxygen deprivation and combustion of any material causing the release of carcinogens) are all known to be harmful to a developing baby, but there is surprising empirical evidence in studies by Dr. Melanie Dreher that points toward ganja doing more good than harm. However, I am scared that even though I am otherwise legal to use and grow (my very fine and all-organic) cannabis, eating an organic diet and taking the highest quality fish oil and organic, food-derived prenatals that I will be listed as a child abuser if I admit my ganja use to my midwife at my first prenatal appointment in two weeks. I’ve been unable to find any solid information pertaining to procedure in the State of Oregon for moms admitting to eating, smoking or vaping cannabis while pregnant. I already love my baby very much and don’t want him/her taken away by Child Protective Services. Any reliable sources on this subject would be most appreciated.

    • Maybe you should find a new midwife – honestly. I am now 22 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, smoke on a daily basis and have the full “support” of my MW even though I’m sure there are some legal issues with her actually supporting it. (We live in a state where ganja is still 100% illegal) Anyway, she knows that I smoke and knows that I have every intention on smoking during labor while our son is born at home. She’s fine with it – moderation is what she advises. I’m sorry that I don’t have any “reliable” sources, but I do know (from having my own midwife for years) that they are not there to judge you. It’s about having the best possible pregnancy and birth that you can possibly have. Just something to keep in mind. A happy and healthy 40 weeks to you both!!

  15. Wow this site sets my mind at ease thankyou! i have smoked weed now for around 10 years i have just found out i am pregnant with baby no. 2. I smoked the whole time during my first pregnancy, and my Dr. even told me not to quit and just to cut back, i found that if i had some in the morning it would help with morning sickness all day, i also had some before dinner to help keep that meal down and a little before bed and i was out like a light for 8 hours stright, no running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I had my little girl(3yrs now), 110% healthy, she slept her first night through and has done ever since. her teachers at preschool always comment how talkative she is and how quickly she picks things up…. I have noticed everthing Dr Dreher descibed, this has made me really… like wow!!

  16. this site brings me hope. i am going thru a divorce right now and have 2 little baby girls. my husband is abusive mentally and physically, he is severly bi polar and does not take his meds. i had to deal with his abuse and kicking me out of the house thru my entire pregnancy. to get thru it without having a nervous breakdown, i smoked pot. it was the only thing to calm my nerves. i was worried my baby would feel how stressed i was. now he is holding this over me and trying to make me think they will take my kids away because he will tell the court about it if i dont agree to the visitation he wants. he is a danger to my kids and me. i had researched it and found that there were no facts its was harmful. if u can take zoloft and xanax how is a little pot going to hurt? i know how the system is about pot though so at this point i dont know what to do.

  17. I am 29 years old and also diagnosed bipolar. I have smoked marijuana since I was 16. I am now pregnant with my second child, 13 weeks, and am still smoking. I have been getting bad anxiety attacks and smoking is the only thing that has helped me get thru the day. I feel like my body is poisoned when I dont smoke. So for sure smoking has helped me stay alive as well as my child. I didnt smoke in my first pregnancy and it was the worst experience of my life. of course I do worry if it will harm the baby but now I feel more at ease after reading some responses.

  18. Im 21 and i have a 14mth old baby girl and im 27weeks pregnant with my son. After having my first child w/o smoking, i had stomach problems which became pain nonstop and that whole month things changed i stop eating a full meal maybe 1/4 twice aday as a meal, i would only eat just to eat something, being only 110 at 5’7 i became 97pounds which as a black girl i need and want all my weight and booty god can give me. I begain fasting they say, but i was starving and could not start back eating it was hard after that stage i smoked everyday 4 time aday which helped alot, unto i got pregnant and i stopped but 3mths ago i started back maybe every 3days or maybe once a week. So yesterday I smoked and for the first time my baby woke up and gave me the kicks of the pregnancy I became paranoid and start crying it was the Marijuana to that had me sensitive being the google Queen of Detroit I found this but what is my baby doing I must add mayb a month ago my Dr. gave me the ok to use Benadryl 1or2 at night and Sudafed 1or2 in the day, I was completely lost and Candy wakes my unborn up too and he kicks like crazy when i eat that….

    Questions is smoking the Marijuana the best choose of a intake and i would love to see and know wat the baby is doing while and after a female smokes/use Marijuana (ultrasound activities would help)?
    Please contact me or I would writing you soon Dr.Dreher Thanks

  19. I am 22 weeks pregnant, i used to drink and smoked cigarettes heavily. I quit all that and have continued to smoke weed throughout this whole pregnancy. Sometimes I would get nervous and think that I am harming my baby, but after talking to my mother (who smoked while pregnant with all three of her kids, all of us are smart, I myself am a writer, and found this website I am feeling a lot better about me smoking. I have always had problems with depression and suicide smoking really helps me relax and not worry about. Doctors say my baby is developing great, blood flow is good, heart beat is normal, I even got a 4D sonogram and my baby is so cute and looks better than normal. The smoke doesn’t reach the baby, just the THC in the blood stream. I am looking forward to having a healthy baby and going to continue to smoke while breastfeeding.

  20. wow this site is so amazing it put my heart to rest…i was worried that my baby was going to have the same problems i have u see my mother drank with me and also gave me wine in my bottle, i have problems seeing clearly so i need glasses i have some problems with fainting spells and sometimes it gets hard for me to think. but it all gotten better over the years and i have been a pot user since i was 16 years old and i am six months along in my pregancy i have been smoking during the whole six months i tried to stop because of what the other sites where saying but it was so hard, i couldnt eat i couldnt sleep and i was having these horrible headaches but smoking weed helped me get through it all i also go in for my monthly checkups and they say baby is growing big and healthy but it didnt put my mind to ease until i read this site that dr. Melanie Dreher created and i am glad i found it i am also relived to see that i am not the only one who was suffering…so i like to thank you dr. and also the other mothers on this site u all helped me get through a tough time..i kept thinking something is going to be wrong with my baby and it will be all my fault and i wouldnt know how to live with that…so once again thank you all of you…

  21. I am going through my first pregnancy.. and i have had some random pains and wanted to know what i can take for them.. i dont want to put my babe at risk of doing anything harmful… however the issue is that i was a regular user until i got pregnant.. I became sick at the usage of ganja. I know that is decreases the amount of stretch marks.. and keeps your appetite up to grow normally.. I am 22 weeks i dont show much but babe is still big.. I am around the smoke constantly and it helps

  22. I am pregnant with my 5th child and I have smoked pot heavily through every pregnancy mainly due to all day morning sickness. I have given birth to four beautiful, healthy children who are all doing very well in life both at school and at home. My eldest is 11, then 9,then 5 then 4 and they are all bright, happy, well adjusted kids that have always been calm natured and from birth have easily fallen into our daily routine.
    DEFINATLEY NO A.D.D kids here!

    The only things I will say is, it does affect the placenta and it can cause prem birth and small babies.
    But so can a stressed out, too sick to eat mother to be!

    • Thank you (and everyone) for sharing your experience here. I do know of the study that came out saying cannabis use could cause smaller babies, but the results were misread and subsequently used for propaganda.

      Within weeks, the babies’ birth weights were completely normal compared to the control group – but that bit of info was not included in the published results.

  23. This site is very interesting. I am not pregnant but plan on becoming pregnant soon. I am a legal patient and use mj to control my bipolar. It helps me sleep, eat and control my anxiety. The best part is not having to take 900mg of lithium/day or habit forming RX for sleep. I really am glad that someone has done a study on this because I’ve always wondered. My mother went through 4 crazy pregnancies without the use of mj and I wonder how it would’ve helped her. I came out a couple weeks preemie and low birth weight because she was so ill. She became pregnant with my sister when I was 9 and I remember how sick she was. She threw up all day and all night literally, eventually she became so sick that they had to put her on an IV and permanent bedrest only 3 months in to the pregnancy. I took care of my brothers while she spent all day trying not to move or puke. My sister is now 17 and is very healthy and happy child, but I am terrified that my pregnancies could wind up like my mom. I hope in the next few years they will come up with more research, but I truly think it’s all because there are too many people against mj altogether. It’s a political war over something that could help a lot of people. Nowadays my mother suffers from fibromyalgia and gets cortisone injections just so she can walk. We live in CO and I keep trying to get her to talk to her dr about being prescribed. She won’t and I’m wondering what she’ll have to say when I become pregnant and turn to mj as opposed to a chemical, lab-designed pill from the Dr. So sad.
    As a note to those of you wondering if they do drug-testing when you give birth I would research the hospital you will most likely have your baby at. ALSO, if you can afford it you can get a midwife and have your baby at home. I recommend a nurse-midwife or a licensed mid-wife because they have gone to schooling. However, I’m not sure if you and/or your baby will be tested when you go for your first visit to your OB. I have a friend who has had 2 very healthy and normal kiddos while smoking throughout both pregnancies, although they (her dr and hosp.) did threaten to take her first if she didn’t stop. But her little guys are adorable, active and amazing! Good luck to all of you!

  24. THANK YOU! this is excalty what i was looking for! I have 2 baby healthy baby girls right now and im expecting another! I smoked regularly with both and everything was fine. To be honest it helped me out so much. You have all these emotions coming up all the time and sometimes its hard to deal with. But with marijuana it helps out alot!

    I have a question.. I went to the dentist and got a tooth puuled and they gave me vicodin.. and my doctor says its okay. but in my eyes i wouldnt think thats true. I just wanted to know what you think?

  25. I love that this is out there. There are so many things to take into consideration though. If you are smoking shwag, ur smoking pesticides. Hydroponic is impossible without chemicals. and it might be super chronic, but there are dumbasses out there that use miracle grow or additives for fuller color and flavors (such as purple to look more purple). I advocate the use of organic herb ONLY! Also…the mind altering effect and dosage. Herb is psychoactive. If you’re stoned, your baby is feeling a similar affect as mushrooms. As it is so much smaller and getting at least half ur dose. If you have ever been seriously high on psychadelics you do notice a clenching of the hands and feet. In other positive studies on pregnancy and herbs they have found that in rare cases fetuses exposed to high doses had clubbing of the hands and feet. So please truley acknowledge what Dr Dreher’s findings showed and use your herb as a medicine. Small doses and not a recreational get high all day thumbs up. Lets also keep in mind, any type of smoke is harmful to ur fetus. Vaporizing is best, as edibles are a much stronger strength and lets face it, if u are using it as a medecine for morning sickness then ur not gonna get a ganja cookie down easily. If you must smoke, try lowerin ur tolerance to one or two puffs at most 3x’s a day. Im an advocate of this wonderful medicine, been using for 20 years, have dreadlocks passed my ass, live in humboldt county, on my second pregnancy with limited herbal dosing (my first, is a brilliant prophet among men who will amaze you with his development mentally and physically), Im a CMT with a degree from the School of Healing Arts in CA as well. So lets not be ignorant, educate urself to ur treatment, as u would get and read a pamphlet from any pharmacist when obtaining a prescription.
    1. Organic Herb ONLY!
    2. Small Dosages only a few times a day
    3. Vaporizing is best.
    4. If you dont need it, dont use it, just as any other medicine.
    Jah Bless and may you use your intelligence and need instead of your addiction in your choice to use herb while pregnant.

  26. oh and codie…vicodin is actually in the medical community known to be safe during pregnancy and not affect the development of the fetus. The fetus does however feel the opiate effect. You should not take vicodin/hydrocodone more than 3 weeks, as not only does your body become addicted at that time, so does your fetus. I have a friend who had to use vicodin during pregnancy for two children due to a horrible spinal injury that put her in constant excruciating pain. She would only take them when the pain was unbareable and never longer than 3 weeks. Both her children are beautiful and their physical and mental development is just fine! ;) I would say try herb first…but gosh tooth pain is a hard one for sure!

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  28. i am 33 years old working on my 3rd child. i have been a heavy smoker since 1993. i had my first 2 kids in 1999 and 2001. i smoked only a couple times with both children towards the end to relieve stomache pain due to my muscles stretching and i remember thinking both times , my god i wish i had been doing this the whole time. i didn’t smoke the whole time because if something was wrong wrong with my children i didn’t want to have to wonder if it was because of pot. however lots of my friends smoked moderate to heavy the whole time they were pregnant. some of my friends have children that are older than mine and to this day most of them do very well in every aspect.only one child i know of has a little attitude, but he is the one with both parents that left him as a early child to be raised by the maternal grandmother. so i decided after witnessing several children i know grow up to be just as “normal” as others including my own and after watching this video i feel confident i can smoke and not worry, relax, sleep, eat and be able to roll over in bed without screaming with just a little hemp from our friends:)my children are 10 and 11 years old and my friends children are older so for me that is enough proof that light to heavy use is safe, safer than tabacco!!!!

  29. I feel so guilty for smoking whilst pregnant but I smoke it pure, not to excess, its helped my morning sickness (or rather all day/night sickness), helps me eat and feel less anxious and has helped me sleep.

    The Dr has prescribed me 4 different types of anti sickness tablets and the only ones that work are a mild sedative, I had to take 3 a day at one point (and was still sick). How is that healthier than smoking a bit of weed? Is it better to take a sedative before bed or smoke a bong? Is it a coincidence that the days I am least sick is when I have smoked weed, compared to taking anti-sickness tablets and not smoking?

    So glad to read all of this. So many scare tactics out there when it comes to pregnancy! I am amazed at what we are made to feel guilty for. If I am happy and healthy, my baby will be.

  30. hi. my name is ariana i’ve been smoking pot for a while but now im 33 weeks pregnant and i quit about 3 days ago and worried about it coming up in my blood or the babys blood… what can i do to clean my system b4 my due date which is april 1.. im just scared about getting my bby taken away..please help!!

    • Hopefully someone else can step in and answer your question – i really don’t know. But, if you’ve quit and won’t be getting the blood tested until April, you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.

      If you find that you need to continue using the Herb for the health of your baby and yourself (like, if you end up so nauseous you can’t eat or keep food down), then you do have an issue.

      If you have a health food store near you with knowledgeable people you trust (not a chain health food store), my first thought is to go and ask them. This comes to my mind because our local health food store has herbal drinks that clean your system for passing drug tests. However, you would need good advice on which, if any, of those products would be safe for the baby.

      Best of luck, great blessings on your pregnancy and soon to be new baby ~

    • This post is late for your due date, but others may benefit from it. Hospitals do not just random drug test prenatal patients and not most other patients unless there is some suspicion. I know this because I am a nurse in a major hospital. I would suggest you don’t tell your doc that you smoke and you wont get tested. Depending on the state you are in physicians and other healthcare staff are obligated to report your “drug abuse” (yes evenjust MJ) to authorities such as child protective agencies and again depending what state you are in you could lose your child over MJ. So again, just don’t tell (don’t admit on your prenatal paperwork) your doctor and nurses, don’t be acting high and smell of weed, and you won’t get drug tested.

    • I’m in same boat u are been using throughout whole pregnancy 34 wks due apr 17th if find out ANYTHING that helps clean system and is safe for baby lemme know the MORE research and results the better PLEASE HELP me… help me i will do BEST help you no lie. havent done anything else at all.

  31. I would just like to say, I smoked my whole pregnancy and to be completely honest, if I ever have another child, I will continue to smoke. I had no problems whatsoever through out my whole pregnancy. My labor was quite honestly, amazing. And about the whole placenta testing, I really dont think they do it in Ohio. I know that if they did, I would have child services in my life. I now have a 7 week old, beautiful lil girl that is the light of my life. She is calm and happy. She is just so full of love and happiness. And I believe that in so part, smoking helped her be that way. So to anyone that wants to smoke while pregnant, go for it and dont worry about it. =)

  32. thank you Dr. Dreher. i am so grateful for your research. it really is amazing how much ignorance is out there, and nothing about any of this sounds ignorant to me. i never really took the time to research this topic, not until this month, the month i’m trying to get pregnant. i’m 33 and have been a pretty avid pot smoker since the middle of high school. one year ago i knew i would try for a baby starting Feb. 2011 and told myself to quit smoking pot before i actually got pregnant so i wouldn’t have to quit cold turkey when the test read positive (i know there is no evidence against or for smoking while pregnant, but like another woman said above, why take the chances). i quit in november and didn’t smoke for 2 and a half months (until i went on vacation to california, where the temptations were just too lovely ;) . now i’m back home, i stayed away from it the first few days back but i’ve slowly started smoking again, but a lot less. my partner and i are actively trying and even though it’s too soon to tell, i believe i may be pregnant. i’m a pretty big drinker too and know that is much worse for the fetus so i’m callin’ it quits on drinking, until i get a preg test. i don’t intend on smoking throughout my pregnancy (unless it’s as bad as some of the women i’m reading about here) but it’s this two week waiting period that is KILLING me. i’m staying away from the booze but i really want to smoke to relax my mind. i feel like i’m obsessing over this and the clock isn’t moving fast enough. my question is, is it OK to smoke as early as 3 days – 2 weeks pregnant? how critical is that time? could smoke or drink effect conception or cause an early miscarriage?

    thank you so much for your time and to all the brave women out there tellin’ it like it is

  33. I am so glad I came across this info. from Dr. Dreher. I too am a marijuana smoker. I have been for a while. I didn’t smoke throughout my first pregnancy, however I did for my second. I am currently 4 weeks away from giving birth to my third child and guess what….I’ve been smoking throughout this pregnancy as well. This time around has been very hard physically. I have never in my life thrown up as much as I had these past 8 months. I think the only reservation about smoking is a possible blood test performed at the hospital. I just don’t want to have a visit from Social services. My husband and I are very responsible, active parents. I personally am sick of the negative stereotypes. A lot of the information out there is disinformation and unfounded propaganda. I am not smoking like I normally do. Just a little to help me cope with the sickness and to help with the fatigue. (and no, the fatigue is not from smoking pot!!) Many women get past their sickness by the 2nd trimester. I on the other hand have been sick into my 3rd trimester. I don’t take anything else, except the occasional tylenol to help with muscle aches and pains. I can count the times I have done that on one hand.
    I prefer to vaporize vs. smoking a joint. I don’t want to inhale the burning paper.
    As far as fetal development…my second child was a healthy baby boy. He is so smart and all boy. He was not underdeveloped in anyway. So far my Dr. believes this baby is going to be a good sized baby. Actually larger than my second.
    My husband and I believe that the marijuana plant is a medicinal plant. We don’t like taking unnatural substances, especially when smoking usually does the trick for us. (Yes, I will take the occasional tylenol)
    I have a rather high IQ, so when people say that pot makes you stupid, I don’t buy into it. Maybe some of those people are just dumb to start with.
    I am glad I’m not the only one who smokes. It gives me hope that one day this will be legalized.
    Thanks for letting me share.

  34. I now have 5 month old twins, I smoked for the majority of the pregnancy. I quit smoking my first three months and couldnt take it anymore and started smoking again. My pregnancy was the most stressful time in my entire life. I was going through so many different things and my bf (the babies dad) seemed to only stress me out even more doing abunch of stupid things. Anyway the first three months I was put on bedrest b/c if I moved around at a normal pace for 15 to 30 minutes my stomach would start cramping. I went on a 15 min walk and couldnt move for the next 2 hours. So i started smoking again to deal with the stress and anxiety (it would cramp up when i was stressed out too) and it was like night and day, I’d feel the anxiety and Id smoke. So I had full term twins that were born at 7 lbs 2 oz and 5 lbs 6 oz! They are both calm bright babies! they started doing things early like rolling over and grabbing things to bring to their mouth. Its sad that you have to feel shame for smoking when I know if I didnt smoke I would have delivered my babies too early which would have landed them in nicu. And they didnt have to stay in the hospital they came home with me when i left :)

    • That’s a great story! thanks for sharing, what state do you live in? I am expecting and using cannabis for morning sickness and to increase my appetite I was losing weight instead of gaining or at least maintaining!… however I am concerned on state laws even though marijuana legalization just passed this 6th elections I wonder how it’ll make a diff for us prego ladies…

  35. love the site, and look forward to hearing more from it. I am 8 weeks pregnant, and looking for answers for a first-time mother to be. thank you.

  36. I posted above. I am approx. 4 weeks away from giving birth. I just stopped vaporizing due to the fact of certain possible testing that could occur. I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday from the thought of some unknown person, such as nurses, social workers, etc. judging me on this subject. (as I said in the above comment)
    A lot of the info. the medical community goes on is based on propaganda. You have to see who funds the studies and what their motive is.
    I just want you mothers to be to take into consideration your states laws. You might need to stop within an appropriate time.
    I do feel that Dr. Dreher is accurate with her studies. I am hoping and praying that more studies in the future will show the same results.
    I was trying to find out some information about laws in my state. I couldn’t really find any info. that would tell me one way or another.
    I did come across other posts that asked the same questions. The amount of negative, nasty comments put me into a tail-spin. Normally I would brush them off. It’s obvious that these individuals have no clue, however since I am 8 months pregnant and very hormonal, I didn’t react very well to what others were saying.
    What I really need right now is some positive energy and loving prayers sent my way. I will return the favor.


  37. My sister turned me onto this article, and I’ve spent almost my entire morning reading it. Thank you so much, to everyone who has had a part in this. I’m 6 weeks pregnant and one of the first things I did was quit smoking weed, not because I believed it to be harmful to my fetus, but because I was afraid of being denied health care for it and myself if I didn’t quit. I’m trying to cut back and quit smoking cigarettes, which has been stressing me out because I know that it can do the most harm in the first trimester. What I’ve read here has encouraged me to do a trade off, which is what I always said I’d do in the first place. Ganja is a natural substance, how can it be more harmful than all the poisons in cigarettes? I’m still afraid of what my doctor might say, but I think I can get away with claiming second-hand smoke if it does show up in my system and they see it as a problem. Almost everyone I know partakes, and to reiterate, I am so afraid of the effects that cigarettes can have that I will give them up in a heartbeat if I can just toke once or twice a day. Once more, thank you to Dr. Dreher for her devoted and honest research and to the editors who stand for the truth of the matter.

  38. Does smoking week (the female) while trying to conceive affect her chances of getting pregnant? I’ve read a bunch of stuff that it lowers sperm count in men but what about the women? Thanks!

    • I have been a heavy smoker for 11 years and a mother of a beautifully healthy and bright three yr old. I cant speak from the stand point of science and studies but for me when I tried to conceive again I found out I was pregnant after only three months of trying. This may not be the case with everyone

  39. Ok feel more at peace with myself after finding this page. I have a 3 n a half yr old girl n am 13 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I was a heavy puffer with my 1st until 3 months when i discovered i was pregnant(long story) then I smoked only a little to help me get to sleep cos baby was so active n i was so ill.
    I told myself i wld quit when i became pregnant this time but have found it so difficult. I feel i am failing myself cos the professionals r tellin me i need to stop. However, this is not so easy, I have mental health issues n am on antidepressants aswel as weed. When i decreased both anti-deps n weed i began self harming,not eating n severe anxiety issues. Dr has said I am not to stop the anti-deps but i should stop the weed but whenever I try n get down to 1 joint the anxiety is herendous as is the sickness n i just cant sleep because of nightmares. I think i am doin the right thing to continue because a stressed depressed mummy isnt good when u also have a very active intelligent 3 yr old! but i doubt myself because of what my psychiatrist is saying n at the end of the day I dont wanna lose my children. Unsure where in the UK we stand with drug testing in pregnancy?I wld love to breast feed but dont know if i should whilst on anti deps n smoking weed mixed with tobac. Is this a bad combination? Ne input greatly appreciated. Cheers

    • Eliza…In Europe it’s very common to smoke marijuana with tobacco. They all do that in the coffee shops in Amsterdam, as well as the UK. The U.S., not so much.

      Miss Red…no tobacco. That’s far worse for you. I agree with some of the older posts..vaporizing, good herb is your best bet. If you are unsure about drug testing, I would stop in a good amount of time before you give birth. Remember complications could always come up, as well as you delivering earlier than expected. I have also heard horror stories about the Child Protective Services in the UK as well. I wish you the best.

  40. Stevie – yes, I know. I used to live in the UK and traveled extensively through Europe. Are you stating this to say women smoke their weed with tobacco while trying to get pregnant or while pregnant?

    • just to reply from amsterdam. we do normally mix it with tabaco but if your pregnant and you think about smoking weed you will obviously know we´re talking about a pure joint.

  41. Thanks Stevie.
    So worried bout going cold turkey from tobacco, but that’s just battle i’ll have to deal with, just don’t wanna cause anymore anxiety. Fingers crossed i’ll find some strength.

    • i’ll tell you what did it for me, and others – if you take “Juice Plus”, after about 3 weeks you will not be able to stand the smell or taste of cigarettes.

  42. I am 22 weeks pregnant and use marijuana because it helps BEAUTIFULLY with my depression. I choose to not speak to my Dr. about my depression because I do not want to be prescribed harmful pharmaceuticals. I live in California and was curious what consequences (if any) would occur if I tested positive for THC at the birth of my baby, BUT had my medical marijuana license?

    • I would assume the same thing that would happen if they found ANY legal drug in one’s system: nothing. But, do ask your local dispensary or cannabis

  43. Update…
    I had my beautiful daughter on April 10th. I stopped smoking pot approx. 5 weeks prior (just in case).
    I gave birth naturally to an 8 lb. 1 oz. baby. So no problem with low birth weight. She also scored a 10 on her apgar.
    She sleeps very well at night. She isn’t too fussy. Has no problem gaining weight. Very alert and strong.
    I encourage more doctors to look into this research. I’m sure they will be surprised by the results.


  44. I have been a marijuana smoker for about 10 yrs. I am now 17 weeks pregnant. I never quit smoking, and I’m not sure if this had anything to do with it, but never once had morning sickness my first trimester. I just found out my brother in law’s girlfriend now calls me a baby killer because i smoke so I did a lil research even tho i knew plenty of people who smoked during pregnancy and their babies turned out just fine including my 12 yrs younger than i sister. So far my baby it developing very well. Now that I found this site, it has made me very happy to know that someone did this research not finding any harm to the babies. Very glad to hear it actually has positive effects! Thank you so much. It just sucks that i have to have it out of my system and the babies when its born for they drug test them now. Do you know how long that should take? I planned on quitting 2 months before my due date hopping that will be enough time.

  45. hi iam a first time mum to be and i smoked heavily before i got pregnant now i have a few puffs here and there but use tobacco in a joint. does anyone else do this and have any info for me please
    this website has put my mind at rest a little bit

    • I do believe the use of tobacco during pregnancy is not good at all. There are just so many chemicals in them. There are plenty of moms who continue to smoke ciggs and not have problems tho. Try to keep the joints strictly marijuana.

  46. OOh WoW i love this web site …. I have been smoking since i was 18, and i’ve been pregnant twice i smoked throughout both of my pregnancy’s and i had perfect pregnancy’s both times … Both of my kids where born perfectly healthy they never gave me problems throughout the night, and they are baby Geniuses i swear. My daughter is almost 5 and my son is almost 3 and they know way too much every one be surprised with their smartness. I never told people i smoked while pregnant cause i didn’t want to be misjudged but it was the only way i didn’t feel sick and it was the only thing that helped me with postpartum depression. I am now 24 and i am pregnant with my 3rd child i was thinking of quitting but after doing some major research once again and running into this website, i am not !! …. It’s my only medicine it even helps with my Eczema.

  47. What about drug testing the baby when its born ? Should i stop before the baby is born to avoid DHS taking him away ? And if I have a Home birth will they drug test the baby?

  48. omg!!! im so happy & grateful i found this site with such positive comments!!! i am now 3 months pregnant & i smoke marijuana 4-6 times a week.. i suffer from really bad social anxiety, nausea, insomnia, herb is d only medicine for me!! its d only medicine that helps. i was going crazy in my head thinking i was harming my baby, but with all i have read, i can say i’m gonna b guilt free from continuing to smoke my heb x]

  49. just be sure of the laws and how often or if your doctor or hospital test for drugs. I know it does not cause harm but it is definitly not worth having to deal with cps or anyone else :(

  50. This is so awesome! I am 21 weeks and the last 20 were extremely horrible. I lost 30lbs and couldn’t even keep water down. A friend of mine told me that she was prescribed Marinol, which has THC (like cannabis). I decided last week that instead of trying to get that medication (which is expensive and I don’t have health insurance), I would just use cannabis instead. This whole week has been beautiful…I can just float in the air. No hyperemesis symptoms and no painful fibroids (yeah, I have those too). I am worried about the issue of CPS (although I live in NJ which legalized medical marijuana, I don’t have a card and I know the hospital does drug testing). Would it be better to go through a birthing center instead??

  51. Hi im 34 weeks pregnant and diabetic. I have been smoking most of my pregnance to be able to hold down food and stay healthy. I tried to quit early on in the 2nd trimester and became so sick i was hospitilized because of dehydreation so i started smoking again just to be able to eat. Now that my due date is fastly approching im really worried about the baby testing postive and the state taking me baby away. I have stopped smoking for about a week now and it is getting increasingly harder to eat and hold down food. So my question is does anyone know a safe way to clean out mine and the babys system in about 2 week… Any ideas are welcome… Thank you

  52. im 38 weeks pregnant and wish i would have seen this earlier in my pregnancy i choose not to smoke now because i dont want baby or i to test positive a birth

  53. I have to say that if anyone really knew about my useage it would be a huge deal but I have 2 healthy kids 3 & 4 and they have always been above avg. with development, speech etc etc they were both normal size babies my son at 8lbs 7oz 21 1/2in long and my daughter 8lbs 1oz 19 1/2in long also they were both a week early bc my hips are to narrow to go natural so I had c-sections. I am currently pregnant with our third an I am 28 weeks…The only time I smoke is before bed bc it relaxes me enough that I can fall aslseep if I dont before bed I will be up all night tossing and turning. My husband supports me bc he knows that our kids are fine and bc my mother smoked with me and my brother’s and we are all smart, healthy, and are doing well in life :)

    • Hi
      Could you please tell me if you breastfed your babies and smoked pot?i quit using when i got pregnant and have been breastfeeding for the last 11months..I want to smoke occasionally but have no idea if it will have an effect on the baby? HELP…most of the research done is for pregnant women.

  54. Im curious as to if there is any difference in smoking pot while prego and consuming pot(cookies) like effects on fetus. Right now im 15 weeks along and have already had to go to the e.r. twice cause i was getting sick and passing out so often cause i had gotten to dehydrated from getting sick. I had gone two, three days at a time not eating cause i couldst keep anything down. I was prescribed two different nausea meds and took a bunch of over the counters.. the only thing that wrks is a small bowl in the am and im good for the entire day. Me and my husband had sat down and talked about me smoking and decided that were more comfortable smoking natural substances then throwing a bunch of pills and medicine in to mine and the babies system…

    • Hi Cherie – So by now you’re almost through your pregnancy & I hope you were able to find relief by using cannabis in any way possible, instead of popping dangerous pills. Personally, while surviving Hyperemesis Gravidarum I found the most effective, long-term relief by consuming edibles (pot muffins or cookies), but immediate & necessary relief by smoking if I couldn’t keep anything down. My midwife recommended it to me as she does to many expecting moms as the only reliable remedy for extreme morning sickness. In order for me to manage the severe nausea & vomiting and stay out of the hospital I had to consume MMJ in one form or another virtually every 2 hours for all nine months of pregnancy, otherwise both our lives would be at risk. It sustained me throughout the whole time with only one hospital visit. My baby was born on time, healthy & alert and has continued to excel in all areas of growth & development with no signs of delay.

      All throughout history people have used cannabis as a natural remedy for dozens of medical reasons, and since the dawn of mankind women have used this plant to relieve menstrual cramps, symptoms of PMS, morning sickness, labor pains and more with no known negative side-effects on mom or the unborn baby.

      Of course toxic pills are just fine if “approved” of by your physician, but a natural grown plant is criminal in some states – it’s hypocritical & absurd, I know, just don’t get in trouble with the law!

      *Just a helpful tip to remember – if you plan to have a hospital birth, DO NOT tell any of the nursing staff or doctors about your MMJ use & DO NOT let them test your baby’s blood after birth to see if any THC or “drugs” passed through the system. The laws are really tricky depending on the state you live in, but in order to avoid a visit from a social worker or risking losing your baby because “drug use” is considered “child abuse”, just keep your personal medical use as private as possible & don’t let your baby out of your care for a minute. Having a homebirth with a midwife avoids those risks & I highly recommend it.

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  56. Are you people retarded, if pot isn’t addicting as all you burn outs say, then don’t even take the risk ans just don’t smoke for 9 months. Shouldn’t be that hard if it isn’t addictive, or if you care about the child in your womb. maybe it is bad maybe it isn’t. But a study that was done by this patients out of time so called “research” webstie is just propoganda.

    • don’t need to leave an intelligent reply, just short, simple & to the point. you’re retarded, as well. why you are even on this page commenting is a question? this a page for pregnant woman giving their knowledge of what they have experienced thru pregnancy and how marijuana helped them in any way.

      • Propaganda? That’s a laugh. Sounds like the US government did a fine job brainwashing You. The only propaganda is that of the US government telling lies about MJ and preventing the people access to a seed and plant. The US government controls MJ studies..controlled substance, after all. Then idiots like FOX news pick it up and spread the fear. Leading people (sheeple??) like You to come on here pretending to know things but just regurgitate propaganda from DARE. “Burnouts”? My household makes 6 figures, how much does yours make? I’d hardly say my dh and I are ‘burnouts’! LOL! Besides, your posts does not even make sense and is full of grammatical errors. You need some POT to help smarten you up!
        Back to topic: I have used MJ to help during my pregnancy when I could not eat/keep any food down. I had pregnancies before that w/ no MJ use and no need for it. I was informed by a midwife to use MJ since these symptoms were new to me. It worked. My 2 MJ babies are perfect, wonderful kids. My other children are loud, wild and quite ‘crazy’. But my MJ kids are calm and peaceful…I was pretty shocked to learn that was true (as I was told this would be the case). I’m very

        • happy to have learned the truth about MJ and pregnancy. It has helped me and many other woman have healthy babies. Thank You for posting this. I will share it and help others with this information.

  57. How about this? Both of you are ignorant! There is no right or wrong answer and no one should be judging another for the decisions a person makes for their body and their health. Personally, I thank God for marijuana as I had to use it to get over hyperemesis in my pregnancy. I actually didn’t smoke pot much until I realized there was another way to combat the illness I had. Unfortunately, due to the laws in my state, I had to stop around 7 months and went back on the medication that the doctors prescribed so that my child wouldn’t be taken away from me when I give birth. I don’t like the idea of taking prescription medication because I think it has far more risks than a plant, but we all have choices that we need to make.

  58. Hi just a quick question to anyone that might have an answer … I’m due to give birth in about 2 weeks and am planning on breastfeeding , does smoking herb affect in any way my breast milk ? is it ok to smoke herb and breast feed my bb ?

    • Yes, it’s OK to smoke herb & breastfeed. I’ve had six children & used the herb while breastfeeding all of them without the slightest interference. If anything, it helped my kids be more chill & less prone to anxiety, but it certainly didn’t cause any harm whatsoever. All of them are extremely intelligent and far superior than their peers in most areas of development, so I have absolutely no concerns from my personal experience. Do use wisdom though – I wouldn’t let anyone know, especially your baby’s doctor as a “mandatory reporter” because some laws define that as child abuse, even though it’s absurd & unfounded.

      The cannibinoids can pass on through the breastmilk, but there is no risk to the baby. The properties in cannabis actually promote health & wellness since it responds in harmony to our bodies as science is recently discovering. You can learn more about this miracle herb by just going to YouTube and typing in key words or phrases like “medical marijuana” or “scientific facts on cannabis” – Do your own study to learn more about this facinating herb.

  59. Excellent & informative article! Too much misinformation & fear-mongering exists already, so it’s refreshing to read a scientifically based, educated commentary by a respectable doctor without pushing an agenda. There needs to be more compassion, understanding & willingness to approach this issue as mature adults who aren’t hell-bent on being willfully ignorant or committed to reefer madness hysteria & outdated biased studies. Cannabis is a phenomenal herbal remedy which works like a miracle medicine for multiple ailments, but especially for nausea & vomiting. And unlike popular pharmaceuticals which cause unknown harmful side-effects, cannabis is a safe & effective alternative that poses virtually zero risk to mom or the unborn baby growing in the womb. My 6th baby is the most alert, interactive & even-tempered of all my kids & he’s the only one I used marijuana during all nine months of pregnancy so I could keep enough food down to sustain health & wellness for us both.

    Read more about Surviving Hyperemesis Gravidarum ~ One Mom’s Story:

    *Link =>

  60. This article was so informative and so relieving! I am 25 years old and already have 2 kids (6 & 7) and I just found out I am about 10 weeks pregnant. Now while i’ve had no problems giving up alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes I am finding it difficult to completely cut out my evening toke, especially since I’ve been dealing with an apetite stealing, never ending low level of nausea for the past 2 weeks. I also suffer from chronic anxiety and insomnia and discovered long ago that herb is a much better solution for a good nights sleep then any kind of pharmaceutical medication. I had not picked up smoking before I had my other 2 kids so I really had no personal reference point, but my feeling was that the other supposed “research” being pumped out by our government that I had found so far was hyped up because I could never find the exact “studies” all these articles refer to when they demonize marijuana and tell you if you smoke even a tiny bit while pregnant you’re going to permanently damage your baby. I have cut back a ton since I found out I was pregnant, maybe a couple tokes off a small pipe at night to help me eat and get a good night’s sleep. I found someone’s comment about using a vaporizer or ingesting it instead of smoking it very helpful because that makes perfect sense. I read through lots of stories and it has been so comforting to read about all these women who indulged a little while pregnant and don’t have brain dead babies. Thank you all so much!

  61. For any women concerned about maternal/prenatal toxicology, it is important to research your state’s laws and guidelines. I live in Washington, a state that allows the legal usage of medical marijuana, and I found this excerpt from a document published by WA State Dept. of Health:

    “The importance of clear and honest communication with the woman regarding drug testing cannot be overstated. The health care team should act as advocate for mother and newborn. This relationship is more difficult to establish if a woman is notified of testing after the fact. Therefore, all women should be informed about planned medical testing. Explain and document the nature and purpose of the test and how results will guide management, including possible benefits and/or consequences of the test. The rationale for testing and the parental discussion should be documented in the medical record. If the woman refuses testing, this should be documented and maternal testing should not be performed. In Ferguson v Charleston, SC, 532 US 67 (2001) the Supreme Court ruled that testing without maternal consent for the purposes of criminal investigation violated the mother’s Fourth Amendment rights. (Lester, 2004) However, testing of the newborn may still occur if newborn and/or maternal risk indicators are

    So basically, as long as you have no other risk factors and you have a healthy pregnancy, there is no reason why you should be screened or tested for any drugs.

  62. I am currently 4 1/2 – 5 months pregnant. It is a high chance i could have twins. I have been smoking marijuana almost every single day for the last 4 years. I have only had morning sickness once. I could be my own planet. I just want to know how you can clean marijuana out of your system within 10 days or less wince i do have so much body weight now that i am pregnant because I wouldn’t know what to do if someone took my child or children away from me when it or they are born. I know I’m not doing wrong by smoking because i can tell my fetus(es) like it if i take a puff or two. I eat and then i can tell that its chillin or asleep or hell even just moving around in my belly. A mother can just tell whats going on in her own stomach most of time. But please email me back or comment on this if you know how i can clean my system out and fast !!!!!

  63. hi im currently 10 weeks pregnant and i smoke weed everyday for morning sickness. my friend and my sister told me that the hopsital can press charges and have my baby taken away cause i smoke it. my dr already knows that i smoke so i need help wut do i do could they really take the baby away?

  64. During my 1st pregnancy i didnt smoke. I had a 33week preemie, 5lbs9oz. 2pregnancy i smoked and had my baby at 38weeks he measured 2 1/2 weeks bigger and was born weighing 8lbs9oz. Third pregnancy i smoked as well and had a 6lb12oz baby at 37 1/2 weeks. All my children are very bright. My oldest is into space, middle child loves taking things apart and putting them together, and youngest well shes only a month old. Lol. My oldest has an.anger issue hes overcoming, my middle son is all smiles all the time, and baby is the best sleeper! Smoking marijuana isnt bad for babies. Smoking cigarettes os the real harmer!

  65. i believe smoking pot through pregnancy helped me. With my first daughter i had terrible morning sickness there wasn’t a day that went by that i wasn’t throwing up and smoking a couple bowls helped tremendously. Even though i smoked during my pregnancy my daughter is perfectly healthy to this day. she did alot of stuff earlier than most babies at her age. she slept through the night too. still to this day she is advanced for her age and she is 15 months old. my newest daughter i smoked with her too and she is completely healthy also.

    At the end of my pregnancy i went to the hospital about 4 days before i had her and they drug tested me without my knowledge.Which they are NOT allowed to do unless u sign a consent form. I tested positive and the nurse turned it in to cps. So now i am dealing with cps coming to my house and a bunch of other bs. all because i like to kick back and relax and smoke a bowl every now and then. Cps wants me to do parenting classes and drug tests. they said the longest they can open the case is three months. they don’t really seem to think it is a big deal. But my daughter tested positive so they had to open a case. If marijuana was legal then other pregnant women wouldn’t have to go through what i am going through right now. post only if u agree with me.

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  67. It’s great to hear all the stories of the exceptional children of pot smoking moms! I am the mother of 4 kids that I smoked pot with during pregnancy. All of them are on the honor roll and have always been extremly bright and well behaved children! However, at the age of 35 I am now 5 weeks pregnant with our 5th child (surprise!) and wonder if there have been studies done on older moms who use marijuana during pregnancy. I know there are greater risks being pregnant over 35. I have only taken the occasional puff since finding out I was preggo, and do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. Smoking marijuana during my other pregnancies helped me to cope naturally with all the discomforts and anxieties of becoming a mom.

  68. I am a CPS worker in MD. The truth is you probably did sign consent and did not even know it. All that paperwork you sign when you go to the hospital to have your baby, most likely included a consent form. And YES CPS will be involved if you or your baby test positive for marijuana bc it is illegal. Even though laws are more lenient these days, it is still an illegal substance. You are breaking laws to get it, grow it, smoke it, bake it, whatever. Are the effects of marijuana soo bad…eh prob not. But that does not matter, the truth is, it’s illegal and that’s really all that matters. AND if drug test were not done at hospitals for new mother and newborns, doctors would never know that a baby was born addicted to crack, or heroin or all of the other drugs that are truly harmful to babies. So is it harmful to you and your unborn baby…30 years of research says no. Will you get investigated by CPS and have to inform your worker about basically every personal aspect of your life, including a home inspection and attending drug classes and parenting classes. MOST DEFINITELY. So you decide if you need the pot that badly for 9 months. The choice is yours.

  69. This website has been making me feel so much better! I smoked with both of my pregnancies, and my kids are both kind, hilarious kids with highly developed senses of humor and above average intellect. However, my seven year old was just diagnosed with ADHD, and I’ve been afraid the same will happen to my two year old all because I used pot for nausea and anxiety during pregnancy. Help!

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    • THC is the active ingredient in both, so I would say yes, they have the same effects. Though I believe edibles would be the way to go for a pregnant mother.

  71. This research and all the responses are amazing, i am 29 years old and 9 weeks pregnant with my first child, i have smoked since i was in my early teens, it helps me with depression, ptsd from some past stuff, and most recently morning sickness.

    i just had my first prenatal visit today, and it dawned on me when they were drawing my blood that they might test for thc. i have been doing reasarch since i got home and cannot find any straight answers about the laws in my state.

    i live in washington state and im wondering 1) can they test for thc without my knowledge? 2) can they bring criminal charges against me or have my baby taken away?

    if anyone knows the answers it would be greatly appreciated. Peace :)

    • Hello! I am currently expecting and also live in WA state I am going into my 1st ob appt. this coming friday and I was wondering if you got a response to your post, if so could you pass on the info? Thanks

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  73. Thank you so much for your posts, ladies. And thank you, Dr. Dreher for your continued strength and courage to follow through with the truth. The Universe smiles on you :)

    I am 35, and pregnant with my first child now and have been a very heavy smoker for the past 7 years or so. As I wasn’t aware I was pregnant until after having missed my period, I went on about my life (it has been very difficult in my life to get pregnant, I had essentially given up), I kept on smoking 5-6 blunts per day. Though I was born in Colombia, I was raised in the USA from the age of 2 and now reside in Europe; all of that to say that I was taught this was terrible for the baby and was even told that I would likely give birth to a stillborn if I were to smoke during pregnancy as I am naturally underweight. Actual physicians in New York told me this….
    so clearly this site has helped, as well as all the information I have access to here.
    What makes me sad about all of this is the fear that my fellow Americans feel over this. It is unfair that any of you should have to live with this additional stress on you or your babies. It makes me want to do something- but all I can do is tear up because my whole family still lives there and I worry that something like delivering a baby could lead to such nightmares simply because the g’vmt feels the right to to test for drugs like this?

    All I can say is that I pray the day comes when NO American woman has to worry about what white males decide for their bodies. I pray.

  74. I loved reading this article and everyone’s comments. I am currently pregnant with my second child and have continue my marijuana use during this pregnancy and was worried about my use due to articles found. I did smoke while breast feeding my first child and she is very social and has always been able to do things before the estimated time. She is also doing very well in school. It is very releving to know that I can continue my use for my ‘self medication’. I have never been into drugs nor wanted to take pills like Xanax daily and have found that marijuana keeps me calm. I am very high strung and slightly OCD so smoking helps smooth my edge. I’d much rather smoke than take any anti depressant while preg. Releving!

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  76. GAH
    this is Krishna from the Himalayas, India
    I agree with whoever said 10 years was not enough to research the properties of marijuana.
    We have MILLENNIA of cannabis use here, generations and generations of men and women in India have used it for everything from party drink (babies included) to recovery from burns and to put on weight or lose weight and as an aid to concentration and so on. We practically worship it even though it grows as a weed all over the mountains.
    I’m 21 weeks pregnant with twins and drinking Bhang (fresh leaves of cannabis juiced and boiled in milk with olive oil) every single day.
    I know my kids are going to be brilliant.
    I have seen cows (pregnant and otherwise), goats, dogs, monkeys, and even once a mongoose relaxing in cannabis patches on the road sides chewing happily for hours.
    No mother who ever saw the difference cannabis can make to a baby would skip a single day of the precious gift of god to humanity.
    I guess some people just cannot believe something so cheap and growing all over can be so good….. its got to be expensive and come in plastic packaging to be respected in our times.

  77. I have been to Jamaica a few times already. I really like the smell of pot and have nothing against people smoking it. As a matter of fact it should get legalized. I have never smoked in my life but sometimes I wonder if I would be a happier person if I added some pot to life. Seriously pot is healthier than all that other crap that people smoke.

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  79. I am a daily pot smoker and I am also almost 6 weeks pregnant. I have read all these replies and statistics and I believe that it is safe to smoke pot while pregnant. But, I would really like someone to re assure me that my baby will be safe. Pot is how I deal w stress and pain because it works so well. Right now I’m a little stressed and could really use a bowl. Help !

    • Well you have already found the only actual study that I was able to find, and it looks pretty good to me. Other than that I can only tell you what I know from my experience and from women I know, my mother in law and my mother both smoked while pregnant and had healthy babies, my sister in law smoked with all 3 of her children and they are healthy and very intelligent, and I am 26 weeks pregnant and have smoked through most of my pregnancy, my midwife knows of my decision and supports it, and all of my prenatal testing has showed a normal healthy baby. I think the stress is far worse than the bowl so I say go for it :)

    • I believe it is safer than taking anti-depressants, which is what I did while pregnant with 2 of my kids. plus the pot helps a lot more than pills ever did. I even nursed and smoked with one of my kids and they turned out fine. Nothing is ever a guarantee, but your baby should be fine…just don’t tell your doctor that you do it, or they will drug test your baby when you have him/her,

  80. This article was SUPER helpful! I am a first time mom but have been a marijuana user for three years now. I only smoked four times during my pregnancy due to the negativity of others but after giving birth I wanted to smoke again only concern is, will the thc in my breast milk harm my newborn son?

    • i smoked while nursing my second son for 10 months as well as smoked during my pregnancy. he is a very smart little boy….the thc I think will go into your milk, but not a lot and it didn’t affect my son, at least so far and he is almost 3. i am mainly staying away from pot with my 3rd child, who is currently 2 months old, but have done it a few times since she was born. I have depression and it helps a heck of a lot more than anti-depressants ever did.

  81. I’m really glad to read this research! And all these personal stories of children even having benefits from their mother’s Cannabis use have really given me something to keep in mind to suggest to my future wife. Of course, the choice will be completely up to her, but I’ll try to be as persuasive as I can :)

  82. I now have two children, 2 and 4 months. I smoked during my first trimester with number one for the nausea and a few times after. With number two I smoked throughout. I chose to give up mostly during breastfeeding due to the research I found on it, and it was super stressful. My number one was not an easy child, but then number ones hardly ever are. She is now in a bilingaul preschool and is so quick at picking up both English and Maori that she is even teaching me Maori. Number two is so happy and has impressed the doctors and nurses everytime they see him.
    Both my babies were in the top 90% for weight at birth and continue to be big, tall and thriving for their age. This study validates what I already knew regarding smoking during pregnancy, and now gives me more unbiased info for use whilst breastfeeding.

  83. My husband & I cannot conceive children due to othr health issues, but I can attest as a nurse, that our friends baby had Down’s due to her fathers daily pot use. My husband also uses thc occassionally due to ADHD and depression, so I’m in no way grandstanding. But, I would recommend both parties refrain from usage while attempting to concieve. Afterall, is it really worth the risk? I would personally take any child handed to me (AS our friends feel), but with the other potential developmental risks it is not worth it. Love & peace.

    • Are you kidding? Your nursing license should be revoked if you would be so stupid to stay that a father’s daily pot use caused Down’s syndrome. Where the hell did you go to school? Online?? Good grief! Talk about a complete misuse of qualifications!

    • Smoking is the least recommended method. Vaping, most highly recommended.
      The difference with eating is that it won’t work for nausea and takes over an hour sometimes to feel relief. From what I understand, when someone is really sick like with cancer, eating is best as you can get a lot more cannabinoids/medicine that way. But I’ve never heard anyone necessarily recommend eating over inhalation when it comes to pregnancy.

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  85. TNX for this wonderful, calming info, I M 42 years old, in my first pregnency- 12 weeks, smoking pot for years- this makes me more relaxed and positive. reading all this helped taking the guilt out and return to the good energy only. It is well known that happy, relaxed and positive thinking mom is the most important factor to provide good healthy baby:)

  86. I just had my baby at the end of September, and I Vaporized Cannabis my entire pregnancy as I had absolutly horrible Morning sickness that didn’t just take place in the morning. I don’t think I would have been able to make it without that relief. I did extensive research on the subject which is very hard to find true valuable information on the internet as so many people (who probably have never even consumed Marijuana) had bad things to say about it. Dr. Dreher, has by far the best and most accurate research out there on the subject. I made the decision to use while pregnant, I mean God gave us that gift as a NATURAL pain reliever. I even took a hit before I gave birth to help me relax. and guess what I had an EXTREMELY easy birth once I was in Active labor i had him within 2 hours. once he was born within 30-45 min (it was hectic so I don’t know the exact time) I had him latched on and breast feeding like a champ. He was not under weight, he came out beyond perfect. They do drug test newborns at the hospital so I had a doctor come in and ask about my use, so I explained to her how I used for medicinal purposes while pregnant. I even told her about the research I had found from DR. Dreher. She claimed the Marijuana has not been around long enough for accurate studies to be done on the subject. PSH, what a bunch of B.S. Marijuana has been around longer than we probably have. I mean Humans have Cannabanoid receptors built into each part of their body’s that is how it has the pain reducing effect. talk about EVOLUTION. The Human Race started using Cannabis for a natural pain reliever so long ago that we naturally started to Evolve with those receptors in our body. Plain and simple as that. One day we will all look back to the days when Marijuana was illegal and laugh, as it is the most ridiculous thing to ban something that has such a great purpose.

    Anyways on a better note. My son is now a little over a month old and the Pediatrician has commented several times how alert and how strong my son is. He is calm alert and sure does love his mama. :) And this is coming from a woman that used every day of her pregnancy.

    • what state do you live in? I am in WA state and wondering if it would be such a great deal if I tested positive at one of my appointments or if my baby tested positive after birth please help! I have horrible morning sickness and I am willing to try it but looking for as much info as I can before making a decision.

      • Hi there. I live in Or. so not too far away. I’ll explain to you what happened to me, but I don’t know how different Washington is. I dont know if they drug test all babies but I am on a state health care plan as my medical doesn’t cover maternity. So I am not sure if that is why he was drug tested or what. but he was. The nurses were very nice about it and just told me that they are required to report it to DHS. But they said it does happen often and DHS usually doesn’t have the time to deal with it if it’s just marijuana, I guess its a waste of time & resources. The Nurses just told me if CPS does come to just be pleasant and HONEST. Well CPS did end up coming to the hospital. They just asked me questions on why I used and how. So I was just upfront and honest with him. I explained my horrible morning sickness plus naturally I have size E breasts so being pregnant on top of that just killed my back, so I also used it as a pain relief. CPS had me take a UA & did inspect my house. I had nothing to hide. The CPS worker gave me a form saying my case would be open for 30 days and I never heard from them again. I spoke with the nurse from the hospital and she said it was so bizzar that they even bothered with me because they NEVER do for just MJ. After doing some research on the subject I found out a law passed that CPS can’t take children away from just marijuana use as that doesn’t prove your an unfit parent alone. Anyways that is in Oregon, I don’t now how it is in WA. Ya, I kind of went through a small hassle but I don’t think I would have made it through my pregnancy without it So I’m happy with my decisions.

        • Thank you so much for your help, very much appreciated. I’m glad everything turned out in a positive outcome over all in your case! Did you hear WA state passed marijuana legalisation I wonder how that will change it for us pregnant ladies in WA state?… I’ve read a lot on how cps could but doesn’t normally take your baby away just for mj use alone… so this new mj legalisation has to make a difference in a case of an expectant mother right?… I really hope so b/c it is really a blessing to have herbs that can help us improve our wellbeing! take care and thanks again!

    • looooved reading your story, now I know I am not alone there, enjoying 1-2 joints a day feeling wonderful and guilty at the same time….(23 weeks pregnant). the ultasound show each time a healthy vital fetus… thank you and I hope to find more testimonies like yours, such a comfort! :)

  87. Wow what great discussions, thankyou to all who have contributed- this should be talked about! I have kept my weed use during my first pregnancy a secret for 7 years from fear of being judged. I would mainly smoke only a cone or two at night and loved the feeling. Admittedly I would have preferred not to but since my partner was smoking I was just too tempted! I feel a huge sense of guilt even though my daughter has grown into an intelligent and fun-loving soul. Reading all of your testimonies has given me much food for thought on the matter. I stopped smoking regularly when she reached 3 months as I just didn’t feel like it anymore. My subsequent two pregnancies and births I have gone through without smoking and I really don’t see how it has made a difference being sober, I think it all depends on where you are at in life and what makes you happy at the time. I believe in women having the choice to smoke in pregnancy and would welcome the legalisation of weed. It’s nice to know that studies like this have been carried out :)

  88. Hello everyone! :)
    I am so happy I found this discussion! I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding the use of cannabis while pregnant, Thank You Jesus! …lol we have been praying for this baby for about a year now so it is very exciting! However…. I have been having the worst “morning sickness” ever! lol At only 7 weeks I have gone from 106lbs to 99lbs. Now, without a doubt i believe the research Dr. Dreher has done, not to mention the fact the The good Lord Blessed us with natural herbs!( “Genesis; 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”) My only concern is that I live in WA state… it is prescription state for medicinal use, which I read that if ya live in a mmj state …”a pregnant women wouldn’t be in trouble for using it ” (most likely) BUT… I would really apritiate it if anyone could tell me from personal experience any information they have related to the subject, do they test us for thc use at our monthly check ups? or is just a birth?…or would I even get in trouble for using it while pregnant…I would really love to try it given all the positive reviews I’ve read on this page but would really LOOOOOVE AND APPRECIATE all the info you experts might have on the subject specially if ya live in WA state! Well much love and God Bless!

  89. for all the people who are so anti weed… have you ever actually gotten high? if not, you should probably do so before shitting on all of the women who have extremely hard pregnancies.. or maybe just try growing a baby and let me know how awesome it is, and how great you feel all of the time. pot is illegal because our government can’t get taxes on it. regardless of your uneducated biased standpoint, smoking pot during pregnancy helps immensely. do everybody a favor, get out of your sheltered make believe world, and keep your dumb comments to yourself. thanks.

    -28 weeks pregnant

  90. If they do all of this drug screenings at the hospital what about all of the narcotics and anti-depressants the doctors/hospital give you when pregnant and in delivery?? lol Marijuana is so much worse, whatever! In some countries parents put hemp in food so their kids can focus better to get better grades? It’s all good NOT bad

  91. i would much rather smoke than take the “safe” drugs the doctors prescribe. most doctors give pregnant women zofran for nausea. i was prescribed zofran, mind you it was only a 4 pill prescription, at the beginning of my pregnancy, and it helped for about an hour and gave me awful headaches for a majority of the day. weed or zofran? zofran right, because the government is so trustworthy we should trust all of the wonderful medication they hand out so readily to people. no.
    i was prescribed zofran again a week ago, and i won’t go pick up my prescription. i think i’ll just stick to my bowl.

    -10 weeks left

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  93. During 2 of my 3 pregnancies I smoked, one child I smoked almost everyday (mainly because of nasea) and breastfed too while smoking pot. I felt an enormous amount of guilt, but I knew that it was better than taking anti-depressants, which now I see so many commercials about birth defects while taking them when pregnant. my 2 1/2 year old is a very smart boy, he catches on very quickly with reading words (he can read about 100 words) and knew the abc song at the age of 2, as well as knowing what the letters are. He can also count to 20 and recognize all the numbers as well. he has developed like a normal child, even doing some things early. If pot has an impact of those children whose mom smoked while they were in the womb, my children do not show any signs of them thus far.

  94. Thank you for sharing, this is enother story out of countless, that show us the truth behind the ןntimidation…use it with pleasure,without guilt -and take in all the best this wonderful gift of nature has to offer :)

  95. Dont you all feel it is amazing that this discussion continues over 3 years? Dosnt it shows that talking about it is a great need for so many people, especially young mothers and mothers to be? I realy wish this topic will have more exposure , I promise to do all I can to spread the news about this great site! Get a big BRAVO my friends!

  96. I was just wondering about smoking while breastfeeding I was a smoker until I got pregnant I’m 22 weeks now and still haven’t smoked, but was really hoping to start again after the baby was born, but am kinda nervous since I’ll be breastfeeding and not knowing if it will cause any harm or not would love to hear if others have done this and if it affected anything. Thanks :)

    • The amount that goes through your breast milk is such a small amount. Its more harm to your little one eating processed foods.

  97. I am due in March and I did not quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant. So far, my pregnancy has been complication-free, my baby is healthy, and smoking helps me TREMENDOUSLY with my apetite, which has been virtually nonexistent throughout the whole course of things. I am not worried about my son being born with any problems caused by my marijuana use.

    I notice that most of the comments on here are well written, and it sounds like the people commenting are well-versed and educated. I cannot stand people who can’t spell or speak properly, who are barely literate enough to get their point across. “U know, the ppl who rite like dis” and believe everything the media tells them, as they slander all smoking moms. It makes me happy to think that most smokers out there are not at all what society makes them out to be, lazy, uneducated and selfish. We are doctors, teachers, the poineers of the next generation.

    • Hello, I am due in June…coming fast! could you please tell me your experience at the hospital and what state you live in? was your baby tested? I am seriously stressing on this and I’ve tried stopping but all the negative side effects that come along with pregnancy come fast! Thanks soooo much in advance.

  98. I agree smoking pot helps for morning sickness, I am doing it right now at 12 weeks pregnant and I hate myself for it, but really there is no other way I could survive. When I was pregnant with my daughter around 22 weeks I got soo sick that I had no choice other then to smoke or go to the hospital because I couldn’t even keep water down. So I smoked and I felt better and I didn’t need to go to the hospital! But that was the ONLY time I did it when I was pregnant with her. I am curious to know as someone have been mentioning to me that they do drug screening when your at the hospital for delivery, and if they find any drugs in your system they will take your baby. Is there any truth to this?

    • It depends on what state you are in. It took me a LOT of digging but I found out that there are certain prequalifiers for meconium testing. (This is how they drug test the babies- It’s their first poop lol.) Simply having a history of drug abuse is not enough on its own, but it is a factor. It’s any two of these for IN: no or inconsistent prenatal care, history of drug abuse, unexpected abruptio placentae, or if the baby weighs less than 2500 grams and the head measures too small, and there are no medical explanations. Try looking up the guidelines for meconium testing in your state. I also contacted the hospital where
      I would deliver through email and asked them their policies on this and how often it is done.

      if the baby does fail, everything I’ve read says that CPS will get involved but not necessarily take your baby over marijuana. You may have to take classes, drug tests, etc and prove that you are “clean”, but generally you can keep your baby.

  99. I was not a believer in consuming pot while pregnant but I had severe pain from fibroids combined with constipation and medically it relieved my pain!! I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think marijuana could help someone physically until it happened to me. I used a vaporizer and only used it 1/day during the days I was in pain. I stopped once the pain subsided.

  100. I was a pot smoker before pregnancy but didn’t smoke while pregnant. Never giving it a thought, I began to smoke again afterwards, while nursing, and I nursed for a year. I used to beat myself up thinking that my pot smoking was part of the reason my daughter is ADD. Researching more, I now realize her ADD is strictly inherited from me and her father.Smoking pot did nothing to make her ADD or add to it.
    I find pot smoking helps me focus and stick with a project, enhances my creativity and although I don’t care to smoke and sit around, I love to smoke if I have a project to do.
    My daughter is now 35 years old, and is a wonderful mother and human being. She was a very easy going baby, happy, content, smiley, laid back. I think some of this was nature and I will take credit for some of it by smoking during the time I was nursing.
    Thanks for such a revealing study.

  101. I have been a daily pot smoker for the last 13 years, all day everyday, my favorite thing to do. We are all smokers here, so let’s do what we do best, and think about this a little more. I have friends that have been growing for several years, they try all the time to grow pot without using chemicals, but it always turns out far less potent with less yield. I can distinguish marijuana that is grown using chemicals by the taste, smell, and harshness of the smoke, and will honestly tell you that literally all of the marijuana you will find is grown using chemicals. Who knows if these types of chemicals are used in Jamaica, but I would highly doubt it. Probably not even needed and too expensive for them. I would seriously think twice about smoking while pregnant.

  102. I’m 28 and pregnant with my 3rd child. My past pregnancies I smoked to be able to sleep and eat also to walk my hip was in constant pain but pot helped me. My boys are very bright and very sweet caring young men never had a problem health wise.

    • Hello, I was wondering what state you live in? I live in WA state and I am due in June I’ve tried stopping b/c I’m not sure they test all new borns or only if they suspect it. However the morning sickness, backaches, and not being able to sleep is just horrible and I seem to be feeling more uncomfortable as the days go by. Where your babies ever tested? I’ve been going to my OB appts regularly and my Doc hasn’t mentioned anything about my urine sample containing thc. I’ve done lots of research and I know its a God sent herb that’s been used centuries before we even came along, and I feel it has helped me and my baby so much but I’m very concerned and confused at this point. I’ve tried looking up laws in WA state this issue, since Initiative 502 was passed I thought maybe that’s change things a little but there is nothing out there…PLEASE HELP, ANY INFO IS APPRECIATED…

      • I live in WA state and my son was born November of 2012. I was honest with my midwife about my marijuana use the whole way and I was honest at the hospital when I gave birth, I was literally watching the final votes come in on 502 when I was in labor. My son and I were both tested when he was born, the nurse said that this was because I was honest about my pot use and we probably would not have been tested otherwise. My midwife told me throughout my pregnancy not to worry that CPS has much bigger issues to worry about and she was right. All that happened was that a social worker came to my room, she said basically that she was required to come talk to me based on my history of marijuana use but that I didn’t need to worry, since that was the only thing that showed on the tox screen and it was almost legal anyway she said she was just going to close my case and that was the end of it, it took two min and I never heard another thing about it, attitudes toward marijuana use are finally changing in this country and especially in WA state, I didn’t have any problems and neither did either of my sisters in law who both smoke pot and gave birth in this state so don’t stress you will be fine, good luck and congrats on the little one :)

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  105. I’m 20 weeks into my pregnancy and have stopped smoking, and replaced spliffs with a vaporizer to keep using cannabis for all these reasons…. i have been given leaflets about cannabis that say all the opposite stuff to this… “it increases chances of mental illness and behavioral problems in your baby” i disagree with the leaflest as they’re not going with research, as well as the fact that my mum used it and I’ve always had pretty good mental health… I’m glad i found this it helped confirm that those leaflets im getting are wrong

  106. Just recently found out that im pregnant and im a big time marijuana user. Even tho I plan to quit very soon, I wanna know how bad,if even bad, it is to smoke while im pregnant? plz someone get back to me??

  107. Reblogged this on cannabisforautism and commented:
    If you’re wondering if there’s more, may I suggest you look at this too :
    For me, the big question is not ‘Would a larger study support or refute these results?’. The big question is ‘Why has a larger study not been conducted yet?’. Clearly, someone may not want us to know.

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  110. I never have and probably never will smoke Marijuana. I personally see no reason to do so. I don’t like the idea of an outside substance change the way the brain works, even if it’s temporary and natural.

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  112. Anybody that hates pot and believes a woman “should have her children taken is definitely pointing “away from the basement” and in highly suspect!!!!

  113. Hello everyone! I just want to UPDATE everyone on my successful cannabis use during pregnancy. I know it has been a while (I last commented on July 29, 2011 at 2:45 pm) but everything is awesome!! I have a beautiful baby girl who is almost 2, very smart and independent. I quit the last month of pregnancy because I was worried about having her taken away but let me tell you…if I get pregnant again, I am going to smoke straight through. There is no way anyone should have to endure hyperemesis at all. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope you will make a wise decision based on YOUR needs and baby, not the system.

  114. I’ve been a herb user for 13 years now. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks, which was a high stress time for me with my job and sick grandparent at the time. But, I’m pregnant again 6 months today and I’m due in March 2014. I have been smoking my entire pregnancy so far only to calm the “mommy fears”. Lol, but have had fantastic news through out my pregnancy. The baby is growing just like she should be, healthy appetite (the first 3 months almost killed me, i.e. not eating, dehydration, etc.) and my outlook for this baby has been spectacular!! I did my own research on this article, and I wish there were more people like Dr. Dreher. Her research is phenomenal. When I found out I was pregnant, I told my Dr. the truth. I knew they would see it in my urine because I am a regular herb user. She was very rude and told me flat out I was going to lose my child. Even though I told her I stopped smoking, which I did at the time, she still persisted that I would lose my child. Needless to say, I switched my Dr. because of her ignorance. Not to mention I have a slight problem with fibroids since I got pregnant. There are a total of 4 in different areas, but none of them have affected my baby in any way thank God. I personally feel in my heart that if I wasn’t smoking the herbs my pregnancy would have ended or perhaps worst. But I keep myself grounded (thanks Mary Jane!!) by eating healthy, light exercise, lots of liquids (our bodies are 78% water) and my prenatal vitamins. People shouldn’t judge me using a medicinal plant, because many other thousands of women use these so called “pharmaceuticals”, and experience side effects that had nothing to do with the treatment. And I know that because I work in a pharmacy and deal with patients on a day-to-day basis. Ladies if your feeling sick, emotionally upset, Go All Natural. Like I did. Choose the Herbs.

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  117. So I’m about to deliver my baby any day now, a couple weeks past due [but this runs in my family throughout generations, and my recorded date of conception has no real solidity to begin with] and up until two weeks ago, I was a regular smoker of only the finest herbs[I’m very picky about what I put in me] and I have been since the age of 15 for chronic pain, complete lack of appetite, and as a mood stabilizer. My primary reason for smoking while pregnant is that, early on, when I was unable to obtain any to smoke for some time, I could not eat properly, and where I should have been gaining weight with my pregnancy, I was staying at the same weight, even losing some of it until I was able to smoke again and restabilize my appetite. Now, I have never had any reservations about “how pot can hurt my baby” because both me and my brother were pot babies and we are both highly functional individuals and have always been regarded through testing as above average intelligence. Also, my own baby has had exquisite growth during his gestation, with great weight, full development, strong bones and muscles, high activity, and so on down the list. Ultrasounds prove that my baby is perfectly healthy, despite my cigarette smoking, which is something that I will not deny is not good for baby, and is something I should have certainly stopped sooner. HOWEVER. My concern here revolves around something different. On the 11th, I went in to the hospital for false labor, thinking that it was time. I asked the nurse multiple times what my blood and urine were being tested for, and each time she deliberately evaded my question, violating my patient rights to be aware of being drug tested, as well as my right to refuse [my mother has been a nurse all my life, we are both aware of patient rights, and what their cryptic names for all their tests are.] this nurse proceeded to give highly vague answers to me, and upon coming back from testing my urine sample, began sneering at me and looking down her nose at me as though I were a criminal, not bothering to ask me anything or clarify why she was acting in such a way. Long story short, they sent me home and, like my mother, have been experiencing basic early labor and braxton hicks contractions on and off for the last two weeks. Last week, I went in for a check up exam and a non stress test. I had a different nurse than last time, and she was all too nice, very pleasant and sweet. Until I heard her in the hallway pointing out that there was THC in my urine sample. Her demeanor switched in the same way, until she heard me complaining to my father about it, after which she was very obviously and strainedly pretending to be nice to me. For these last two weeks, I have been detoxing as much as possible through natural methods and the flushing of my system hoping to at the very least significantly reduce my thc levels for the next time they blood test me when I either go into labor on my own or am induced because my baby is simply getting too big for my body to handle. Now, I am currently an ohio resident, recently so after returning here from Colorado [that’s right, the legal state]. My largest concern is that my current OB told me they may take my baby from me if they find THC in the baby’s system, which they will most certainly be testing him for at this point. They tell me that they will tie a bag around his genitals and leave him there like that until he pees so they can test his urine, which I find to be absolutely absurd! Why would you torment a baby during his first moments, maybe even hours of life under those circumstances, without allowing him to bond with his mother, over some THC? As a resident of ohio, I really would like to know, and soon, Will they really take him from me over that? I know this state, and it’s full of narcs and right wing religious wingnuts who think of people who smoke pot as demon seeds. If they don’t take him, what will they do with me? I have been told that there are countless people who are, quote “unable to have children of their own” lined up on waiting lists, for the sake of which the medical industry is looking for any excuse to take a baby away from their mother and give it to these people simply for the fact that there is money to be made off of it. I am not as worried as I once was, but I still have a nagging concern in my heart about this. Does anybody have current information on how the state of ohio handles these things? I have used no other substance while pregnant, or ever before, other than cigarettes and before my pregnancy, I would drink on sparing social occasions [I don’t like alcohol at all, and even the smell of it going by makes me vomit almost instantly since becoming pregnant.] I have no recorded history of drug use, and no reason as recorded by society for them to take my son other than the THC, which isn’t even harmful! Please help me understand this, help me understand what to do if they try to take my son from me. I would go insane if they did.

  118. A pretty good site with some great information except the usual misinformation about the effects of indica vs sativa. I don’t know why this explanation is still being passed around. The science is in, There is no difference in the THC in sativa or THC in indica. The nonsense that indica has more CBD than THC has been throughly disproved. Labs in California that test cannabis have realized that it is impossible to distingush a sativa from a indica. Lets look to science and not pot magazines to understand cannabis

  119. I smoked my entire first pregnancy til I was 7mts. And my daughter is perfectly healthy. She was 7lbs 2.5oz at birth. She’s close to walking already and she’ll be 7mts old on the 17th.

  120. There so many varieties of vaporizers inside market, many of them are:.

    This vaporizer features a lifetime warranty that is certainly limited by normal use for your heating element as well as the LCD display.
    Follow the included directions for wiring the humidistat.

  121. This is verygood information! My girlfriend was starting to quit marijuana but her morning sickneSs was getting worse! Now that I know that even my people in ethopia, jamaica use it whilst pregnant, ima let the fire blaze still! Its the fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

  122. I would like to donate my body and time for the study of cannabis and pregnancy who or how would I go about this? I have 3 kids now ( a3 year old,2 year old and now a 1month old) all boys. I am 5’2” and 100lbs not pregnant, but with my first son at 38 weeks I was 145lbs then my second son I was only 140lbs at 38weeks and then finally with my third son I only weighed 128lbs also at 38 weeks. With all my boys I smoked pot and cigarettes, wish I stopped the cigarette smoking but I also smoked pot all 38 weeks and my kids are more than ok healthy and smart as hell. Because I am a small person and smoked cigarettes I think is the reason I had small baby’s. My boys only weighed 5lbs 12oz then 5lbs flat and the new born is the smallest he only weighed 4lbs 13oz. But they were all born at only 38 weeks and by c-section all three of them. I would like to donate my body and time to finding out the ups and if any the downs to smoking pot while pregnant just how and who to talk to about doing something like this I really want to know myself if there are if any bad things about smoking pot while pregnant. So if someone could put me in the right decision I would be more than thankful

  123. Also with my last pregnancy I was never able to hold down food or much of any thing unless I smoked pot and still for some reason I didn’t gain a lot of weight or have a bigger baby. I am a great mom and a health nut and pride myself in living and eating healthy so why this baby was so small I do not know he was only 3oz shy of being 5lbs tho. I am happy to say none of my kids have any health problems and are very smart for their ages they also remember everything most of the time I love my kids and this is why I want to do this….

  124. Are there any studies done by her or any other doctors about mother’s cannabis consumption and breastfeeding?

  125. Me personally I used up until my last trimester and my daughter is the smartest baby ever. She has done everything early(:

  126. wow glad to hear all these stories, I’m from SA and i’m currently 7 weeks preggies and i smoked everyday for the past 15 years, until i found out, so i stopped because i didn’t want to harm my baby. I got so sick that mj was the only thing that helped. I felt guilty but i couldn’t help myself. So i started doing my own research and i’
    m so glad that i’m not alone. Anyone in SA who has a good testimony, i would appreciate your comment.

  127. I’m glad to hear about all these stories. I have been a smoker for more than 15 years and i’m perfectly fine. I stopped recently when i found out i’m 7 weeks preggies because i didn’t want to harm my baby. But i get so sick n i cant keep anything down, mj is the only thing that helps, so i have a puff or 2 just to feel better, but i feel so guilty when doing it that’s why i started doing research. I’m in SA, so any user moms in SA who have a story to share, i would really appreciate your comment.

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