Cannabinoids: every body likes them, some bodies need them

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People have CB1 receptors in the brain. The body makes Anandamide to bond at CB1, and if you smoke marijuana that is where the THC likes to go.

Everybody needs Cannabinoids to be healthy. When your body does not produce sufficient cannabinoids, you need to supplement with medical marijuana to be healthy. When President Obama stops DEA raids on medical marijuana everything gets better: Health Care Costs, Medicare & Medicaid, PTSD Veterans, Auto Immune, Autism, ADHD & Chronic Pain Conditions. By encouraging scientific research, Obama will allow cannabis nutraceutical products to help everyone (when federal law allows), without the Pharmaceutical Industry or taxes or the VA.

This is ALL True. It is happening right now. Part of the solution to all these issues, exists in medical marijuana states. It is time to connect the dots of medical marijuana and the issues facing America today. We need to live, think & plan sustainably. We must create eco-friendly, economically sustainable solutions because Washington does not have any answers.

We are part of the solution. But we do not want to go to jail. We are not legalization activists, drug dealers or gang bangers; we are eco-entrepreneurs: aging baby-boomers, PTSD Vets, old hippies with advanced degrees and/or years in alternative health care. We are ‘out to save the world’; ‘what would Jesus do’ folks.

As part of State Medical Marijuana Programs, individual patients (such as myself) have developed cannabis products (home remedy- cookies or brownies or oils) that have dramatic effect on cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, PTSD, chronic pain, Meth & other addictions, depression, autism, ADHD, and many more. Yes, I have personally helped Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients with all these conditions. My ‘No-High, healthy, Angel Oil Cookies’ allows medical marijuana benefit without smoking or intoxication. Continue reading

Universal Health Care: Medical Cannabis

patients4medicalmarijuana editors

marijuana-medicalinline2Presently the argument over universal health care is unnecessarily complicated.  For centuries, both common people and highly educated people have known that we have universal healthcare:  it’s called medical cannabis (commonly referred to as “medical marijuana”).

While modern science has made giant steps in medicine, surgery, pharmacology, psychology, biology, and immunology, to name a few of the many disciplines that have been enlivened in the 20th and 21st centuries, there are many in the world who have access only to what the planet provides for health care, the herbal pharmacopoeia.

Cannabis is known to be useful across the board in disease processes and in many cases, it is all that is needed to resolve serious difficulties.  An added bonus is that it is virtually cost-free to everyone—it grows in the backyard, on the patio, or on a windowsill.  It’s prolific and benign and has been used medicinally for as long as man has recorded his activities.

The DEA’s Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young concluded:

In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care.

US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Agency, “In the Matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition,” [Docket #86-22], (September 6, 1988), p. 57.)

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from CNN’s special reporting on the topic of cannabis this week, here is a clip on medicinal cannabis use and cancer relief featuring singer Melissa Etheridge (view full segment here)

Modern science substantiates the seemingly wild claims of the plant’s advocates (Source).  (A review of common medical uses for cannabis can be found here.)

There is a move afoot to legalize, regulate and tax medical marijuana in California.  It’s often said, as California goes, so goes the nation.  Do not support any law or any agenda that builds barriers to a person’s right to support his body in any way that is harmless to others.  Any form of cannabis prohibition crosses the barrier that government cannot cross, the sovereignty of the individual.

Two law professors, Eric Blumenson (Suffolk University Law School) and Eva Nilsen (Boston University Law School), have authored an essay, Liberty Lost: The Moral Case for Marijuana Law Reform.  In it, the authors argue:  the right to use marijuana invokes “the rights to control one‘s body, to freedom of thought, to privacy in one‘s home, and to the pursuit of happiness”. (Source)

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