Cannabinoids: every body likes them, some bodies need them

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by Peter Kennedy for

People have CB1 receptors in the brain. The body makes Anandamide to bond at CB1, and if you smoke marijuana that is where the THC likes to go.

Everybody needs Cannabinoids to be healthy. When your body does not produce sufficient cannabinoids, you need to supplement with medical marijuana to be healthy. When President Obama stops DEA raids on medical marijuana everything gets better: Health Care Costs, Medicare & Medicaid, PTSD Veterans, Auto Immune, Autism, ADHD & Chronic Pain Conditions. By encouraging scientific research, Obama will allow cannabis nutraceutical products to help everyone (when federal law allows), without the Pharmaceutical Industry or taxes or the VA.

This is ALL True. It is happening right now. Part of the solution to all these issues, exists in medical marijuana states. It is time to connect the dots of medical marijuana and the issues facing America today. We need to live, think & plan sustainably. We must create eco-friendly, economically sustainable solutions because Washington does not have any answers.

We are part of the solution. But we do not want to go to jail. We are not legalization activists, drug dealers or gang bangers; we are eco-entrepreneurs: aging baby-boomers, PTSD Vets, old hippies with advanced degrees and/or years in alternative health care. We are ‘out to save the world’; ‘what would Jesus do’ folks.

As part of State Medical Marijuana Programs, individual patients (such as myself) have developed cannabis products (home remedy- cookies or brownies or oils) that have dramatic effect on cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, PTSD, chronic pain, Meth & other addictions, depression, autism, ADHD, and many more. Yes, I have personally helped Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients with all these conditions. My ‘No-High, healthy, Angel Oil Cookies’ allows medical marijuana benefit without smoking or intoxication. Continue reading

Are You Cannabis Deficient?

This article comes from Fox New Health Blog – If the idea of having a marijuana deficiency sounds laughable to you, a growing body of science points at exactly such a possibility. Scientists have known that the active psychoactive compound in marijuana is THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol.
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